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Well the advent of the first predominately black Hollywood film has the world in a tailspin.
Suspend your disbelief for a while.
Hollywood has r...eleased a film by a black director, starring black actors and presumably under the guidance of a black crew.
Wait a minute, who said anything about a black crew.
So the black faithful, having been snubbed at the Oscars two years ago when there was nary a category where a black person was in contention, suddenly had an entire film to cheer about.
This after Hollywood made the same play for the female audience by releasing a film, directed by a woman and starring a female protagonist. That was Wonder Woman.
However this one was different. Sure half the movie audience in the US is probably female and so it should be that a female protagonist would have made a big box office breakout, but betting on the black audience to turn up for a black film? Who would have guessed that?
Well ask the directors and producers of all the blaxploitation movies of the 60s and 70s.
Hollywood, in this case Disney, a white Jewish dominated company, decided that the black audience could be targeted and given enough hype, would come out in their numbers to see a black superhero.
Little did they know that the audience would be so massive.
It is unbelievable that in Hollywood and even outside it, so much attention would be placed on a mediocre film, starring mediocre actors, just because those actors were black.
In the US where racism raises its ugly head every other day and where men are afraid to go out at night simply because they are black, one might be able to understand why a film chock full of negroes would have such a huge effect, but down here in little old Trinidad, where every film ever made had black or ‘coloured’ actors, the huge response was somehow unnerving.
Well every single film made in Africa and of course India, have their fair complement of black actors.
The problem is that no one in Trinidad and Tobago, goes to see films from Africa, even though there are two annual film festivals dedicated to the African continent and the African diaspora right here in Trinidad.
It was unsettling to see supposedly black Trinidadians and Tobagonians, resplendent in their faux African garbs, prancing around like they were starring in Roots.
Even those who never turned up for Emancipation Day celebrations were out in full force.
What a display of hypocrisy.
The real African superhero of this decade is a man called Charles Mully, whose life story is told in the film Mully, which film was recommended to the Ministry of Education as a film which every child in the country, as well as their parents, should see, perhaps even compulsorily.
Guess what, not a child in the country has seen it, but they are being taken by the bus load by exuberant sponsors to see a film that has not one redeeming thing about it, other than it showing how easily it is to exploit and manipulate people.
With all the talk about finally seeing a film where black people are honoured and the real Africa is displayed, it is the white owners of the film that will benefit the most.
Ever wonder why the film is populated by unknown actors? Because they do not have the draw to demand the wages a white actor will command, so the producers can make even more money.
It will be instructive to see what happens to those same actors and where they will be cast next.
As soon as the black hype wears off.

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8K for 80K.
Wasn't the switch to digital supposed to bring cameras down to manageable budgets?
What happened?
The RED Weapon with the Monstro 8K chip is setting the new standard for video but the cost keeps it out of the hands of the semi-professional who can only wish.
Oh well there's always rental.

Check out this article on


Good advice to those who are into strenuous activity such as sports, or even plain hard work.
However good pacing is instrumental in producing an engaging film.
Emotions and tensions should rise and fall with the story and character activity....
Pacing is not just about the speed of walking or even talking. It's more about when and where you make your cuts and how the sequences line up with each other.
Here are some hints, good advice to help you find the right pace.

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Films are journeys and how quickly or slowly you reach your final destination matters.


Time was when color grading was the domain of professional houses as things like chemistry, stock, experience etc., had so much to do with getting good footage.
Now with the advent of digital tools, color grading is in everyone's ball park.
But does everyone have the requisite skills? Or are they just LUT pushers?

Color grading can be tricky, so try to avoid falling into these common traps.


Sony has announced that their soon to be released flagship full frame camera dubbed Venice, will have full frame capability from the date of its release in Feb 2018 and not later as first announced.
FF will be available through a licence as will be other features such as anamorphic capability.
This is so that the camera can be priced at a lower cost for those who do not need all the bells and whistles, which can be 'rented' or licenced for as short a week.
FF will be available as a free six month licence at release to allow purchasers to investigate it before deciding to purchase the licence.
At the cost of a CineAlta camera, why would anyone want to leave out some features?

