" Here is the proof of how efficient the GB system is in GB Gloucester, UK . Are you ready to follow your dreams "
" while in between training sessions ..... "
" What an amazing seminar Prof. Salvo and GB Bath putted all together for me, the house is totally packed! man these guys are really awesome! It's a pleasure to be teaching on these mats. Thanks you for the appreciation guys "
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Carlos Lemos Jr. added 2 new photos — with Arman Fathi in Forest Park, Illinois.

" I would like to invite everyone to listen to the grappler union podcast I participated! Here is the link : please comment and share ! "

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Gracie Barra Downers Grove

" Prof @carloslemosjrgb grapplerunion podcast is now available on the YouTube and Facebook Chanel Check grapplerunion podacast number 064 #Repost @grapplerunion... Guest Technique - Carlos Lemos Jr. ... be sure to check out our Facebook page for step by step instruction of this technique. #grapplerunion #podcasts #guesttechnique #unitedweroll #jiujitsuforeveryone

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" I'm flattered and honored to be invited to participate on this epic event ! Check the line up of GB Aces this is going to be awesome ! "

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" All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. A man is what is he believes. I can't describe the impact of this event on all of us from getting together with my brothers and sisters from GB to leading a group of 14 students from Downers whom which they won gold medals, they grew as GB leaders on the business courses to finally have the privilege to be there to see my brothers Rafa Ramos, Filipe Jerry and Lucio Lagarto receiving their 4th Degree on their Black Belts by Master Carlos who also graded our newest Black Belt Prof Jamil. Thank you Gracie Barra for this great opportunity! I can't wait to push our growth in projects to come in the Midwest and Mexico. 24 Years of GB and I'm looking forward for the years ahead. "

" First Brazilian to teach Martial Arts in South Korea. "

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Carlos Lemos Jr. is at Allen Chiropractic.

" #TBT of my first visit to #southkorea as an emissary of Gracie Barra, I was sent by master #carlosgraciejr to introduce Jiu Jitsu in that Country. Later on I ...found out that I was the Brazilian to teach marital arts in Korean 🇰🇷soil. The story goes with
The story goes with me spending several months over there when the trip supposed to last only a couple of weeks and making a tone of friends setting the ground of what was to come. My brother prof @marcaogb, took over what We started and over the years he has been doing an amazing job with the S. Korean folks of GB. Great memories. " #graciebarra #jiujitsuforeveryone #bjjskorea #jiujitsukorea #legacy #ambassador #gb #hardtobeatimpossibletobreak

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" I still remember some trips with the GB crew I couldn't go a certain Pan American championships in Hawaii that I lost my sponsor who supposed to help me with the trip a month before the tournament or the first trip of the GB team road trip to compete in Brasilia the capital of Brazil 🇧🇷. My brothers would comeback from these adventures with so many stories and so much knowledge, in every trip there was a lesson. I never regretted a single one of these trips to work for t...he cause of the graciebarra Family! There is always something new to learn and a hidden treasure behind each and everyone of these trips. Those trips gave me the inspiration and the experience to grow and to sharp myself. In life everything is a reflection of your commitment and dedication! That is a Japanese proverb that says (" Train while they sleep, study while they have fun, persist while they rest and then, then live what they dream.") It's unthinkable to miss The 🌎 Summit. Sign up now or regret forever. " #gbworldsummit #graciebarra #legacy #carlosgraciejr #gbworldsummitiwillbethere #brotherhood #knowledge #themostpreciouscommodityintheworld #hardtobeatimpossibreak

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Carlos Lemos Jr.

" I can see lots of these ideas ingrained on us "

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Marcio Feitosa is with Carlos Gracie Jr.

#Repost "Discipline and consistency. I owe these two factors all I have attained in my life. Things have never happened overnight. Results have appeared as a consequence of decades long toil. It is necessary to persist." - Carlos Gracie Jr. @goldbjj 📷 @gallerrapp

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Posted by Mateusz M
Mateusz M

"I don't understand the word lose, I only understand the word learn"

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Carlos Lemos Jr. is at Gracie Barra Downers Grove.

