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UPDATE: As we told you on our inaugural BINN broadcast, the ICM is requesting a permit to expand the cemetery plot on their land. The Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals met last night and listened to public comments, both in support and in opposition to the cemetery expansion. Ultimately, the board deferred the decision to allow the ICM to hire an engineer to study traffic congestion caused by the cemetery expansion and to study the ground to see if it is suitable for a cemetery.

Stay tuned "in the BINN" for more, because this story is long from over.

We are in the Political Notebook of The Tennessean for our interview with Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

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Our interview with Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is starting to get some attention on a regional level. The Tennessean posted this blog post about our interview:

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says in an interview with the student journalism program at Middle Tennessee State University that the Sept. 11 hijackers were members of a cult and he doesn’t think other Muslims are willing to call them that.

In response to our interview with Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, CAIR, the Council on Islamic Relations spokesman Corey Saylor released this statement:
"“Unfortunately, he seems completely unaware of the numerous denunciations of terrorism by members of the Muslim faith, and this includes a number of religious rulings – fatwas – including one issued here by scholars in the United States in 2006.”

These are some of the comments we're getting from the full, unedited version of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's interview. Do you agree? If you haven't watched the interview, be sure to do so by following this link:

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Dr. Sbenaty shared this statement following the airing of our piece on the ICM:
"I was surprised to see Lt. Gov. Ramsey echoing his earlier remark about Islam being a cult and the analogy that he is drawing with Jim Jones massacre. If this is what we are hearing from our public officials, then what do we expect from the average Joe?"
If you haven't seen the piece, visit our page to view Part 1 and 2. Also tune in tonight at 8 on MT10 for the full broadcast. #InTheBINN

Last night on our inaugural broadcast, we featured a 2 part story on the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. Here is Part 1, reported on by Chris Davis and produced by Matt Parker.

Reporter Chris Davis Producer Matthew Parker Since the very announcement of the project, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has seen tremendous black-lash fr...

Check out the full, un-edited interview with TN Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey right here from the story by BINN Reporter Chris Davis

Reporter: Chris Davis Producer: Matthew Parker While conducting an interview on a different story with Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Bristol), ...


We're under 3 hours to broadcast. Tune in tonight for the Bragg Innovative News Network at 8 pm, only on MT10.

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BINN has gotten a lot of press coverage today. Be sure to check out the following articles about our launch yesterday:
MTSU News:


Photo Courtesy of MTSU News and Public Relations

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We would like to lend a big thanks for those who came out yesterday for the launch of the Bragg Innovative News Network. We would like to extend a special thanks to Circuit Judge David Bragg and Murfreesboro Mayor Tommy Bragg, who allowed us to use their father as a namesake for the project. We also appreciate Dr. Sidney A. McPhee and Guangzi Zheng President Zhao Yanlin and his delegates for attending our unveiling.

A special thanks to those within our building who showed support, especially Dean Ken Paulson, Billy Pittard, electronic media communication chair, and Dwight Brooks, school of journalism chair.

Photo courtesy of MTSU News and Public Affairs.

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It's in the BINN.

The College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State University Tuesday unveiled its new student-run media entity, the Bragg Innovative News Network, and one campus official said the project will help set the tone for the future of journalism.

Coming soon on the BINN: The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been a lightening rod of criticism. Even 14 months after the Center has opened, there are still many people that don't want the Center in Rutherford County. Here's a preview of a story we're working on:

Reporter: Chris Davis Producer: Matt Parker

The Bragg Innovative News Network is a long form, cross-platform, multi-media class in the College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. #intheBINN

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Fall 2013 "In The BINN" class.