For anyone interested in learning about the history of architecture of Nairobi, this book provides a great overview of the city's most prominent buildings, whose histories span from the British Occupation to the modern era. Foreword by Prof. Wangari Maathai. Descriptions and color photographs of ...
Kenya is home to many trading centers and towns some with very interesting names, but have you ever thought of how the name of your town or village came about? Some of the names came about by what …
Described as Kenya’s social and entertainment centre for expatriates and the wealthy, Nairobi’s Westlands day time activities fade compared to its nightlife.By midnight, the area located 3.1 kilometres northwest of Nairobi central business district, starts to dress long queues of traffic jams as par...
Hanging by a thread, Alan Donovan’s African Heritage House overlooking Nairobi National Park is at the mercy of a wrecking ball. The most photographed house in all of Africa, and chockfull of rare African artefacts, the house stands in the way of the new standard gauge railway line between Mombasa a...
Alan Donovan was having a quiet lunch one day last month by the pool side of his house when three men walked into the compound.
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Celebrating Nairobi's Architecture is with Aref Adamali.

At the Alliance Francaise
The listing project initiator, Aref Adamali, introduces the book ‘A brief tour of the Buildings of Nairobi’ by Yuko Iwatani and Evelyne Wanjiku. Also at the event were AHAC members Emma Miloyo and Peter Makachia.

On the outskirts of Nyeri town sits a colossal structure that measures 110 feet long and 50 feet wide
The riveting glossy pictures of grotesque maimed and mutilated bodies plastered on walls of the ancient building are an unforgettable sight. They prick the conscience of all who venture into the abode.