" This is in my opinion one of the greatest JJ technicians of all times and I'm so proud to call him who's one of my idols my brother @marcojocagb
This picture... is a true testament of an inseparable brotherhood forged on the mats of Gracie Barra! Sharped by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. What a honor is to know that we are together after almost 25 years Serving the same cause and the same master! This picture was taken with the GB Black Belt team of 2003. I was then a black Belt for 2 years .Thank you prof Tussa for the visit and Prof Marco Joca for the hard work to bring us the best fighting gear to date! Thank you both for the visit and inspiration! #graciebarra #jiujitsuforeveryone #100%gb #sanguegb #brotherhood #weargb #brothers #carlosgraciejr #legacy #hardtobeatimpossibletobreak

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Carlos Lemos Jr. posted 10 photos — with Robert Gross and 19 others.

" As Julius Caesar once quoted - Fortune favors the Bold.
Fear is a natural force that inhabit our souls yet what you do with your fears will define you as a or as a coward! The coward will let his fears consume him from achieving his best and perusing his dreams while the hero, the hero will faces his fears and will eventually overcome them. I fear like everyone else however I fight for a bigger cause one that is bigger than my fears the cause of defending Master Carlos Legacy and behind me I have an army of strong warriors on the battle field fighting side by side! And What inspiration this team is ! Today Coach Chris, @mike11966 , @newlander85 , @samanthaeryn , @gibranrdz and of course @iyunghou gave a incredible display of courage and determination! Thank you for inspiring me to get another gold today Gracie Barra Downers Grove team (family).
This event brought all our team together even more! Guys you listened to me telling you that You could ! You saw me doing myself and you went over there and conquered your fears ! GB Midwest you have some of the best professors all around and this tournament proved that if we unite our strengths and prepare the team as one ! We can do it and we will do it together ! Thank you students, friends and coaches for all your support ! Chicago Summer watch out because the Scarlet invasion is coming ! " @ Ibjjf at Chicago State University

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Carlos Lemos Jr. posted 4 photos — with Russ Farris and 20 others.

" They say a man can only try his best until he finds his destiny- I found mine in the arms of the Gracie Barra Family. After 24 years training and dedicating m...y life to Jiu Jitsu I decided to compete at the Chicago Open and to once again have the privilege and the honor to represent Master Carlos Gracie Jr and his legacy ! None of this would be possible without the push of my students who are competing side by side with me @mike11966 , Ivan, @newlander85 , @samanthaeryn , @iyunghou and Chris Hanson. They are the living testimonies of lives transformed by Jiu Jitsu Wining or loosing their heart, passion and determination are the reasons why I fought today ! I'm nothing but proud of these guys and this gold medal I dedicate to all of you and to the the @graciebarradownersgrove Team! I couldn't done that by myself! Without the support of all my team and friends! All of you who pushed me hard on the mats, who helped and believe in what we do @graciebarradownersgrove and who were and who are there for for our team. A special thanks for Professors @giosercosta, @marcaogb and @donfoxbjj for coaching me to this victory. " #graciebarra #jiujitsuforeveryone #gbfamily #champion #thankstoyou #legacy @ Ibjjf at Chicago State University

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" My brothers right there ! All the way from Bath, UK I'm so glad to see that they are enjoying good moments together. Different addresses same spirit. "

" Carlos Escorrega "

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Carlos Lemos Jr. is at Life Time Athletic - Burr Ridge.

" The legacy and the motive of the Samurai is to serve the clan and to follow 1 Master for life! The JIU JITSU fighter is the reincarnation of the ancient warrior, and the traditional JIUJITSU schools are the last bastion of this mindset and culture! Why is it so hard for some people who just jumped on the boat to get that idea! We are the last carriers of the Samurai Spirit in the 21st century. To serve and to follow one Master to the end is the essence of the samurai way of life! " #graciebarra #100%gb #whoareyou #foracrente #sanguegb #samuraispirit #kenzosamejima

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" Smoking is 36 times worse than working for a power plant. Please spread the word! : "

CDC estimates that cigarettes kill more Americans each year than alcohol, aids, suicide, illegal drugs car accidents and homicide combined. Most people know ...