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Daniel Kelly
· February 12, 2015
The actions of Catholic Charities in regard to the ELC are shocking, and the outright lies are despicable. You promised us care through June 30 and just changed it to March 31st. What guarantee do we... have that you won't change it again? See More
Lisa Ann
· February 12, 2015
I sent this email yesterday and have not received a reply. I was hoping someone here on FB may able to help me get an explanation and a guarantee that Catholic Charities will not move up the date that... they will close again. Thank you.

Last night I received extremely upsetting news that the ELC is closing its doors at the end of June. I do not understand how this can be happening. We were told that the center would be opened until June 30th and most likely a new vendor would be taking over. I feel blindsided by this turn of events. I would appreciate an explanation from the Board. The letter sent by Dean was absolutely unacceptable and did not acknowledge the verbal guarantee he made at the meeting we had last month. A parent clearly asked, in no uncertain terms, if we were guaranteed care until June 30th and he said yes. He said they would be open until June 30th even if only one student was left. Additionally, he sent a letter that clearly states, "[t]he Catholic Charities Community Serives (sic) of OC, Early Learning Center is committed to providing childcare services through June 30, 2015. "

As of last night, parents are devastated and are now scrambling for care. We are coming together as a family to figure out how to move forward. Dean referred us to OCFS. I called them last month and I can assure you that the parents of ELC will be hard pressed to find acceptable care for our children. There are not many viable options, and those options that are similar to ELC have waitlists that cannot accommodate us on April 1.

I feel betrayed by the Administration and Board of Directors of ELC. I never imagined Catholic Charities would operate in this manner.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reply with an explanation.
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Jason Henderson
· February 12, 2015
They have recenty made some very poor decisions around the management of the ELC. Very disappointing. ....
Dan McNeil
· June 22, 2016
Still waiting for a response to a donation I want to make...Is anyone there?

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