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Rebecca Spangler
· November 10, 2017
We came in this afternoon & let Mr. Daryl Bruner look at a coin we have that was dated before the Civil War.
Mr. Bruner is very professional, honest, & respectful. We will won’t deal with collectible...s with anyone else in the future. See More
Marilyn Goode Clark
· November 30, 2017
Friendly, knowledgeable, hometown people that appreciate and support hometown business. Quite the collection and information packed into the building! Great one on one service.
Dennis H Wilson
· December 22, 2016
Ms Mae Mattingly wrote a great review of Bruner's Collectables and can wholeheartedly say "Ditto!"

You won't find a Numismatist in this area as knowledgeable and helpful as Kevin Bruner....

I like Ms Mattingly's idea about regularly buying silver as a form of savings. Sounds like a great idea.
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Alan Donovan
· July 9, 2017
They are very reasonably priced. Great selection of items!! I was very impressed.
Mae Mattingly
· December 22, 2016
I am a Page Admin for Owensboro Reviewer. Per the Request of Bruner's we are posting our Review here. May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Bruner’s Collectables is a busy little shop located at 1628 Triplett St. here in Owensboro. They buy/sell Gold/Silver Coins 14k Chains, and Coin Pendants. They also offer Coin and Stamp Supplies.

This is the only place in Owensboro that I know stocks silver bars and that is what I needed. I had to buy one for a Christmas Present, and I was happy I knew where to shop.

Walking into the shop I was excited to purchase my first ever silver bar. I had already checked the “spot” price on silver, but I was still a little bit anxious. I didn’t have a reason to worry.

As I walked into the shop I observed the room. I noticed how busy it was. There were a lot of people looking around, more than I expected. For some strange reason, I had expected a little white haired man sitting behind a big desk, waiting for any business that might come his way. That wasn’t the case. Looks like someone trusts them, why else would all these people be here?

A gentleman from behind the counter smiled and asked if he could help me. I quickly walked up to the counter and asked for a troy ounce of silver. I wasn’t ready for the question he asked next. “Coin or Bar?”

“What?” I thought.

I had only read about bars. I didn’t even know you could by a coin. The man behind the counter seemed to sense my confusion and smiled again. “Coins are a little bit higher than the bars.” He grinned and said knowingly.

I told him that I would like a bar and asked if they had any Christmas ones. But being my luck, they had already sold them. They offered a regular stamped bar and I took it. While the gentleman filled out my order form, I asked if they only accepted cash or could I use a card. I was informed that a debit card could be used but a credit card would incur an additional fee.

Kevin (He was the other man standing behind the counter. As it turns out he is part owner in this family ran business.) asked me if I would like a box. SCORE! I was trying to figure out how I was going to wrap it. Handing me the box/bar and ticket, I found myself chatting about purchasing silver and coin collecting.

Kevin showed me a book that was on the counter (on sale) and told me it was a good place to start. It was a book that told you about every coin ever made. It was the encyclopedia of coins.

Being this close to Christmas I didn’t have enough time to properly look at the book and decide if it was what I needed. I had an appointment and I couldn’t stay long, so I told him I would be back to look at it.

I asked about buying silver coins/bars as a savings plan. I know the price can fluctuate but silver is always worth something. (The banks have failed once, and history does have a way of repeating itself.) I listened to his reply and felt better about my plan.

We discussed a few other things and I found myself wanting to stay longer. I finally found people who understood my confusion and didn’t seem to mind answering question. One answer would lead me to another question. Kevin just smiled warmly, listened patiently and answered me quickly.

As I put my perfect Christmas gift in my purse, I noticed a paper on the counter. “Owensboro New Coin Club” is what it stated. As I picked one up, Kevin let me know they were meeting that very night. I wanted to go but this close to Christmas… no way.

I took the paper so I could read about it. It definitely has sparked my interest. It meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6pm at Rivertown Moving & Storage. The club offers:
1) Enhancing your knowledge of coins.
2) Enhancing your knowledge of coin collecting.
3) Meet and network with other Coin Collectors in the area.
4) A Member only Coin Auction. (Anyone can bid, only members can put in action items.

This is just the club I need to belong to and should support. Apparently Bruner’s is a part of this or hosting it. The paper stated if you had any questions that you could call Kevin at the shop. Yet another score!

As I left the shop I felt good about my decision on stopping. I felt good about my purchase. Most of all I felt good about my future plan on savings. I felt as if I just made a couple of new friends that would welcome my return.

I was met with friendliness, patience, understanding and encouragement. I sure didn’t think I would find that here. I didn’t expect the knowledge they possessed. I didn’t expect them to listen.

Talking to them, I found out they have been in business for over 25 years and it was family owned and operated. I saw first-hand the ways they were giving back to the community. This would be on my Top List of Businesses.

You can’t be in business for over 25 years treating people wrong. To back that statement up, the price I paid for the troy ounce silver bar was just a few dollars higher than the “spot” price. It was actually a little bit lower priced than what I had planned on spending. As my research had shown, they were “spot on” with the price. Lol

I will enjoy coming back to Bruner’s Collectables each week and fulfilling my savings plans. I know I can trust them to offer me the information I need to make an informed buying decision. I also know I can trust them on the price of what will be purchased.

If you haven’t visited them or if you have questions, give them a try. I am confident you will walk away just as happy and satisfied as I did!

If you have done business with Bruner’s Collectables, we would love to hear about it. What would your rating be? Did you find the same quality friendliness and service as we did? Do you have a favorite story about them? Let us know! We’re listening!
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Karen Grise
· February 25, 2016
We only go to Bruner's because we know we can trust them and they have the best knowledge on coins, silver, gold etc!
Chris Watkins
· February 24, 2016
Great group of guys! I go to you all for all my silver needs...
Jessica Monroy
· July 12, 2016
I was just offered $20 for two silver eagles. Regardless of any collectible value, the price silver is just over 20 per ounce. I was told they were valu
ed at less than melt price. REALLY.
Tracy McQueen
· December 10, 2013
Love Bruner's- so fair and so aware of gold, silver and coins.
Jorge W. Tamayo O.
· July 1, 2014
Congratulations for others 200 years
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