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I am honored to have been named to the list of Most Highly regarded Individuals in Corporate Immigration in Canada by "Who's Who Legal" 2015 edition:

"Who's Who Legal" : Corporate Immigration 2015

Canada: Corporate Immigration Analysis 2015...

Most Highly Regarded Individuals

Sergio R Karas
Karas Immigration Law Professional Corporation, Toronto

Sergio Karas, from Karas Immigration Law in Toronto, “successfully” assists both individuals and multinational corporations to implement their relocation strategies. He is known for his “wealth of experience” in dealing with complex cases, and regularly contributes to the press by informing them of current and changing immigration policies.

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Jobs are the key to integration. Human capital is too fuzzy as concept. System needs some teaks to reward highest score job holders in Canada. Top talent needs to be rewarded too, more points for PhDs and negative list for low skill occupations.

Only 10 per cent of invitations to immigrate to Canada now go to those with a job offer, down from 40 per cent before changes were made in November 2016.

Scammers exist partly because people seek an advantage. Next time use a licensed, specialist immigration lawyer. Do not fall for wild promises of quick , positive results. Immigration is a legal process, takes time and effort to do it right.

Peel police say people wishing to sponsor family members trying to immigrate to Canada were defrauded of nearly $800,000.

Someone explain to the public why this is not an incentive to avoid regular immigration process. If 70% chance of acceptance, can get welfare, legal aid, free healthcare while waiting, why would anyone bother with trying to qualify under their skills?

Canada is accepting a higher proportion of asylum seekers than it has at any time in almost three decades, a CBC News investigation has found.

Goodale either incredibly naive or deceptive. Spring will bring new wave of illegal entries to a refugee system that has already collapsed. Coping is not long term solution. Resources exhausted, legislation required to close loophole in treaty.

A senior Canadian official held talks in Washington on Monday about immigrants illegally entering from the United States and indicated Ottawa was not sure it would see a surge in border crossings this year.

Caregiver program under review no surprise. Program should target caregivers with better skills, experience and language. Difficult to find quality applicants, pay in other countries is better, even if no residency. Canada appealing becasue of residency.

Immigration Canada says caregivers who have not accrued the required two years of employment by Nov. 29, 2019 need not apply.

PM irresponsible, endangers NAFTA talks by introducing social progressive issues into trade. He is derelict in his duty to put Canada first, more interested in scoring points with social justice warriors than growing our economy and protecting jobs.

‘Canada is willing to walk away from NAFTA if the United States proposes a bad deal. We won’t be pushed around’

This has been going on for years. There is an incentive to cheat because the cost of being caught is extremely low. Additionally, there are people using sophisticated schemes to hide their travel abroad with teh help of unscrupulous individuals.

Some foreign investors, particularly those from China, are taking advantage of Canadian loopholes to become ghost immigrants, according to a tax and immigration consultant.

Article incomplete. Notwithstanding anything the Minster may say for political cover, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the government can do to prevent illegal crossers from claiming refuge unless the legislation is changed to close the loophole.

As the Trump administration clamps down on immigration, asylum-seekers are discovering that Canada is not quite the “Promised Land” some had hoped for.

Very simple explanation: NS is a very high tax province, with few job opportunities. Why bother going when there are better jobs and lower taxes elsewhere? Solution: lower taxes to attract investment, deregulate, then jobs will follow.

The joint federal-provincial Atlantic Immigration Pilot program gave Nova Scotia a quota of 792 spaces for skilled workers in 2017. The province was only able to fill 201 of those spots.

THis article is poorly researched. Even though Canada can send "messages" to potential asylum claimants, the Refugee COnvention and the flawed Safe Third Country Agreement allow irregular crossers to claim asylum and remin in Canada until case adjudicated.

Canada is taking steps to avoid a wave of Salvadorans fleeing the United States after losing their protected status.

If the government does not address this problem, Canada's immigration system will be overwhelmed and collapse, it has no capacity to deal with a rush of asylum claims. Social services, housing , healthcare in peril if orderly system breaks down.

The Trump administration's announcement that it will lift temporary protection status for 200,000 citizens of El Salvador could nevertheless have profound consequences for Canada.

System has no capacity to handle potential large influx of border jumpers. Unless new policies are in place, this could be a disaster. Social services, housing, healthcare, will be strained even more. Government slow to act, unprepared for deluge.

The federal government's contingency plans for a new surge of asylum seekers at the border this winter could be put to the test with the pending U.S. decision on the fate of as many as 200,000 Salvadorans.

Vancouver one of the least affordable cities in teh world. Not surprising. Cash for houses probably money laundering. #Canada #immigration

There is no doubt Canada’s high immigration rates have a major impact on housing affordability in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, according to a new study.“First and foremost, imm…

Tax avoidance a factor in failing to reside. Father not in Canada but spouse and children use medical and social services, buy real estate. #Canada #immigration

More than 40 per cent of the breadwinners for recent investor immigrant households no longer live in Canada, a phenomenon common among rich Hong Kong and mainland Chinese emigrants

Govt. had said cold weather would slow arrivals. It has not. No incentive to abide by the law when system has collapsed. #Canada #immigration

Over 1,600 asylum seekers were intercepted by the RCMP as they crossed the Canada-U.S. border between legal checkpoints in November.

Another Immigrant Investor fraudulent scheme. Beware. Hire lawyers only. #Canada #immigration

A prominent B.C. Liberal donor and fundraiser, Paul Oei, defrauded investors of about $5 million in an immigration scheme, a B.C. Securities Commis...