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Keith Ouellette
· September 30, 2017
I may be a little biased, but over the last 21 years I've had the opportunity to clear just under 100 burglaries accounting for hundreds of thousands in recovered property. I've been credited with lives and had the opportunity to remove reckless drivers from the road due to impairment. I've dealt with domestics, countless fatal motor vehicle accidents, suicides, and everything else in between that most people don't want to even think about. Most of the officers I've worked with have the same resume. It saddens me that many of the negative reviews on this page are from people who have had criminal dealings with the department. I rest my head at night knowing that I work for the silent majority of citizens who know that what we do is for the betterment of the people of our community as a whole, and a negative review will not deter us from doing our jobs. See More
Kerry Crandall
· November 24, 2017
I observed a VERY reckless driver on South Main Street today. He was speeding and threading the needle, passing people on the right and left, only to turn into a business and park.
I wanted to pull in... behind him and confront him myself, but thought I had better call the Caribou PD.
The Officer I spoke with assured me that someone would be sent to speak with the individual.
I am proud of, and am very confident in, our local police.
I hope the chat they had with this idiot changes his behavior.
Thank you, Caribou PD!
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Tanya Nichols
· March 20, 2018
I called the PD for a pickup that was riding the rear of a tanker before crossing lanes and passing him, causing oncoming traffic to steer off of the road! Mind you, I was taking my daughter to DRIVE...RS ED!!! Thank you Caribou PD for your speedy response!! See More
Jesse Cote
· April 1, 2018
CPD went above and beyond to ensure the safety and welfare of an individual. Very thankful for their responsiveness and professionalism that I encountered...... another reason to call Aroostook Count...y Home, thanks again.... as well to the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department. See More
Cathy Bouchard-Martin
· August 6, 2017
I am very proud of our community especially the efforts of our fire and police dept... People have no idea what it's like throughout the state... We are so very blessed to have a team working for us t...hat actually puts their hearts into it... I know they give it everything the got.. Not everyone is perfect but who is... I really want to wish the team itself a giant thank you for all your efforts!!! I am proud of this community!!! See More
Jess Zernicke Holmes
· July 28, 2017
Honestly one of the worst police departments I've ever had the pleasure of working with. For being police, and supposed to be helping serve the community, your team is doing a poor job. I've had break... ins in property that I own in caribou. Nothing has come of it, even when the very first break happened over a year ago. I never once saw the return of stolen property that I was told was handed over to the police. Even when they were supposed to be helping with a homicide case (as far as belongings) they were ruthless. Careless. All together rude. They made me feel like I was taking up their time as when they were supposed to be helping. Not only did they say they would watch the property, I was there for 3 days and not once did I see an officer pass by. From that to telling my grandparents you wouldn't take evidence from a seperate break in, that could help lead to other break ins AND there was a beer bottle was left in that house. I am completely disgusted by the way this team handles crimes. See More
Lela L Lyons
· October 1, 2017
I can truly appreciate how well these men perform their duty...when you have a break in and the only clue you are able to give them is missing stamps and the officer turns around in his tracks and say......" I know who did it " returns 15 minutes later with other missing property, that's good Police work! Good work CPD! See More
Ron Stewart
· October 5, 2016
Chief Michael Gahagan, you are a disgrace to Maine and the uniform that you wear. The commercial.that you did was full of scare tactics and very misleading. First to show someone buying a gun online a...nd making it seem you can do that without a background check is misleading and untrue. It has to be shipped to a FFL and you have to get a background check. How many police officers have been shot in this State much less Caribou. How many total times have police even had to shoot someone here. This is a ridiculous law for places far from here where I lend my daughter a rifle for hunting and you scumbags can't wait to charge me for a felony for that. I have heard many bad things about the Caribou PD harassment and such because your so bored up there. I now beleive alot of it may be true... See More
Jonathan Rogers
· September 29, 2016
I'd like to know why this police department is trying to persuade the uneducated public on false facts. How is it your leader of your police force is trying to take away out ad on amendment rights. ...Against most other police officers in the state your department has made a point to stand out and you sure have. Again I strongly believe in blue lives matter but I will not support law enforcement that wants to take our constitutional rights away. Please advise your leader in that department that he has embarrassed your whole team. See More
Dylan Antone
· October 14, 2016
It is pathetic that the chief lies through his teeth in the yes on 3 add. All of the people trying to take guns from law abiding citizens should just admit to it! Why all of the misleading? If you wan...t a law changed, what's wrong with truthfully stating what you would like passed? The entire yes on 3 campaign is dishonest and misleading. There is not a loophole for gun shows. An FFL is always required to do a background check. Under the proposed law, transfer is redefined to borrowing or being in possession of a firearm. There is no hunting exemption, the law states that the person is only exempt in legal places to hunt, while hunting. Paved roads and vehicles are not legal places to hunt, so unless you are virtually side by side, there is no real exception. If your friend wanted to borrow a shotgun from you for a weekend, you would have to go to a gun shop and pay $25-60 to have the ownership of the firearm transferred to your friend. When your friend is done borrowing the firearm, you would have to pay $25-60 again to have the ownership of the firearm transferred back to you. The yes on 3 campaign needs to stop being misleading and say what they really want! No on 3! See More
