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As it was finished, and it is still. No tumor. Going to set up CT and Colonoscopy in the next few month as the Drs want to stay on top and make sure all is good throughout with the sneakiness of this disease. No fears. God is good, God is real, God still heals as the word say BE STILL and Know I AM God. (Psalms : 46-10)

Grayson had his follow-up MRI yesterday. The tumor is still gone!!! The scar tissue is still growing but there is no evidence if a tumor. His abdominal ultrasound is clear and we are just waiting on the blood work to come back, although we are expecting that to be good as well. He will have his first colonoscopy in a couple of months and then a repeat of the MRI, ultrasound and blood work in 6 months. Thank you all for your continued love, support and prayers!! (Pictures are of him eating a snack at St. Judes waiting to hear the results)

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After an early morning full of tests for Grayson here are the results. If you didn't believe in God's miracles before now, you will!! The MRI shows no signs of the tumor in his neck. Per the radiologist and Drs at St. Judes, all they can see is what appears to be scar tissue. THE TUMOR IS GONE!!!! The only explanation is God heard all of the prayers asking for healing for Grayson and He answered them. His blood work came back perfect and his ultrasound is clear as well. We ...will rescan with an MRI in 6 months and then only once a year. We will continue to check for liver cancer until he's 7 and yearly colonoscopies start at 5 years old. If you ever doubted in the power of God and miracles, here's your proof!! The most beautiful thing I've ever heard is Grayson telling others that "God took away my tumor"! Thank you all for your continued love, support and prayers. God heard them and He answered them.

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Today is Grayson's 4th birthday. We celebrated in true superhero form with Batburgers and Super Dogs and a Justice League of America bounce house. He had a great day. Pictures to come soon.

I can't believe that in just 3 days Grayson will be 4.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms, aunts, grandmothers, step-moms, like-a-mom and anyone else who loves whole-heartedly without question that's in the role of a motherly figure. May your day be blessed.

Grayson helping shave my head

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This Saturday, I (Mommy) had a head shaving party because my hair is falling out from the chemo treatments. Grayson and I have the same disease as most of you know and I'm battling a desmoid tumor. I'm hoping this picture shows up, if not I'll figure out another way to get it on here. In case it doesn't, it's a picture of Jason (Grayson's dad/my husband) holding Grayson while he helps shave my head. He was such a trooper and I think had fun both helping cut and shave my head. I'm so proud of him for being my number one fan and loving me with or without hair.…/10306078_102038206262…

I believe God is starting to work in Grayson's life. Tonight he asked us if we could get him a guitar so he could learn to play so one day he could play at church during worship. I have prayed since the day we were told he had Gardners Sydrome that God would us our family for His glory and that he would heal our son. God can provide many types of healing and I believe he is starting in Grayson's heart. I can't wait to see what God has in store for Grayson in the years to come and how He will use him. Once again, thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Today of all days we are thankful that He is risen and Lord of all!!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful day of worship with our church family and of course the Easter bunny visited Grayson. We hope you all have had a wonderful day full of God's grace and love.

March is coming to an end and with that so is Colon cancer awareness month. This doesn't mean we will stop advocating and raising awareness. So how many of you Have the GUTS to write a post such as ": raising awareness and support for : cancer and all HCC diseases". Please share and if you're able to, tag us in it. Grayson wants to see if we can get 100 people at least to change their post for at least a little bit to help raise awareness and support for all colon cancer and HCC survivors, previvors, caregivers and advocates. Thanks!

Doing our part for Colon Cancer Awareness month. We painted our toes BLUE.

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I (mommy) would like to apologize in the delivery of the remaining capes. I've tried to keep my health problems out of this but owe you an explanation as to why it has taken me so long to get the rest of these out. Please know that I have not forgotten. However, I'm battling at least 1 intra-abdominal desmoid tumor which is inoperable. I'm on a low dose of toxic meds that we are praying will stunt the growth of the tumor and ease the pain. It's been a several month battle for... me and I've finally landed in wonderful hands at Vandy. However, if this approach doesn't work, we will be looking at more toxic drugs and possibly even chemo. We have spent at least one week a month at Vandy for the past few months and it has exhausted me. Plus we still have Grayson's health to keep on track. Praise the Lord he's doing wonderful. I know some of you must be frustrated because I havent gotten your capes to you but they are coming soon. I'm building my strength back up as well as energy, but there are days the pain is so great I do good to get out of the bed. So please continue to bear with us and I promise you will have your capes.

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Today was a longer day than expected with mixed news and emotions. Good news is that Grayson's tumor is stabilized and does not appear to be growing at this time. However, it is encompassing several nerves and veins which makes surgery a very dangerous and complicated event if he ever had to go this route. There is a risk of damaging the vein that controls his tongue muscle which would render him somewhat speechless: meaning he could speak but would sound like a deaf person s...

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Playing trains waiting for his MRI.

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What a journey this road is taking us on. Grayson has his MRI Monday morning. Praying for good results. Then Wednesday mommy goes back to Vanderbilt to meet with the oncologist about her desmoid tumor in her abdominal wall. mommys tumor is inoperable so we are looking at chemo for her. Please pray his tumor is still Ok and we don't have to address further treatment for him right now.