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Harris S Felicia
· December 5, 2016
The health promotion office is a great resource for all things student health. Everyone here is kind and dedicated to serving the best interests of students at Buffalo State. There are endless amount ...of resources ranging from women's health, to stress releving events that help students deal with stressful moments during midterms or finals. They have endless hosting events throughout the entire year! See More
Roxanne Cuebas
· April 3, 2014
The Health Promotion Department at Buffalo State College is awesome!! They are very helpful and will supply students with the necessary items and ideas for workshops such as, educational materials, pa...mphlets, pens, note pads, etc. They also do a great job of spreading awareness throughout the campus on different topics like, smoking, heart disease, nutrition, exercising, AIDS, STD, health screenings, etc. Furthermore, they always take the lead when having to put together certain events (Take Back the Night) or when they are asked to help out with other events and Relaxation Week being one of many. Hands down, one of the best departments at Buffalo State College. Always nice to have a department that is very student driven with the guidance of Tammy and Paula! See More
Gorkem Alyurt
· December 7, 2016
I love the office it is a really great place for me to get my work done and just be at peace. Paula really makes me feel like I belong here
Lisbet Henriquez
· December 2, 2016
Buffalo State Health Promotion is great because it provides students with resources on how to maintained a healthy and active academic life. Aside from hosting their own programs they're always collab...orating with other organizations and speakers to attracts studenys with different interests. See More
Kyra Naomi Travis
· October 4, 2016
The Health Promotions Office is a great part of campus that can really benefit our students. They rely to information about Weigel Health Center that can really be useful and resourceful for the healt...h of the students. See More
Ako Odoi Erth-onam Joshua
· March 15, 2016
The buffalo state health promotions office is great and very helpful. They help create awareness about the importance of staying healthy and how we can fully use the Weigel health center and other hea...lth facilities effectively. See More
Gege Lerime
· December 7, 2016
The health promotions office is a great way for anyone to get involved or find out more about our school's weigal center as well as volunteer work or internships
Yanni Wilson
· January 31, 2017
Everyone here at Weigel health promotions are so wonderful. I didn't know that the school had a ride along program until I came to Health promotions. This is honestly a great way to get involved on campus.
Kristen Veitch
· March 2, 2017
Buffalo State Health Promotions is a great way to inform students on things that they don't know about, when they should know about them.
Matthew Fuentes
· February 15, 2015
Really like the facebook page. New post are up pretty daily and the links are great,lots of different outsources
Kevin Patrick Anthony
February 20, 2013
That kid Kevin Ward is really cool!

Happy #WellnessWednesday! Here are some tips to make sure you maintain a health nutritional diet throughout the day!
1. Keep hydrated with water and try to stray away from sugary soft drinks and/or juice.
2. Avoid greasy, fried foods and/or high fat processed meats.
3. Remember to eat! Not only is it essential to eat, it will also help you perform at a higher level, whether it be with classwork, or athletic performance.
4. If you find it difficult to be able to eat at certain times of the day, you can start a Sunday meal prep routine. Pack a ziploc bags or containers with nutritional snacks and foods that you can eat throughout the day for the week, or however long suits you best, but also be mindful of certain foods that may cause allergic reactions to other people around you.

Good morning and happy #WellnessWednesday to all! Make sure you join us today and enjoy activities, and therapy dogs in Houston Gym room 214 from 11:30am-12:30pm! Hope to see you there!

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REMINDER: The deadline to the online waiver for Health Insurance for spring is available until February 24th!

Students who have their own health insurance are required to complete an online waiver, annually, to avoid being enrolled into and charged for the college's health insurance plan.

You can log in through banner and select Health Insurance Waiver.

If you ever feel like you're in need of help, and need someone to talk to, make sure you contact our Counseling Center on the 2nd floor of Weigel Health Center. All counseling appointments are 100% confidential, and all Buffalo State College students may seek counseling help at the Counseling Center, and there is no
fee for this service. To schedule the initial consultation session, call the Counseling Center at 878-4436.

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Learn to prevent suicide at our Wellness Wednesday Series. Question. Persuade. Refer.

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Buffalo State Health Promotions

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to get this out there! Weigel Health Promotions is putting on a Movie Night Series! Dates and other important details are listed below! Don't miss out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Check out our Wellness Wednesday series today with Dr. Jack Wohlers on dieting and eating disorders. It will take place in Houston Gym 214 at 11:30am-1:00pm.

Wed 11:30 AM ESTHouston Gym 214
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Happy #ValentinesDay from everyone at Health Promotions! May you all enjoy today and have your day filled with love and happiness ❤️🌹

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Great video about consent! Please watch!

Copyright ©2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios Non-commercial use: Video must have copyright information displayed below video, with a live link to origi...
Wed 11:30 AM ESTBuffalo State College, Houston Gym 214
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Buffalo State Dining

IMPORTANT Buffalo State dining information regarding the water main break in the Campbell Student Union. Please read and share!

Join us on February 21st in the Houston Gym Rm. 214 from 11:30am-12:30pm for QPR event where you can learn more about suicide awareness and prevention!

Wed 11:30 AM ESTBuffalo State College, Houston Gym 214
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Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get the information out there for the very first night of our movie night series! Check it out!

Wed 6:00 PM ESTBuffalo State College, Bulgar West 2

Random Health Fact of The Day: With cold and flu season upon us during these blistery winter months, it is very important to stay aware of spreading germs! Did you know that when you take money out of an ATM machine, you are being exposed to as many germs as the ones that live on public restroom toilets? Make sure you wash your hands after using the ATM so you don't get sick! None of us ever think to, but this is good to know!…/arti…/10-surprising-health-facts/

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