Your First Birth: Getting it right the first time by Jessica Austin on October 3, 2015 in Comfort & Health During Birth, Understanding "Natural" Birth • 0 Comments I’m an anomaly in the birth-professional world in that some of my favourite births to attend are those of first-time mothers. It’s quite...

Victory in the case of the woman who was given a vicious episiotomy by her OB. She was cut 12 times against her will, and doc was accused of assault and battery. added 5 new photos — with Joni Nichols and 5 others at L A County Superior Court.

Victory!!!! LA County Superior Court Judge Benny C. Osorio has ruled that Turbin v. Abbassi was properly and timely plead as a battery lawsuit. The judge was... not interested in the other side's insinuations that the episiotomy was necessary and a decision for the doctor to make. Judge Osorio inquired why there were so many people in the courtroom, and Improving Birth President Dawn Thompson promptly informed his clerk that this is an unprecedented case of national interest about the legal rights of childbearing people, and that the women in the courtroom represented a cross section of Kimberly's supporters. How cool is that? Asked how she feels, Kimberly said, "I feel like crying. That the judge agreed it was a battery makes me feel validated."

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Dear Women of Childbearing Age, We regret to inform you that we have decided that you are no longer competent beings with a brain capable of making decisions

Such simple things could make a HUGE difference in cesarean rates!

Dr. Neel Shah will study how the design of a maternity ward affects C-section rates at 12 hospitals around the country.

"You can be grateful and appreciative of having a healthy baby and still be completely traumatized by your birth experience. Being traumatized doesn't equal being ungrateful - they are two entirely different things.”

Women Share Their Traumatic Birth Experiences In Powerful Photo Series

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What many Americans are not aware of, however, is the fact that the United States is not just unusual, but actually unique among developed nations in finding such widespread medical support for infant male circumcision.

I can't imagine having a baby and then withing a few days or weeks, having to return to work. Mother's need to recover physically, emotionally, hormonal and babies need their mothers. Some companies are awesome enough to offer paid maternity leave, but in most cases that ends right about the time baby is learning to smile! All that hard work and sleepless nights and the first person who gets a smile is the day care provider or lucky family member.

More than half of new mothers in the U.S. lack any paid leave to care for their new babies. This is a huge problem considering how critical — and beneficial — leave is for both moms and babies in those first few months: new mamas need time to physically recover from giving birth, babies need to bond…

Moms, please complete this survey.

Mothers, Did you give birth in home or birth center? If so, please volunteer for our international study. This link is Smartphone friendly. Births in USA, Canada, & Mexico Susan, Colleen, Celestina, Eka, Caroline & Colin

Always a great reminder!

Rebecca Belstad

Attention lady friends, it's that time of month again, no not's time to get close and personal with yourself, and give your boobs a good pat down. An...d if you have not had your annual mammogram and it is due, please take the time to schedule it. Its been 1 month since my right breast was cut off, and I am thankful that I was familiar with my breasts enough to notice the lump, because if I had not, my prognosis for a full recovery might not be 100%. So ladies touch your boobs often so you are familiar with them, and get your annual mamograms.

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With nationwide caesarean rates higher than ever and well above the World Health Organisation’s recommendation, it’s safe to say nearly every trust in England has developed a section problem, reports NHE’s Luana Salles.
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Tessa Dorschied to Birth Without Fear

The short version of my birth story:
"Coffee Saved My VBAC"
One month ago today, I was in the hospital being prepped for a cesarean section. That was not my plan. I planned to have a VBAC. I was lucky enough to find a supportive OB and drove an hour and a half each way to all my prenatal appointments in hopes of achieving my goal. On the morning of May 17th, I arrived at the hospital with textbook contractions, five minutes apart. I informed the nurse that I thought my membranes may have ruptured 48 hours prior, but I was unsure because it was only a very small trickle and I had no other labor symptoms. I was checked for the first time: 2cm. Just two. And it was confirmed that my water was broken. Since I had not dilated more in over three weeks, and due to the risk of low fluid and infection, I was scheduled for a c-section. There were tears, lots of them, but all the birth stories I had read on @birthwithoutfear including @january_harshe gave me strength. A healthy baby girl earth side was my new ultimate goal. On the way to the hospital, I made my husband stop so I could get iced coffee for the long ride. I got a big one, with lots of cream. Therefore, the surgery had to be scheduled for 6 hours later. I was transported to pre-op early to get an epidural, as the pain and pressure had become more than I could bare. After I was able to relax, I begged the Dr. to check me again. 5cm! Progress!! The best words I had heard all day came out of the Dr's mouth: 'You have two options.' I HAD OPTIONS! I looked at him before he could say another word and said, 'Option #2!' Off to L&D we went! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in just 6 pushes only 3 hours later. My body let me. I did it. I believed I could, so I did. I can't express the joy I felt holding my crying, vernix covered, new baby girl on my belly that I pushed out! I thank you all for sharing your birth stories of inspiration. And, well, coffee. #birthwithoutfear #birthstory #vbac

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Valarie Molstre

Today my son and I overcame a huge obstacle in my breast cancer journey. Today he breastfed for the first time after chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with breast c...ancer at 28 weeks pregnant. My cancer was stage 2, grade 3, and triple negative (very aggressive). So, the doctors decided to start chemotherapy while I was pregnant. After 5 cycles of chemo, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was told I couldn't breastfeed for weeks after chemo, so I was not allowed to feed him when he was born, and at first I was even told I wouldn't be able to pump. The lactation consultant at the hospital wouldn't even come in to see me. I kept asking questions and found a lactation consultant who was willing to do the research on my chemo meds, and find out how long it would take for each med to leave my milk. We later learned that I could breastfeed 10 days after a dose of chemotherapy. I also found out it was safe to pump. So, for 2 1/2 months I pumped and dumped to keep my milk supply, then when I started a chemotherapy with doses every other week instead of weekly, I got to breastfeed 4 days each cycle. Now, finally, after 4 months of pumping 6 times a day, I am able to breastfeed my son. We still face challenges. Radiation will likely dry up my milk on the effected side, but I feel victorious today. This was like taking the power over my body back. I'm the one in control of this one thing. This is something only I can do for my child, and if something happens to me, this is protection and health I can give him that will last the rest of his life.

Please share my story. I wasn't able to find any information on breastfeeding with chemotherapy on-line. While every situation is different, I hope this will find some women who have been told they can't breastfeed, and encourage them to keep looking for answers. Find an expert, and if you have the will, you will find a way.

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Women who have to have a cesarean delivery at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center can now be more involved in the birth of their child, thanks to something called a “family viewing drape.”
eXXpectations added 8 new photos to the album: Maternal Assisted Caesarean Sections.

Dr Pauline Joubert has recently performed two Maternal Assisted Caesarean Sections.

While not necessarily suitable for everyone or in an emergency situation, does provide mothers with another option for the birth of their baby.

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Troops and military family members are newly able to receive any manual, electric or hospital grade breast pump for free.
C-sections are a risky way to birth. This we know. There are facts. It is major surgery. But there are still many women who end up with a cesarean. To...
Your Loving Birth Services

Some women say they have no interest in planning for their birth, that whatever happens happens.

To that, I ask, would you say the same for going out on a date...? "Hey Johnny, I'm really looking forward to our date Friday night. But you do all the planning. I don't know you (or your friends) all that well but whatever you want to do with me is fine."

And Johnny has scalpels, drugs, and will be in the vicinity of your vagina.

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