Attorney Maggy Krell, who spent 15 years working for California's Department of Justice, has joined Planned Parenthood California.
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California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

Oceanside and surrounding areas! Don't miss this screening of No Mas Bebes and this wonderful panel including our very own Executive Director, Laura Jiménez, an...d No Más Bebés Co-Producer and CLRJ Board Member, Dr. Virginia Espino!

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Thank you Senator Connie M. Leyva for standing up for students! For many, this is the first time they have access to uninterrupted health care. They deserve acc...ess to all the health care services they need!

"As a woman of color and child of immigrants who grew up low-income, reproductive justice is personal for me. I want students who look like me — and all students — to have the health care they need, when and where they need it."

#ThisIsRJ #JustCARE #ReproJustice

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We’re building support to pass SB 320, which would make our vision of abortion care at student health centers a reality.

Not only does Trump call for allocating more public dollars towards abstinence-only education, he also wants to eliminate the Office of Adolescent Health’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) entirely.…/trumps-abstinence-only-educatio…

This is how it would really affect young people.

“Patients need medically accurate information — not politically-motivated deception about abortion.”

A nonprofit's campaign, borrowing a tactic from the other side, places hard-to-miss messages near faith-based pregnancy centers.
Global Environmental Change is a peer-reviewed international journal publishing high quality, theoretically and empirically rigorous articles, which...

"Students live on campus, it’s their community. They should be able to get the health care they need without leaving it. Offering medication abortion on campus an important step forward for student access to reproductive care."

#SB320 #JustCARE #ReproJustice

For more on our sponsored bill SB 320, visit:

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California students and allies are leading an effort to make abortion care available on college campuses. Here are six reasons why they should succeed.
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Karen Gaia Pitts is with Suzanne York.

Yesterday at the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, I attended a talk by Bill Reyerson of Media Center which produces educational soaps in developing countries and the U.S. I talked about my Maasai Harmonial project and made a couple of promising connections.

On this 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we celebrate peoples' bodily autonomy by fighting for Reproductive Justice for our communities. We are proud to be figh...ting for abortion care access on campuses, SB320, family leave for young parents, and compensation for the sterilization of our communities in this legislative session.

Learn more about SB320 #JustCare below and stay-tuned for action alerts to help us push a reproductive justice agenda in California and beyond!

#RiseUp4Roe #ReproJustice

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Campus Action for Reproductive Equity

“The messaging of the national Democratic Party was not what won the election. It was people on the ground from the same communities we were reaching out to, long term commitments to our people and the cultural competency to speak to our folks in a way that held meaning for them. The national political operatives made their message about the candidates. We weren’t in love with either of the candidates but we knew what was at stake, so we made the message about us, and organized on messages that moved us...We’ll take your thanks and appreciation but more than this, we demand a shift in power that prioritizes our community and puts resources into our political self-determination. We are not here to be foot soldiers. We are here to be leaders.”
#ThisIsRJ #TrustBlackWomen AND #ElectBlackWomen

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Doug Jones won the special senate election in Alabama because Black folks used our own homegrown tools that we have been building and refining for many years. It's past time to substantially invest in Black political organizing infrastructure in the South.

Many women’s attitudes toward reproductive health can best be described as conflicts between familial and community-based stigma and the need for personal agency over health-care choices.…/even-states-progressive-policies-sha…/

When it came to accessing contraception, women I spoke with as part of my research often framed it as a way to prevent abortions rather than preventing pregnancy: a subtle, but important, difference.

"As a woman and the CEO of a company that counts more than 70% of its employees as women, continuing to provide access to birth control coverage is a no-brainer." - Jennifer Hyman

'It’s shocking to me that in 2017, we’re still having this debate'

Compared to its peer countries, the United States has a surprisingly high maternal death rate. Mothers are three times more likely to die of childbirth here than in the UK, and eight times more likely to die of childbirth here than in Norway or Sweden.

California doctors came together and brought the state maternal death rate way down.