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Fighting game fans! We've got a list of all the Fatalities and Babalities for the new Mortal Kombat game! Click on the link and "Like" the page to stay updated!

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Shooter fans! Check out our Crysis 2 walkthrough and strategy guide! It's complete with a single-player guide, user-contributed multiplayer tips, and locations for all the hidden collectible items.

Crysis 2 SuperGuide
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Bought the Bulletstorm Epic Edition? Playing the Gears of War 3 beta? Check out our multiplayer beta guide!

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Buying the "Gun Sonata" DLC pack? Here's a list of Trophies for the PS3 version.

A list of Trophies, cheats, and tips for Bulletstorm.

Skillisode - Episode 2

Bulletstorm 'Skillisode 2' Trailer Video, Become literate in the art of execution in this second episode of "killing with skill" for BulletStorm.

Check out 'Skillizode - Episode 1' and learn to get some of those Skillshots!

Learn how to become the best of the best and "kill with skill" in this "skillizode" for Epic's Bulletstorm.

Act 7 - Departure is now live! The single-player walkthrough is complete!

Act 7 - Departure walkthrough.

Act 6 - To the Ulysses is now up! The final act will be up tomorrow!

Act 6 is now live.

Act 5 - Burnout Paradise is up!

A walkthrough for Act 5 of Bulletstorm.

Act 4 - Forbidden Zone is live on our SuperGuide!

A walkthrough for Act 4 of Bulletstorm.

Want to know how many points shooting a guy in the butt is worth? We've got a list of Skillshots, along with a list of weapons, up on our SuperGuide!

Now updated with a Skillshot list and a weapons list, detailing the alternate fire modes and what to do with them.

Acts 2 and 3 are now up! We're posting more in the coming days!

The next two chapters are up! "Damsel in distress" and "Worst family fun vacation ever" from Act 2, as well as "One sniper means a dozen" and "A dam fine mess" from Act 3.

What did think of Bulletstorm? Read the review here!

A mechanically enjoyable game that's missing what it needs to be great.

We're playing Bulletstorm tonight! Watch our live stream starting at 5pm PST.

Watch us destroy our enemies for a high score.

The first two parts of our Bulletstorm SuperGuide are live! Check out "Prologue" and "Act 1." More coming throughout the day.

"Prologue" and "Act 1" are up!