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Jessica Hart
· November 30, 2016
I bought fish from them and i only buy a coule every two weeks so if thier sick I'll know quick last week i bought bigger more expensive fish because my tank was doing great with the fish I got at sortly after adding the three catfish I bought fro Brooks I noticed they had ick so I go back cheak both tanks I got them from and for sure one of the tanks had ick when I told the lady your fish I bought had ick immediate she said it was stress from being moved so i then showed her the fish with ick and she said she would treat it I had ten fish from them and all but three have died and the four that stared in my tank from petco are still strong as ever and were so healthy whn I bought them they were able to survive the ick now I call tell them all this istead of going in and making a scene and they didn't offer any discounts any help or a replacement because your fish has to die within a 24hr period well ick is fast but it don't kill over night when just introduced! Fact the gave me sick fish fact I proved it came from thier tank and fact I should have know better I worked there as a teenager and they don't train people about the fish people were asking me so man ? I couldn't answer so I took down evey fish i thier tanks brought home books and made a mini handguide for myself and a extra one for new employees to look at but, the biggest problem is they get fish evey week and they just throw them in before looking for ick fungus or perisites. They told me when I worked there cheak fish every morning take out dead ones and see if any need treatment well I use to cheak them every morning every tank and it does make it harder to see sickness in them because their lighting is so dark they should respect thier customer and you know they don't when a employee tells you about a good fish store to go to as a hint their quality of fish are disappointing and I'll say deadly and costly I know people want to save money like me because they do half off on weekends but in the long run you pay more if your not careful See More
Kelly Burnham
· March 5, 2017
I love that they will special order dog food for me and always have it in stock plus it's cheaper than buying it online with Free shipping..with 5 Danes to feed it's important to have access to good q...uality food. Thanks See More
Cohne E. Goodwin
· April 19, 2016
Been with Brooks for over 30 years for my horses and dogs!! Love them!!! The service is always amazing it's always personalized service!!!
Cassandra Lynn
· September 9, 2016
Went in with questions on duck feed. The staff was very helpful. Quick service and price was great �
Patti Fabrick
· April 20, 2017
Staff and fellow customers have been extremely helpful to this new chicken owner!
Valerie Collins
· June 30, 2014
A great local store staffed by helpful, friendly people! A nice selection of premium foods for all kinds of critters.
Kathi McCue Reed
· February 15, 2016
Amazing!!! Friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful!!! I buy all of my rabbit supplies here!
Roxanne Wyman
· June 20, 2016
I love brooks feed and farm! Great customer service and wonderful pets!
Maggie Mae
· July 27, 2014
I love this store, they would only have great, friendly people working there!!
Susan Gallant
· July 1, 2014
Bad place to work mean people
Gary Brooks
· August 9, 2013
A Great Local Small Business

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Hairballs are an unpleasant fact of cat ownership, and while it is necessary for cats to expel hairballs, there are steps owners can take to minimize them without compromising their pet's health.

Hairballs are an unpleasant fact of cat ownership, and while it is necessary for cats to expel hairballs, there are steps owners can take to minimize them without compromising their pet's health. Why Cats Have Hairballs Cats are frequent groomers, and the

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