As per my last post, I tried Clinique's Supermoisture Foundation. Thumbs down. Found it too cloying and gloopy. Back to Stay Matte... PLEASE CAN CLINIQUE JUST BRING BACK ALMOST MAKEUP !!!

Has anyone tried Clinique's Supermoisture Foundation? I found tubes for £15 in an outlet store so thought I'd try it. So far feels a bit like Almost Make up but without the SPF.


Funnily enough, I'm back to using Clinique again using Stay-Matte foundation and Take the Day off balm. However, I love Avene products when I have a flare up and Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser is one of the best. My skin's so changeable and I need to use what's right at the right time.

Have tweeted about our FB page & campaign from @AlmostMakeUp. Please retweet xxx

We now have a twitter account - @AlmostMakeUp. It is a good way to promote our message to the wider world. If you have a Twitter account please retweet messages.

I'm so amazed at how many die hard fans of Almost Makeup we still have! For those of you on Twitter, I've literally just set up a dedicated account - @AlmostMakeUp - so we can collectively promote our campaign even more. I wanted you all to be the first to know. Please follow and publicise! Let's make some noise x

Hello. Now I've finished my Laura Mercier tinted foundation I'm giving Clinique's Moisture Surge CC cream a try. It's a little heavier than Laura Mercier so I'll see whether the old dryness creeps back. How's everyone else getting on with their new finds? How do they compare with our beloved Almost Make Up? x

We've reached over a 1,000 likes now. Well done guys! Time to up the pressure on Clinique. Love to you all. xxx

That's it now. I'm completely out of Comfort on Call cream now. Almost licked it clean but too depressed to throw out the pot - just in case the fairies visit one night and refill it I'm trying Moisture Surge Intense. Not bad so far but the jury's still out.

Right everyone. This page is a year old in May but still going strong. Thanks all for your support, advice and recommendations. Let's make it to 1,000 followers for our anniversary !

I confess. I'm trying Clinique's new BB cream. It's not bad but a bit drying - unless you use something like Comfort on Call underneath ...but ...hang on a minute ...doh ...they've cancelled that too... Maybe I shouldn't get too attached to BB - you never know when that'll be discontinued !!

I'm on my last tub of 'Comfort on call'. I'm still looking for a suitable replacement.

Anyone found a good replacement for "Comfort on call" - I think I've bought up the last remaining stock in London!

Hello. I've just been looking at our great British institution - Mumsnet - and found some kindred spirits and more Almost Makeup mourners. They're recommending Clarins new tinted moisturiser and Garnier Blemish balm as alternatives. Not sure how hypoallergenic they are but might be worth a try?…/1305954-Clinique-Almost-Makeup-Dis…

Just went online to stock up, am gutted to find this has been discontinued. Please can anyone in the same position recommmend a suitable replacement

I can't believe it. Comfort On Call is being discontinued too. I'm thinking about extending this page to highlight all products Clinique keeps cancelling. What do you think?

Hello all. Thanks so much for your support. I've been trying some No7 foundations (I'm based in the UK). They are Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation and Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser. They're better than the Clinique replacements but not 100% perfect. I've been having problems locating Almay in the UK (I live in London) so if anyone knows where I can buy it, please let me know!

Post pics of your last drops of Almost Make up. Here's my sad and sorry sight !

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