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This week I finished remastering the formatting for most of my eBooks. If you've used some of my eBooks and the formatting is a little bit off, I invite you to reload the eBook from the cloud.

C.J.S. Hayward

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The bidding for my Mac laptop (a nice 17" MacBook Pro) has begun, and the auction closes in two hours! See my loaded-up Mac at: #computer #Apple #MBP #gifts #virtualization #VMware

TikiWiki Groupware, one of several all-in-one elements. Programmer's Paradise. Essentially this is a maxed-out hardware version of a Mac that has not been available new for years. Great machine. Great software. | eBay!

Looking for a gift this Christmas? I have a refurbished computer (one I used for most of my writing). If you buy it you won't just be getting a hard-to-find 17" MacBook Pro. You'll be helping me pursue my heart's desire in monasticism on the Holy Mountain.

TikiWiki Groupware, one of several all-in-one elements. Programmer's Paradise. Essentially this is a maxed-out hardware version of a Mac that has not been available new for years. Great machine. Great software. | eBay!

Joyous feast day!

Today I have posted, "Awesome Gang Author Interview" at

I can't help but feel that the interview is less than adequate for the occasion, but then when DO we offer something which is adequate?


I greet you with all the joy of today's feast!

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Posted on December 4, 2017December 4, 2017 by C.J.S. HaywardAwesome Gang Author Interview Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. Warning: This document contains some truly jarring notes; I give sharp critiques to a man I owe inestimable debts. Where to begin? Let me draw out one...

I've had a long and good journey with this computer, and I believe that with a new logic board it would be a terrific find for the right person. Please read and reshare:…/Programmers-Paradise-17…/302501041685

TikiWiki Groupware, one of several all-in-one elements. Programmer's Paradise. Essentially this is a maxed-out hardware version of a Mac that has not been available new for years. Who is Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward?. | eBay!


I've just launched a new website at - eBook Builder Gifts

It's a free made-to-order ebook compiler that might make a nice gift for yourself, or for someone else!

How many possible collections are there for you to choose from?22,017,416,287,688,817,342,786,954,917,203,280,710,495,801,049,370,729,644,031!

As we are approaching Halloween, I wanted to make my most recent post available a bit early.

The Magician's Triplet: Magician, Scientist, Reformer (A Meditation Posted for Halloween / “Reformation Day") is online, at

Posted on October 24, 2017 by C.J.S. HaywardThe Magician’s Triplet: Magician, Scientist, Reformer (A Meditation Posted for Halloween / “Reformation Day”) I would like to take a Protestant church’s electronic sign for a starting point. The sign, with a portrait of Martin Luther to the right, inviting...

I passed a church sign advertising a “Reformation Day” potluck.

I guess Orthodox might also confuse Halloween with the Reformation...

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory forever.

I am an Orthodox Christian author trying to reach Mount Athos to enter repentance for the rest of my life.

I've posted a new fundraising page that's different for each visit: "These Are a Few of my Favorite Things:"


Christ is risen, His joy! Please visit, pray, and reshare.

C.J.S. Hayward

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Posted on July 21, 2017July 22, 2017 by C.J.S. HaywardThese Are a Few of My Favorite Things I am presently working on fundraising to go on an expensive pilgrimage to pursue monasticism at Mount Athos, and if anything is left over, pass over the excess profits to any monastery I belong to. Hidden tre...

Posted today: "'Belabored Inclusive Language' and 'Naturally Inclusive Language'",

This deals with material a decade or two old, but there is one point I think I may be first to point out.

There was a letter to the editor I wrote long ago and have tried and failed to find. It did not seem to come up in a search on the magazine that printed it; but I do not fault the magazine or its website because I also could not find it in my Gmail archives. My Gmail account is over a decade old, bu...

Posted this evening: " ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY" at

The author of this short set of ramblings claims that he expects several 1 star reviews from people based on his criticisms of the iconic priest monk Fr. Seraphim Rose. I am giving it 1 star primarily for other reasons. I, too, have issues with some of the teachings of Fr. Seraphim Rose, so I expect...

I think Orthodox could use a new term: "anti-anti-climax".

The Gospels, if you cut them short, say this: there is a teacher, and possibly much more than a teacher, who began making more and more of an interesting impact, and after all this buildup, there was a banal political battle and he was executed like a common criminal.

G.K. Chesterton, in one of its works, says it reflects a profound misunderstanding of the Gospel traditions to view our Lord's death as an anticlimax dissipates everything that was building up before it happened. He calls it the point of the narrative, and even more forcefully says, "Like the point of a sword."

There is something in the Gospel narratives that might be called "anti-anti-climax". If the Gospels clipped at Christ's death could be seen as anti-climactic, so much more does the complete Gospel dispel what seems anti-climax. It is present, for instance, on the road to Emmaus, where Christ appears to two quite bewildered disciples who don't even recognize him, and like the woman at the well the Word opens things up in a dialogue worthy of Socrates, and at the last minute, their eyes are opened, they realize they have been talking with a very much alive Lord, and he vanishes from their sight.

It is cut from the same cloth that the Gospels give chapters' worth of attention to Judas's betrayal, the highly non-kosher trial of the Sanhedrin at night, the made-up pretext of a political trial, the soldiers' mockery, and a crucifixion that was so horrid that the first audience needed no description, and at the end just barely say more than three words: "He is risen!", and there is really nothing more to be said.

