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See more of Boycott Petco by logging into Facebook
Message this Page, learn about upcoming events and more. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can create one to see more of this Page.
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My apologies,,,, I did not mean I would shop there. What I meant was that I will not shop there as I have said earlier. I will not support them but I will pass along information. Sorry for the confusion.

I went into PetCo first thing this morning.I spoke with the manager to ask about their evacuation policy that has been put in place. What I was told is that they are now working closely with a local shelter. They will only have animals there for adopition and will have no more than 20 animals at a time. (Although there were about 30-40 there today for the event). He also told me that in the event of an emergency the animals will be evacuted to the shelter that came from and all employees have been trained to evacuate them. He also told it is his call to evacuate in teh event of an emergency. I hope this is not another lie of this company's to try and get customers back. Let's hope these animals are safe. Thank you to everyone for your support. Please continue to post any information you get here.

I don't know about anyone else but I will be there on opening day speaking with tha manager to find out exactly what kind of evacuation plan the have in place.... I encourage everyone to do the same!

The president and his dog Bo headed to a Virginia strip mall to grab some gifts for the family. It's still unclear if President Obama will be traveling to Hawaii for Christmas, but he did manage to do a little holiday shopping on Wednesday.

For all of those people who joined this page and said we could do nothing with it- WE HAVE!!!! They are moving their location! That is something and now the animals may have a fighting chance! Thank you to eveyrone who has shown support! It would not happen without all of you!

The flooded-out Johnson City PETCO store will not open back up in the same spot. The company says it would like to stay in J.C., but wants to find another spot in the village less prone to...

Just on the news. PETCO does not want to open in the same place. They do want to reopen in JC. They have choosen 5 different places to donate $5,000 each too. With luck they will never return to the area!

Just an FYI to everyone. I have started deleted and banning people from this page. Not due to their opinions but to they way they decide it needs to be said! There is a nice way to disagree with others. Please remember there are young people who read this page including my 12 year old daughter. The language, threats, and down grading need to stop. When I have more information on PetCo I will post it. If you have any news please post.

For anyone who was a victim of the flooding- there is a free give away today at Christ Church in Binghamton. Lots of clothes, household items and other things. Everything is free. It starts at 3pm and goes to 7pm...

The picture for this page has been taken down bc they claim I am breaking some copyright codes. Even though it was my picture. Interesting... I will post another !

For anyone who was effected by the flooding in Binghamton, JC or anywhere else here is some information for you. Christ Church in Binghamton 10 Henry St is holding a rummage sale that is not a rummage sale. Everything there will be free to those effected. Household goods, clothing, some small furniture and many other things. It will be Friday from 3-7 and Saturday morning only in the small parking lot across from Boscov's parking ramp. If you know anyone who needs something please tell them.

When having the choice between being right and bieng kind... always choose kind ~ Shea Szachara

I am done with the arguing on this page!!! I started this page as a good thing. If you do not like this page get off of it! If all you want to do is argue go somewhere else! Period! I am done with this. This is a good page. It is the petty crap that goes on that makes it this way! SO stop or leave! I will start blocking people this is my page and the page of those who support it!

Update- People have been asking about more protests. At this point I am not aware of any. perhaps when they reopen. As far as blocking people I have only blocked one person and he was very offensive. I will keep this page so we can continue to get information as it comes in. I hope everyone rememeber the reason for this page. it is not to argue between ourselves. It is for the lost animals. Thank you for your support.

And he is gone.....

Check this out!!!!

Do you have household items that you can contribute to those stuck by disaster? Click here to browse requested items and make a connection to give to those who are in need of your help.
Some local pet lovers who are outraged about animal deaths due to the petco flooding gathered Friday to protest. The protest is in response to the negligence of the store leaving all of the...

Thank you to everyone that showed up today! But do not forget that there is another protest tomorrow 12-5. Same place!!! Bring your signs and donations!!! Thank you everyone for posting pics... keep them coming. Great supporters!

This page was created to help get the word out about Petco and their terrible choices in regards to the choices they mad...e during the 2011 flood in Johnson City NY allowing their animals to drown. They continue to tell different stories about what really happened. This page is to allow other to see what happened and to never let it happen again. See more