Just wanted to share my new Herd Bull Productions facebook page. Please check it out and feel free to like it to keep up to date on what new things I've been up to. (my daughter-in-law is helping me learn this so be patient if I don't get back to you right away, ha)

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We hope to have Mike's new video, Chasing Solitude, on the Brothers of the Bow site in May or June. Please view and share the video trailer. Thanks

Chasing Solitude - Passions of a Solo Moose Hunter. trailer2 music credit Silent Partner "Yard-Sale"

Just wanted to pass this information along for my dad. Gene has cleaned out closets, drawers, files and the garage and it is time to downsize. He will be selling surplus hunting clothes and gear, collectibles, and archery momentos at the Kalamazoo show. The sale starts Friday at the Trad Expo Kalamazoo. See link to the show below.

Traditional archery gathering with great semnars custom bows arrows demonstrations and hundreds of vendors

Barry’s new DVD is out and available. If interested you can write to Barry at and place an order. Please send your check or money order to:

28942 Woodland Road
Lineville, IA 50147


Or via PayPal at the same email address. Please include your mailing address so he can post it to you. Continental United States only.
$20 for the 4 hr, 2 disc DVD and $5 shipping. Any questions, please email Barry. Happy hunting and viewing.

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There is a Christmas special going on at the website for books.Check it out! Happy Holidays!

Gene's grandson in Montana! Proud PaPa!! Drews First Deer!! Only the 2nd shot he's ever taken, first was a practice shot. 150 yds. Super proud of him and he's super excited! #wenselboys #wenselblood

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Update from my dad today. I had my three month appointment with the cardiologist today. Its been three months since my bypass surgery. He discharged me good as new (not exactly those words). I'm free to do whatever I want within reason. He was impressed with my healing and test results, etc. I have a couple weeks of rehab left to do but that will just be for good measure. I plan on starting to use a light bow and work back into my hunting weight bow later this summer. I should be good to go by October. Thanks for all the prayers, calls, emails, etc. See you down the trail.

Lee Poole, the man who turned 25,000 acres on the north face of Lone Mountain into Moonlight Basin, a ski and golf resort that added jobs and powder runs to southwest Montana, died Saturday at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital after a long illness. He was 66.

Message sent yesterday from my dad Gene -

I sincerely apologize for this being a mass mailing, but considering how many emails, postal notes, get well cards, phone calls, etc. came pouring in, this seems to be the best means of resolving my part of the communication issues from my recent health problem to as many of you as possible. I am on the mend and feeling better by the day, although I exhaust myself easily right now even talking on the phone until I get through cardia...c rehabilitation. Although I'm not allowed to drive for a month and can't do routine things like lifting, mowing my lawn, shooting my bow, climbing trees, etc. until after June 23, predictions are that I will be a "new man" by October 1st.

As most of you know by now, I had a heart attack a couple weeks back. They did an angiogram that identified three blockages that needed fixed, so I had triple bypass surgery a week ago yesterday (March 23). Everything went very well. I came home a couple days ago, I've started walking more and I now look forward to more cardiac rehab very soon.
I was very impressed with the care I got. Both my cardiologist and surgeon were top shelf, as were their teams and all the nurses involved. At 70 years old, this was the first time I've ever been in a hospital since birth and the first time I ever had surgery.
In addition to the health care personnel, I want to especially thank my Donna, our kids, our other family, both real and extended, for all their help and support.
I don't want to string this email out too much more, as even typing this tires me right now. I sincerely apologize if I forgot to thank someone. All those thoughts and prayers were sincerely appreciated and absorbed. God apparently is not done with me yet! May God bless each and every one of you.
Gene Wensel

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Got a text from Amy - Dad is in recovery and everything is great! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Update from my dad for those that have been asking -
I want to thank everyone for being patient with my lack of communication. Rather than answer everyone separately, which I cannot do right now, I thought I would send a generic update with both old and present news and a big thank you to those who tried to contact me.
I spent last Wednesday (March 11) in the woods looking for sheds and scouting. I got back to the truck dehydrated. Drank 4 bottles of water (on an empty ...stomach) laced with what I thought was green tea or green apple flavor enhancer but turned out to be Mio Green Thunder energy additive, which is loaded with caffeine. So I essentially whiffed down four Red Bulls and got my "wings." My blood pressure dropped way down and my heart took off at over 150 beats per minute for hours. Never been to the hospital over night since I was born nor had surgery in my life until now. Went to the ER where they got pulse and b/p stabilized but when they did EKG found bad news. Did seven EKGs and then sent me via ambulance to Mercy Cardiac unit in Iowa City. They did angiogram there and discovered that I had not only given myself a heart attack but they found three blockages, one at 99%. Triple bypass scheduled for Monday morning (March 23). If all goes well, I should be home by Friday next week. Right now I feel good. I am not very nervous nor am I scared to die if my time has come. I have faith in the doctors, the facilities and the Lord.

Our son Ken and several friends will be here to help Donna.

By the way, my home computer is down so I'm doing this on my laptop, which I can't drive very well. Will send updated info when I can. Until then I appreciate yours thoughts and prayers.Thank you so much. Hope to see you all down the trail.


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This is Jenny, Gene's daughter and wanted to update everyone on some happenings of the last couple days -
My sister just posted on her wall asking for prayers for our family. Below is what is going on. Thanks to everyone that has texted/emailed and called and we will keep you update. *********
Our dad went Shed Antler Hunting on Wednesday and walked for HOURS and MILES. That night he got home and had a very high heart rate and low blood pressure. Yesterday morning he went to ...ER and was admitted. They got his rate normal and were just monitoring him. He was joking with the nurses and totally fine. This is the guy who has never been in a hospital for anything since he was born. He was going to go home this morning. So this morning I get a text from him that says ---
Figured out where I XXXXXX up. I drank 4 bottles of water while dehydrated but added Mio Green Thunder, which I thought was just flavoring but in reality is an energy drink. So essentially I downed 4 Red Bulls on an empty stomach that jump started my heart. Something to remember! Pass the word! Then he called 2 hours later this morning and they are transferring him to Iowa City for a better hospital and cardiologist. They think that he might have had a mild heart attach and so are going to run some tests at the new hospital and see if he needs a stint. He is not worried at all. So thank you everyone for keeping him and our family in your prayers

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The Christmas special has about 5 more days. Thank you all for your support. Mike

Christmas Special on - Free Primal Dreams condensed edition DVD with book purchase. Click on book section. Also, "One with the Wilderness" is $8 off (selling for $30) through Dec 25THChristmas
Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday!
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Mike Mitten to Brothers of the Bow

I'm still eating a lot of great moose meat. I took this guy in Alaska on a solo hunt this past September.

We are having a Christmas Special on books at