Ron Tracy
· November 1, 2016
This may not be the best arena for this sort of thing however, maybe it is. As a relatively new resident to the area from southern Maine. I have found that most public police interactions have gone ...well. I have also noted that there seems to be some level of responsible presence and community participation in regards to the Caribou PD. This being said I cannot understand why any intelligent, educated, person of authority would support legislation like question 3. Question 3 is poorly written and a disgusting affront on our rights and way of life in the state of Maine. It is poor policy and it is an attack on our very freedoms. Many people have proudly and bravely given their lives to uphold the freedom of our country and state and giving that freedom away to a law that wasn't even conceived by Mainers is well inconceivable. Don't sell out and give in to tyrannical rules. Uphold our laws and the laws of our people and support our freedoms. Don't allow those who have fought and died for us to have done so in vein. NO ON 3. Maine police chiefs association have obviously been bought. See More
Malori LaBarre
· January 2, 2017
Thanks for getting my car back to be in a matter of 10 minutes! Lock your vehicles people and make sure your spare keys are in a safe place there are some people out there that will do what ever it ta...kes to have money or maybe they just like being in jail. See More
Kayla Bosse
· April 15, 2017
Over the years, between personal and business, the Caribou PD has given me the best services in Aroostook county. Between professionalism to care of their community, Caribou PD is on top of the list. A+
Kyle Morrill
· November 17, 2016
I would like to know if caribou police department or presque isle will be starting operation hope? Being a person who has chosen to turn my life around from drug addiction and almost a year clean from... any mood or mind altering drugs, no Suboxone no alcohol no marijuana. I see all these towns in the Bangor are and in southern Maine doing this to help out people who are struggling with addiction and it makes me wonder about all the people still in the county that think they don't have away out and desperately could use some help. Especially the people that dont have health insurance and can't afford to get treatment. From a person who definitely was part if the problem for many years and has now chosen to be part if the solution I for one know the struggle it is to get help when we want it the most. Jail is not the answer I can testify to that. I will continue to pray for all my old friends up north that services open and people start to look at addiction in a different perspective. I hope that chief Michael gagnon will think about this and get the ball rolling and be a inspiration to the other towns . See More
Michael R Edgecomb Jr.
· September 27, 2016
Enforce laws already on the books and please stop pandering to the liberal idiots who "feel" safer when they are in reality not any safer with a yes on 3 vote. Uphold the Constitution of the state of ...Maine. There are no gun show loopholes. And you should know better. See More
Cameron Pierce
· January 10, 2016
I honestly with I could give a zero some of those officers have zero respect for anything besides themselves chief gahagan is the poorest excuse for a chief I've ever seen in my life you can't even go... to his office and have a normal conversation with him but yet he says he door is always open yea what a joke that is having officers Ricky Pelletier and Chad cockran tell me I'm going to become a felon for driving my farm tractor down the road lmao that's funny guys you should learn some of the laws instead of acting like you know everything See More
Everett Kennedy
· October 22, 2016
Caribou Maine. Rural and secluded like all Aroostook and Washington County (outside small in town limits) Where you are 10,000% more likely to finish cooking a turkey before a police officer can respo...nd. Which is understandable in large rural zones. What isn't understandable is why the tool of a chief choose to support 3. You and Susan Collins drink the same kool-aid up there? Enjoy your job for now. It's Caribou not Falmouth. You won't last now and shouldnt See More
Corey Belanger
· June 18, 2014
I wish I could give half a star, officer Craig Peterson is very very heartless, has no feelings whatsoever. there is bullying going on whether it's indirect or direct, ITS ALL A FORM OF BULLYING. bull...ying shouldn't be taken so lightly around here considering there has been deaths resulted from bullying. it shouldn't matter if it is indirect bullying. bullying is bullying. all we wanted was to put a stop to all of it.. all we asked was for officer Peterson to go talk to who was bullying us, and he just said there's nothing I can do. seriously? PIPD would of atleast cared enough to go speak with the people who were bullying. it's ridiculous. See More
Travis Drake
· June 13, 2015
They know of two people that has committed a burglary and has footage available to them but are just gonna them run free to commit more crimes which they will do seeing how it's Jeffery thibodeau and ...Amy buchard formally smidgen so do your jobs and arrest these criminals See More
Jim Simpson
· September 28, 2016
Chief Michael Gahagan is a lying douchebag. How much did Bloomberg pay you?
Hope it was worth it, you douche. So much for your oath to uphold the constitution.
This is a video from the Mike's Quick Stop burglary which occurred on 06/06/15 shortly after 10:30 PM. A couple of tips have come in which indicate the suspect may be from the southern Aroostook area. If you recognize the suspect or have any information on this crime, please contact us at 493-3301 or contact the Aroostook County Crime Stoppers tip line.