If Christ's death can be viewed, at very least the first time one encounters the Gospel story, as an anti-climax to the mounting activity of his miracles and public ministry, ever so much more the true ending of the Gospel is an anti-anti-climax: it is like the punch line of a joke.

For a long time I did not like that the Lord is working and you only real meet him for an instant before he vanishes. But this is not a feature of the Gospels alone; we like Christ's disciples do not see his hand as he only mends us; only at the last minute do we connect the dots and there is a dazzling burst of light before the Lord vanishes. As with Christ, and as with his disciples, so also the Christians.

And the same may be true for us, as God blesses others by us.

Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward

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C.J.S. Hayward: An Orthodox Christian Author Welcome to the official author site for C.J.S. Hayward! There’s a lot to enjoy here: theology, literature, and creative works. If this is your first time here, you are encouraged to read Doxology or The Angelic Letters. If you like being surprised, the li...

Christ is risen!

Orthodox author C.J.S. Hayward is seeking to reach Mount Athos to enter monastic repentance for the rest of his life.

You can help make that dream a reality.


Find out more at

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Got booted off the Facebook group "Eastern Orthodox Church" altogether after someone opened a conversation about confession covering sins remembered and sins not remembered, in relation to tollhouses which the original poster did quite clearly acknowledge.

I said that no serious discussion of tollhouses was complete without discussion of Fr. Seraphim (Rose), and gave the URL to the work that has gotten more one-star reviews than anything else I've written:

I suppose this was better for me to find out sooner rather than later.

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Dear Reader;Q: How many admirers of "Blessed Seraphim Rose" does it take to perform a fair, impartial, honest, and accurate scientific study of the age of the universe?A: No one knows. (It's never been tried!)In retrospect, and after years and a very slight new revision, this is a book ...

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him."

St. John Chrysostom comments, "How is this ...if the prophets spoke of it? ...Yes, they heard, but the prophetic ear was not the ear 'of man': for they heard not as men, but as prophets ...For after the gift of the Spirit the heart of the prophets was not the heart of man, but a spiritual heart; as also he says himself, 'We have the mind of'... He is 'a natural man', who attributes everything to reasonings of the mind and does not consider that he needs help from above ...Eyes are beautiful and useful, but should they choose to see without light, their beauty profits them nothing ...So you will notice any soul, if it chooses to see without the Spirit, even becomes an impediment ...The things asserted require faith, and to apprehend them by reasonings is not possible, for their magnitude exceeds by a great deal the meanness of our understanding."

I remember asking some question of my godfather about constructing an Orthodox worldview. He put his foot down; both he and (I believe) my spiritual father said that I had been invited to believe the Orthodox faith but not construct an Orthodox worldview. This passage from St. John Chrysostom underscores the utter foreignness to Orthodoxy of the kind of approach that produces worldview construction and systematic theology. Systematic theology and belief in the infallibility of the Pope need take us no further from Orthodoxy than Rome; the enterprise of worldview construction is not distinctively Christian and puts us in the company of e.g. queer theorists working on (and I am not making this up) "sexual theology."

And my book on Fr. Seraphim, "The Seraphinians: 'Blessed Seraphim Rose' and His Axe-Wielding Western Converts" at , underscores the heterodoxy of having talks about "Living the Orthodox Worldview", one of the foreign objects that Fr. Seraphim and his fans have imported to Orthodoxy.

I now have a new cover for "The Seraphinians" (unfortunately, you have to go to Amazon to see it as Facebook has cached an old image), and it is the first cover for that work that I've really been happy with. The image is inspired by some of the top Google image search results for "worldview" (see Worldview construction is not the only thing Fr. Seraphim's camp is known for that is unusual; he's also imported a feature of Protestantism of yesteryear, a Creation "Science" which I discuss in

Have a happy and productive Lent!

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Dear Reader;Q: How many admirers of "Blessed Seraphim Rose" does it take to perform a fair, impartial, honest, and accurate scientific study of the age of the universe?A: No one knows. (It's never been tried!)In retrospect, and after years and a very slight new revision, this is a book ...

A blessed Clean Monday, to those of you who are on Facebook!

As my first post in Lent, I invite you to read "The Arena" at

It is included in the collection "Where Is God In Suffering and Hard Times?" at

We stand in an arena, the great coliseum. For it is the apostles who were sent forth last, as if men condemned to die, made a spectacle unto the world, to angels and men.

I am an Orthodox Christian trying to fundraise my ticket to Mount Athos about a month after Pascha, in the hopes of entering monastic repentance for the rest of my life. If you want to, there are several things that might help.

"My" top-selling work is the Classic Orthodox Bible, for which I have contributed less than 1% of the work, which is best read alongside other translations like the Orthodox Study Bible and Johanna Manley's uniquely valuable Bible and Holy Fathers for ...Orthodox Christians, available in paperback with hardcover or Kindle just a click away, from

To those curious about the things I actually did write, you can see a number of my works by scrolling all the way down my homepage at,

My flagship collection in Orthodox theology, with sample chapter of "The Angelic Letters" at and "Doxology" at, is "The Best of Jonathan's Corner" at

Lastly, if you are one of those precious few whose Lenten giving be just a direct gift, you can make a donation at

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In Christ's Eternal Love,
C.J.S. Hayward

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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The English of the praying Orthodox Church, the English of the prayers and Liturgies, the English of the common Orthodox Christians and the hymn of Scripture itself, is the English of Thee's and Thou's, not the street, the TV news, or the blog. And even if they can't ...