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We are so excited to be hosting Judy Grahn for this very special ICP Community Event! We hope you join us~

Applications for the 2016-2017 CWS Writing Fellowship are due this coming Monday, March 28th.

A couple of reminders:

- Yes, distance students may apply! ...
- We strongly encourage ACTCM students to participate in the Fellowship.
- Fellows set their own weekly tutoring schedules (up to 5 hours/week).
- The two 3-unit training courses are funded by CWS; students may speak with their program advisers regarding how best to fit these courses into their degree plans.

Please email a cover letter, CV, academic writing sample, and reference list to

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Critical Theory and the New Cosmology: Towards and Integral Perspective, A Presentation by Michael Sukhov
Wednesday, March 16, 6:30p
Area 5 (5th floor)

This talk brings together two theoretical perspectives - critical social theory and evolutionary cosmology - toward the possibility of an integrated approach to the crucial challenges humanity currently faces.

ASAMBLEA- Back by popular demand!
March 9, 6p
Area 5 (5th floor)

What if we understand politics as a possibility to "feel-think" and "feel-act" collectively about community organizing and collaboration as a form of becoming-with as compas? The asamblea is an ongoing space for students to share their projects or concerns, receive feedback, find potential collaborators and ways of organizing together.


On this occasion, we will discuss:
- participatory student organizing: how do we, as a collective body of students, engage in the democratic life of our community-school.How do we feel about the current forms of student participation> What do we imagine as more participatory forms of student organizing? We will reflect on these questions and hear updates about the technology fee petition and subsequent steps.
- other projects, issues, and ideas that are important to you. We build the asamblea together!

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BREATHE (Becoming Radically Engaged All Through Hearty Exchange): A Pilot Food Program

Rather than collect food for the regional food pantry, we want to feed our community at CIIS. By having the acronym for this project be a word used in everyday language and conversation, we hope to alleviate some of the stigma around needing donated food. The good pantry will serve as the collective art of breathing, gathering in from those who are in a position to donate good, and outwardl...y providing an option for nourishment for those whose food availability might be insecure.

Please donate canned good items as you are able. Donation locations are:
• IHL - Rachel Lefkowitz, Room 206
• Student Affairs Office, 4th Floor
• Public Programs - Kelly Kelly, 5th Floor
• MHSA - Rachel Bryant, 4th Floor

Please take food items as your need arises. BREATHE is located in a labeled cabinet on the 5th floor in the Student Lounge. Participation is anonymous.

Contact Rachel Lefkowitz, or (415) 575 6199 or Gia Stark at

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Thursdays, March 10 & 31, April 21, May 5, 6p
Room 560

Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALC, Women Active in Letters and Social Change) is an organization of Chicanas/Latinas and Native American women working in academia and in community settings with a common goal: to work toward the support, education, and dissemination of Chicana/Latina and Native American women's issues....
For more details, email or

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Awakening to Whiteness and Racism Everywhere
Thursdays, March 17, April 17 & 21, May 5, 6-8:30p
Room 550

CIIS AWARE's photo.

"The battle is and always has been a battle for the hearts and minds of white people in this country. The fight against racism is our issue. It's not something ...that we're called on to help people of color with. We need to become involved with it as if our lives depended on it because really, in truth, they do."
— Anne Braden…/article-14399-how-to-be-an-inte…

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Dead is final. And Sandra Bland is dead. The 28-year-old black activist was driving to her new job in Texas on July 10 when she was stopped by police for changing lanes without indicating.

A yoga practice may be the key for getting through the stress of mid-semester work.

Balancing the mind and body through the vagus nerve.

Dear ICC CHANGE Petition Authors and Supporters,

President Joe Subbiondo, Academic Vice President Judie Wexler, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Denise Boston, ICP Program Chair Barbara Morrill, Dean of Students Yunny Yip, and Director of Field Placement Becky McGovern met this morning, March 8, 2016, regarding the recent ICC CHANGE petition. We have discussed your concerns, and, as you know, some of those concerns have been responded to by ICP in the letter recently posted on... the CIIS and ICP Facebook pages.

In addition, Denise Boston recommended that we do a focus group that Denise will lead with approximately 15 concerned students, ICP faculty, and administrative staff. We hope this will be an additional source of support and opportunity for student voices to be heard. We are currently working on a date for this focus group and you will receive more details from both Denise Boston and ICP soon.

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A Response from Golden Gate ICC to the ICC CHANGE Petition:

Dear committee and community,

We are sad to hear that you have been hurt by your experience related to the selection process for the ICCs. We at Golden Gate ICC understand and agree with your points regarding the importance of a diverse training and service environment. We highly value all aspects of diversity, and we are constantly desirous of the opportunity for more diversity in our Center. We appreciate that a d...

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Pierce Street Response to the ICC CHANGE petition

We have read the petition by ICC CHANGE and first want to acknowledge the commitment of the students who generated it. Institutional racism and systemic bias are of course present at CIIS, at Pierce Street ICC and in the Pierce Street ICC selection process. This is something we are aware of and have been actively engaged in working on for the last number of years through dialog and consultation. We recognize that ongoing an...d continual attention to this unconscious bias is an important responsibility for us and for anyone in a selection and evaluation process.

We are troubled by the lack of racial diversity in our student counseling center staff and in ICP in general. We agree with ICC CHANGE that this negatively impacts our students, future students who otherwise might not apply to the counseling center and our clients. Further, we believe it is contrary to the ongoing needed evolution in our field. We have been actively working on this by selecting people of color whenever possible, and are deeply committed to increasing diversity of all kinds at the Pierce Street ICC.

We hear and recognize the need for transparency in our selection process and have been bringing attention to this in our Open Houses. We assume that every student approved for practicum is ready to see clients and, so we don’t make our selections based on clinical readiness. Instead, we look at whether students are aware of our form of T group and are ready to choose and engage in this kind of intensive training experience. We recognize that our evaluation of this can be subjective, hard to quantify and susceptible to systemic bias in a number of ways. We are in continual dialog about this and seek to minimize its impact on our selection process and would welcome the Dean of Diversity into this dialog.

We also recognize and have long been troubled by the practical and emotional impact on those students who do not get a placement at an ICC. Over the years I have been in telephone or email contact with several students who have wanted an explanation for why they were not placed at the Pierce Street ICC. We understand the statement in the petition that the “onus should not be on the rejected student, who is in the vulnerable position, to seek why they were rejected.” Functionally, one way we could shift some this onus is to clearly communicate in each group interview our readiness to speak with any applicant after the selection process.

We welcome the action of ICC Change. We are deeply committed to greater diversity of our student staff and are open to being more proactively transparent with our selection process.

Daniel Gottsegen, PhD
Clinical Director
Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center

Susan Weiss, MFT
Pierce Street ICC Clinic Manager

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A response from the Church Street Integral Counseling Center to the ICC CHANGE petition:

Dear ICC and ICP community,

I hold the deepest respect and gratitude for this quest for fairness, equality and integrity, and for the students and community that are engaging in this process. I am saddened by the pain of students in ICP and hope that ICP and the ICC's can grow and step into greater responsibility, dialog and transparency. I fully acknowledge that I have my own context, ex...

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