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To my baby sister, I miss you everyday. From where you are up there, always look down upon me till we meet again.
I love you

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Casey Jo Pipestem Memorial Fund

March 8, 1984-January 31, 2004.
Forever Loved

As everyone might be aware of, tomorrow will be 11 years since Casey has been gone. The 10th was the toughest, due to the fact that it was the year we had to dig our heels in the dirt and not budge. Not only was I unaware of the support that I would have, but I as also unaware of the depth I was willing to go. With tremendous support from family and friends, when I got weary, and yes, I did, your generosity and prayers are what strengthened me and renewed my soul, leaving the... refreshing of my spirit to the Creator. Many tears were shed, not only tears of missing a loved one, there were tears of relief and joy, leaving me rejoicing of a burden lifted. There were many people this took a toll on, as well as many strangers lives being affected, and in a tragedy, those strangers turned into friends, confidants, and strangers were no more. I'd like to thank my God first of all, because without a God of Justice, this would not have been possible. Next, I'd like to thank my pastors, Alvin Deer and Rick Deer who without you helping me keep my faith and hope at the top of the list, I may have lost it. Then there is Lt. Larry Don Hallmark of the Grapevine Crime Division, who without his hard work and dedication to our family, I wouldn't be smiling like you see here. Larry, you have no idea what you mean to me and my family. You are continuously in my prayers, my thoughts and most of all, you will remain "My Cowboy Boot wear'N Angel." I love you, and you mean the world to my family. God blessed us when I seen you walking up. Without you, closure wouldn't be as it is today, because of a promise made 11 years ago, & I will be forever indebted to you for this. To you it was your job, yet to me, you went far and beyond the boundaries of your employment, and may God continue to bless you. Family, I love all of you. Without your support and opinions and help, I would have crumbled to the ground. To my friends, you are GOLD. There are some things family cant do that friends, well, they know just how to do it. Mvto for pushing me when I wanted to quit, for making me laugh when I got frustrated and cussed anyone. I apologize. For not letting me hit the ground when I started to fall, you became my darlings. For crying with me, for getting mad when I got upset, for helping me carry my load and most of all, for helping carry gave me the strength not only to carry on, but the might to help carry others through.
This year is an exciting year........we shall keep you in suspense. Stay with us please, because more great things are in motion. God bless all of us.

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Casey Jo Pipestem Memorial Fund

This picture was taken during the interview with Discovery Channel at our Family Cemetary in Little, Oklahoma. Behind me, are the spirit houses where my late family dwells. The pink one is the spirit house of Casey Jo Pipestem