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Marvin John Lopez Sasan
· April 17, 2018
One of the topnotch restaurant in Silverlake Village on Sunset Junction. I always w joy drinking my Stella draft beer during happy hour listening to other peers communicating and connecting. Thinking’s sleek to discuss thought lost, sorrow, and misery. 90 percent of the menu French cuisine so hard on me to figure out what to order however I always get my favorite Clams of mussels simply it’s the cure of my sadness and awe ness over there at my introvert sit spot. The waiters and waitresses are very attentive to their customers simply hey know how to look out on a patron best interedt while dining. 99 percent of the people who dines are a bit rude simply “they” are baiters, biters, and low k haters on someone enjoying its food while dining. Again, Thankful I am to the employees of #CAFESTELLA for the hospitality, comfort food, wine, beer, and music to relive my past to present. I had good time. Cheers.

Marvin John Lopez Brunk Sasan
April 17,2018
Tuesday morning time. California is USA3x
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Sam Farmer
· December 2, 2017
Still one of our favorite restaurants in LA, but last night our waiter was pretty inattentive and slow. Having been a waiter a lifetime ago, I understand when you get slammed with tables. But there wa...s a fair amount of chatting, standing around and ignoring. Slightly dampens our enthusiasm for the place. See More
Rachelle Johansen
· October 14, 2017
I had the best relaxing experience. From the moment I stepped in, I fell instantly in love with the vibe, the sweet staff and delicious food and fresh Americana coffee. The setting and ambience set... the tone for sure and it continued from there... thank you Cafe Stella!! See More
Bruno Timperman
· April 8, 2018
Best place to hang around in silverlake!! Free spot
Eliot Temple
· September 18, 2017
Rare to find a place with so much passion, so much love. You can taste it in every bite. Could eat here daily!
Jacquie Rumohr
· September 17, 2017
A Silver Lake institution!! Exceptional cocktails and ambiance. The food is consistent and excellent!! AND the French hostess was ridiculously accomadating to our ultimate seat selection!! Bravo for s...o many great meals and memories!! See More
Giovanni Parra Marchetti
· October 30, 2017
feels like stay in Europe, nice quality and service.
also the bar downstair is cool.
Nick Wade
· June 23, 2017
I was served the wrong fish menu stated Dover sole and that's not what I received. Waitress argued with me, being from England I have eaten Dover sole as way back as I can remember. They substituted w...ith a cheaper fish. See More
Celeste Alleyne
· December 22, 2016
The food is yummy, especially the mussels & pomme frites but staff major snobby! Guess they're channeling their best interpretation of what they "think" french waiters are like...but visit Paris regul...arly and have much better service & less attitude! C'est tres pauvre... See More
Zvi Bieringer
· May 15, 2017
Great food. Had the steak au poivre or in English steak in a cream pepper corn sauce. Very good and the onion soup was good too.
Luis F. Herrera
· December 11, 2016
After going to Café Stella for so many years it is still my favorite restaurant in the city! The original trend, culinary, lifestyle setter. Make sure to order the steak frites and pair with Names win...e from the Central Coast.. See More
Stephanie Pierre
· November 13, 2017
Amazing atmosphere and delicious Eggs Benedict 🍳
Tom Hackney
· January 7, 2017
Drinks & steak were great. Long wait for the food, we heard the chef bailed out in the middle of dinner service! The menu on their website is outdated, lots of changes. "They haven't Had that soup si...nce I started here, 15 months ago"
. They consider carrots a starch, hmmmmmm. Tiny chocolate souffle overcooked, almost burnt. Party of 8 , automatic 20% tip , not worth it. Person next to me had 1 bite of desert left, and they grabbed it & it was gone. Kinda got the bum rush at the end. AFTER They Took FOREVER To serve us. I don't plan on going back there.
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Sarah Tanner
· May 31, 2013
The service at this place was awful. We ate there on memorial weekend and the waitress was disinterested and didn't crack a smile once. Acted like she couldn't wait to get us out of there. Food was ni...ce at the time but since I left feeling unwell and was up during the night vomiting with food poisoning I hate to think what they do in the kitchen.
Awful place - try somewhere better.
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Erica Elbaz
· December 6, 2016
WORSED experience ever. Aggressive waiter, who took away our dishes because he was in an awful mood. Food was horrendous, fries were cold, meat too cooked, it was a disaster and the wine was a joke! T...hey actually fill it with water. Thank God we didn't pay, it was not worth the money! See More
Kathleen Sullivan
· June 14, 2017
I love this restaurant! The ambiance, the service and of course the food.
And it's all so French!! Oh la la!!
Sasha Anawalt
· January 2, 2016
Foie gras, beet salad and duck confit! Shared by three of us with a bottle of Syrah. Divine! Missing Walter and EAS. This was a spontaneous dinner, while on a neighborhood walk.
Lydia Santisteban-Laplante
· June 29, 2016
The 3 pieces of french toast were so soggy. The waitress said that's the way they are. Pancakes are silver dollar sized. Each dish 14 DOLLARS! The patio was beautiful. ..
Allison Julia
· July 7, 2017
What an amazing restaurant! Food is great! Wine selection is even better! Def 5 stars.
Jose Arellanes
· August 23, 2016
Fabulous place to eat and have fun..great that you are going to love! Great music..only in silverlake.!!!! !
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spinning french records in Bar Stella tonight after 8pm!

After dinner, join us at Bar Stella for some end of the year fun!

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Before I get into my Easter Sunday brunch post, I thought I would start by mentioning that Jimmy Pardo (who is a hilarious comedian) is doing The Writers Room at Meltdown Comics on Sunset. The show...