Doctor Who reminder: Its on now! Will the new Ice Warrior actually be scary? Does that bloke look a bit like Sean Connery from Red Oc-tober? Is Kim a secret Who fan and just wanted the episode to be relevant to current world affairs? Find out now!

New Episode of Doctor Who is on in 5 minutes. Just a reminder because I nearly forgot too.


So I guess everyone's pretty excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special? I know I am.

Can I post yet?

Its Jeremy Clarkson in a Bow tie! @Obvious statement

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Can someone please tell me what (8) means on facebook? Sorry to bother you but its a fucking mystery to me.

And we all love Moe.

And on this Simpson based note I must bid you goodbye. I shall be going into hibernation until Christmas when the next Doctor who is on, however, if I happen to fart myself awake (farting so loudly I wake myself up... What? It happens! Old people and stupid dogs do it all the time!) I will try to post something vaguely amusing.



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Loyal Subjects, do you mind if I swear? Whoever doesn't mind me swearing please leave a comment with as many fucks as possible.


Simply wearing a Bow tie grants you the ability to impregnate a woman with a mere glance, true story

We are currently 407 off the Grand total of 10,000... Any chance you lovely handsome/beautiful, incredibly intelligent people could Invite a few friends..?

Our current baby faced mayor of London and future tyrannical World Dictator Boris Johnson.

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Clint Eastwood in a Bow tie..?

I think this cools (see what I did there) for a mere 'Nuff said'

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Cause I've got a golden ticket, I've got a golden chance to make my way...


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Its Jackie Chan high kicking, while putting on his trousers in mid air AND to top it off his wearing a Bow tie.

If you don't like this then frankly I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you.

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More Indiana Jones based Bow tie-eree (Bow tie-eree is now a patented phrase, any use of it will result in you being fined for the large sum of several Pringles to moi.)

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Harrison Ford in a Bow tie...? Frankly, I think we all would ;D

-Cheers to Matt for posting the original photo!

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