Do you know what cats and kittens are known as in different languages?
Making dinner is always fun when you have lots of pets waiting for some of it.

Does anybody here have a Munchkin cat? I am looking for some photos to add to the breed profile.


Norman looking quite regal in this photo.

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Pictures In History

One of the first photographs of a cat ever taken, 1880s

Cat-World updated their cover photo.
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Does anybody have suggestions, I have a 'foster cat', and the rescuers have vanished. She's been with me for a long time, so essentially my cat. That is fine, but she is still registered in somebody else's name and I cannot contact them. I spoke to the council about transferring her to me and they can do that, but I have to sign a stat dec. That is fine, but I have no proof she is desexed. The vet said the only way to prove she is desexed is by opening her up, which I don't want to do for her sake and the fact it will cost money. I did have her microchip papers, but can't find them. Would the microchip place have her listed as desexed? If I just declare her as an entire cat (as I can't prove otherwise), it's $200 to register her.

This is not good news, there is an outbreak of parvovirus (panleukopenia) have been reported in greater Melbourne.…/cat-plague-is-back-after-ne…/9401794

A deadly feline disease is spreading between cats after hiding in nature for nearly 40 years.

I recently created a directory for people to use but only discovered today visitors had to be logged in to use it. I have changed this setting, so if you would like to use it to list a registered breeders, pet sitting business or boarding cattery please do. The more it is used, the more the search engines crawl it, and the higher up (hopefully) it will be pushed. It is free to use, and can be found here
I can add more categories if necessary.


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Dr. Marty Becker

I couldn’t help it. And I’m going to start telling my clients this.

I just found this guy on YouTube. He has some awesome videos on cat parasites made in an entertaining way. There’s a bit of swearing, but they are excellent and informative.

The goal of this channel is to supply information wrapped in humor in the subject of small animal health. The videos are written, edited and narrated by a ve...

It helps to control fleas if we understand the life-cycle of fleas, who have four stages. Eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas. Only the adult flea lives on the cat. The salt and pepper appearance pet owners may notice in areas frequented by cats are flea eggs (white) and feces (brown)...which contains high levels of blood. Larvae (the maggot stage) rely on flea eggs and feces as a food source (as well as tapeworm eggs, which is how cats are infected). As awful as they are, it is a very interesting life cycle.

Melody is having her claws trimmed as Norman looks on. Do you trim your cats claws?

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Yawn. Any other yawning photos to share?

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I have spent the past day updating this page with plants that are toxic to cats.

There are many plants and flowers which are toxic to cats in differing levels. We look at plants which are toxic to cats in alphabetical order.

I've been lucky that scratching hasn't been much of an issue with my cats (they once trashed my son's laundry basket, but that's about all). But this sounds interesting for people whose cats do scratch.

Cats and their claws: it’s a hot topic of discussion. With a new product that has cats scratching appropriately while keeping their claws, everybody wins.

Feliscratch by Feliway might be the perfect solution to help cats keep their claws, cat owners keep their furniture and both keep their sanity.

My video recording skills need some fine tuning, but this is a slow-mo clip of Norman and Monty having a drink this morning.