We're so excited to be celebrating 11 great years of hopping with you all! We've sure come a long way, and are ready for many more years of providing the best place to videochat with friends old and new! Celebrate Camfrog's 11th birthday with some fun x3 Birthday Virtual Gifts! For 1 day only, we've picked a cool selection of gifts, and made them all at least… [ 24 more words. ]
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Camfrog Video Chat is with Abby Hernandez and Anna Marie Hernandez.

Share this photo with your Camfrog username for a chance to win 1 month of Camfrog EXTREME! Winners will be chosen tomorrow. Hop to it!

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Camfrog Video Chat is with Ibrahim Filali and Anna Marie Hernandez.

Sept. 8th is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! We're ready to go with a TRIPLE point Mooncake! Yum!

Attention Server Owners, this one’s important! We have just released updated versions of all Camfrog Server software. Please upgrade your servers to version 6.3 immediately. All server versions older than 6.3 will be blocked in 1 week. To ensure…
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Camfrog Video Chat is with Marchon Love and Anna Marie Hernandez.

August 2nd is Qixi Festival, or "Chinese Valentine's Day"
We're celebrating Love with x3 point Love gifts!

Send your special someone on Camfrog a gift from now until August 2nd, and it will be worth TRIPLE Points!

The Medal just for the winners. Send to a friend, or treat yourself in honor of your team's win!
It’s time everybody! Who will win the World Cup? Germany, or Argentina Pick your team, and wear your pride on your sleeve when you choose your team. Starting at kickoff, both country’s flag gifts will both be worth TRIPLE POINTS [ 13 more words. ]
Tomorrow Brazil and the Netherlands face off to find out who will take 3rd place in the World Cup. Join us in celebrating, with Double Point [x2] Flags of Brazil and Netherlands during the match! Show your country pride! vs [ 21 more words. ]
Get ready for this exciting match, as Germany faces off against Brazil in Arena Corinthians, São Paulo. During the match, the Flag of Brazil and the Flag of Germany will both be made DOUBLE POINTS [x2] Show your country pride, with a Spirit Gift which… [ 87 more words. ]
We’re super excited about the World Cup, and have come out with some pretty sweet gifts just for the occasion! Get ready to support your favorite team, by sending that country’s flag as a virtual gift! If your team wins, we’ll randomly… [ 116 more words. ]
For a limited time, register for 6 Months of Camfrog Pro, and you’ll get 2 months free! That’s 8 months for the price of 6! Hurry though, this sweet deal won’t last for long! 2 bonus months of Camfrog Pro are only available on 6 Months… [ 33 more words. ]
For a limited time, if a user in your room sends a virtual gift to another user in your room, your room?s account will get 5% of the coins value free!
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Camfrog Video Chat " DEAF Culture Community"

Whoosh! For a limited time only, upgrade to Camfrog Pro, and you'll get FREE bonus Camfrog Coins!

You can use Camfrog Coins to send cool virtual gifts to your f...riends, introduce yourself to new friends, or show that special someone just how much you care!

Upgrade to Camfrog PRO today, and not only will you unlock multiple videos, you'll also get free Camfrog Coins!

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Camfrog Video Chat " DEAF Culture Community"

We've got a new version of Camfrog coming up VERY soon! This new version has an all new chatroom browser, which will make it even easier to find new rooms!

If y...ou own a room, you can login to with your room name and password, click "Settings" and start updating your room's profile now, so when we launch, you will be ready, and your room will be found!

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