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Castle Rock Star Lighting is next Saturday at dusk.....

This photo is not of our area by the way. I have been all over the 'Terrain.' This website is supposed to be your portal into the development and status of our new 'Terrain' community.

If you’re familiar with the rolling land northeast of downtown Castle Rock, you know how special it is. Ruggedly beautiful. Conveniently located. Filled with promise, both for those who already live here and for those who will come later.

Please see my note on Fence Staining.....on this website for Castle Oaks/Terrain

Fence stain....DR Horton Homes....HOA says it's supposed to be Behr 500....that number corresponds to a transparent sealer....not a stain. In the letter it specifically states Behr 500 cedar color, but it's not available at Home Depot (They sell Behr). The guys at HD aren't aware of a 500 cedar color stain....only a 501. Checked with the HOA (not t...hat that was enlightening)...explained to them my confusion and the response I received was..."it's Behr 500, that's all I know" huh? Has anyone else checked into this? Am I missing somethin

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Curious to know what our neighborhood USED to look like? Google Map your address. I would like our neighborhood to get back to this shape this spring and summer. Talk to your neighbor or the HOA.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Reseigh! Mrs. Reseigh, second grade teacher, has been chosen as the Apple Award Finalist for Sage Canyon Elementary. Mrs. Reseigh will be honored at the Douglas County School District Apple Award Celebration in March and will represent Sage Canyon. Way to go Mrs. Res

Council also voted unanimously to name the neighborhood park in Castle Oaks, on which construction is expected to begin in May, Wrangler Park.

The park will be adjacent to Sage Canyon Elementary School, which opened this school year and whose mascot is the Wranglers

Council voted unanimously to name the nearly 200-acre park planned near the west end of Plum Creek Parkway Philip S. Miller Park.
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Castle Rock Rec Ctr Youth Soccer is in need of volunteer coaches. U4-U6 I believe. Contact Nicole @

Founders Pkwy Expansion Project.....more info to come, however.....They haven't gone out to bid for this project so there would be no info on the CDOT Projects website. But the Project Manager's name is Josh Bredlove and he can be reached at 303-365-7250 if you want to talk to him.

loving the new ridged road that was applied unevenly and has some wonderful bootprints. Should do wonders I tell you for my home's value....or de-value, depending on how you look at it.

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