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Sony has officially announced its previously rumored VENICE, a new top-of-the line CineAlta full frame digital cinema system.

Laser Holography was supposed to be the new paradigm in film making/exhibition.
The only problem was in production with lighting setups etc.
Holography enabled the film viewer to experience the screening from any angle in a complete 360 degree configuration.
Not sure what happened to the experimentation but the 3D offerings and 360 solutions today are a far cry from what laser holography promised.
Check this example....
The students are seated in a dry gymnasium from the floor of which a huge whale can be seen bursting out ans making a great wave.
Imagine an entire movie being viewed in the same manner.
Click the link below to view.

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Not sure that dedicated video shooters will gravitate to what is still essentially a still photo camera but the video enhancements almost make it a first choice for shooting video.
The new lens is also a great incentive to get this camera.

Sony unveils the 42.4 MP a7R III mirrorless 4K camera.

This week's No Film School's podcast featuring all the news in the industry as well as links to articles of interest.

This episode of Indie Film Weekly unveils bigger sensors on land and in the air, and Hollywood's worst kept secret.

Drone footage just got a jump in quality with the introduction of the Zemuse X7 camera for the DJI Inspire drone.
With four removable lenses available and 4k resolution at 60 fps (6k at 30 fps), it's going to change the landscape for inexpensive quality overhead photography and video.

The Zenmuse X7 Captures the highest image resolutions ever for an integrated drone camera.

How does improv affect structure? Os does structure influence improve?
All the participant comedians understand structure implicitly so even when they're trying to make it funnier, they will not stray far away from structure, even if it's not the intended structure.
Unstructured structure.
Maybe that's what makes it so funny.

"You are a storyteller. You were born that way." —Dan Harmon

The most realistic colour I have found is a mix of beet and carrot juices. You have to balance the two juices to get the final colour each time depending on the colour of the juices.
Add thickner or simple syrup to make it more realistic and to flow less.
It's completely edible.

Need a good recipe for fake blood? Well, here's six.

Television is leading the way in changing the industry to include persons of colour and female directors

From the ubiquitous presence of female directors to the depth of the show's characters of color, this series tells its stories on its own terms.

Reviews, footage samples, cost to production; everything is covered in this interesting blog.

We take a look at choosing between the ALEXA Mini, RED RAVEN, URSA Mini Pro, a7S II, or GH5. Here are the 5 best cameras to rent for video production.

The topic of deportees being sent 'home' is becoming an even hotter item given the new anti-immigration stance by the current American administration.
but that has only brought into focus something that has been going on on an alarming scale for over a decade and which has been deemed responsible for the immense rise in crime in the Caribbean and South America.
The film Deported gives the Haitian perspective on the problem.

Thu 6:00 PM UTC-04Caribbean Travelling Film SchoolPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
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The film Deported by Haitian directors Rachele Magloire and Chantal Regnault will be screened on Thursday 28th September at the studio of the Caribbean Travelling Film School.
The screening at 7pm will be preceded by light refreshments provided by The Cocoa Pod Chocolate shop on the premises.

Thu 6:00 PM UTC-04Caribbean Travelling Film SchoolPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
4 people went

Those who know the history of the Caribbean Travelling Film School will know that we started teaching kids to shoot movies on cel-phones years ago.
The film Tangerine, shot entirely on iPhone 6, gave credibility to that with nominations for Grammy awards just a year ago.
Snyder further confirms that the future of film-making might just be in the hands of the youth with better and more capable phones being released yearly and the acceptance of not so perfect visuals becoming greater and greater.
Let's just hope that the wanna-be film makers take the example of Snyder and others and stop using 'portrait' mode to shoot videos.

The director's new 4-minute short was released today.