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We are now (hopefully) approaching spring weather! With the warmer temperatures people are going to start working on home improvement projects.

One simple, but very important improvement that you can do in seconds is adding reflective house numbers to your residence.


By putting reflective house numbers on your residence, in the event of an emergency it would greatly improve response time of first responders. It would prevent us from driving around looking for the correct house, especially at night! We do love searching games, but this is a game we don’t like. We want to be able to respond as quick as possible no matter the circumstances. We recommend that you use 5-6” reflective numbering and make sure it is a high visible location and not obstructed. Believe it or not there is actually a city ordinances for this! See below.

According to the Caribou Municipal Code Chapter 11 Article 6 Section 11-603 states the all residence will be numbered properly. Specifically the number must be at least 6’ off the ground, the number shall not be less than 4”, numbers should contrast the building color (again we highly recommend reflective numbers), numbers should be affixed on or near the front entrance, numbers be unobstructed, numbers should also be displayed at the end of each driveway at least 60” off the ground and no smaller than 4”. You can be assessed penalties for not meeting the requirements for this ordinance.

For more details please visit the City of Caribou website - government- city charters/ ordinances- section number above.

Other notes:
Please make sure that you have inspected your vehicle as we are still seeing blue inspection stickers! It is your choice of $148.00 versus $15.00!

Announcements: Caribou Police Department website coming soon, so stay tuned!

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On April 11, 2018 Officer Ricky Pelletier of the Caribou Police Department along with Troopers of the Maine State Police and the Aroostook County Sheriffs Office spoke with the parents of students who attend the Woodland School to speak with them about the ALICE Training Program. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. ALICE is a proactive and progressive response to all Organizations in the event of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. The... ALICE Training Program in schools consists of first teaching the school staff about the history of active shooter events and how the ALICE Training Program gives the staff and students more options in the event of an active shooter. Afterward staff are put through different hands on drills to practice the different ALICE responses for an active shooter situation. Secondly there is a community night where local citizens can come and learn about the ALICE Training Program and finally the students of the Schools are instructed about the ALICE Training Program and put through some scenarios on how to react to a potentially dangerous situation.

This ALICE Training Program will be coming to the Caribou School District later this month. If you have any questions regarding ALICE, you can contact Officer Ricky Pelletier

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