The new tank system is up and running at Cathy's Critter's. We are celebrating with some special prices on fish. Fruit tetras normally $3.25 on sale for $2 each
Just when you think there are Guinea Pigs Galore.
Feeding day at Cathy's Critter's. A 14ft reticulated python is striking a pose for you. Satisfying an big appetite for her.

Tuesday evening Carmichael thought he would go and explore the world outside. He was found Wednesday somewhere around midnight. The police said he was trying to break into the laundromat. Today he is paying the price for sneaking out alone. It's just the common cold but he's acting like a real big baby. Who knew that an elf doesn't know how to blow his own nose.

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It appears Carmichael has heard me telling customers how Good Taste of the Wild dog food is. A grain-free food with a wide variety of flavors. Stop in anytime and ask for some free samples.

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63 Reviews
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Brianna Nichole
· January 10, 2018
I love this place & all of the animals she carries. Almost every single time we have been in there she's been cleaning and feeding & rearranging. Cathy is a super nice, helpful person and each time we...'re in there she never fails to make sure we are finding everything okay, asks if there's anything specific we're looking for or even just makes conversation with us. Five stars, hands down.! See More
Chad Wiest
· October 11, 2017
After asking around 7 stores to find/order a specific fish, cathys came through! Glad you are back in business, and I will be back.
Lindsey Shuey
· January 26, 2017
I hate writing one star reviews, but I really don't feel that the store lived up to expectations. I stopped by today after being told by family that the store had hand fed birds. This was my first, and I think it'll be my last.

The store is average of size and whatnot, but it definitely had a funky smell (and that was a little off-putting). I was hoping to find some nice bird toys and maybe some seed. All the toys were old. I mean old old. They were dusty and discolored from sitting in front of the window. I didn't feel safe buying my bird any of the available toys. Likewise, I didn't feel safe feeding my bird the available seed. If the toys had been sitting on the shelf that long, who knows about the food?

Then I looked around at some of the dog items. They were the same way: old, dusty, discolored. Some of the squeak toys looked okay-ish, but I passed on those, too.

As I walked toward the back of the store, I passed rodents -- I think ferrets -- that were kept in glass cages on the floor. The fish tanks looked murky and dark.

When I finally got to where the birds are kept, I was saddened. There was a little jenday conure (I believe) that kept screaming for attention. He was in a small cage with only one toy. His food looked like it hadn't been changed in a while. Not to mention that it looked like he was eating all seeds. There were no fresh vegetables or pellets available in any of the cages. The bottoms of the cages were covered in poop, and it was definitely more than a day of poop. More than a few days of poop. The parakeets were in a dirty, glass tank and were drinking from murky, green water. These poor birds didn't even have toys to chew or forage.

A woman, who I assume was Cathy, did ask me if I needed help. She was nice and offered to order any items if I would like. She seemed knowledgeable about birds, and that really puzzled me, considering the condition of her flock.

I worry for these birds, and the store owner. Having so many birds (especially five cockatiels, which are powder-down birds) in less than ideal conditions can cause health problems for humans and birds.

I think that I'll just stick to shopping at my local bird resucue and chain pet stores.
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Jason Allyn Henderson
· January 12, 2017
Went here yesterday to see if they sold items I need for cheaper than the chain stores. While the employee on duty did ask if she could help with anything and was very friendly, I couldn't overlook ot...her things for that:
First, I didn't see prices on the things I was looking at on the shelves.
Second, they didn't appear to have a freezer (I buy frozen products for my animals).
Third, the fish tanks looked scummy and the reptiles didn't have proper lighting (UVA, UVB, heat gradients). Also some of the tanks looked to be too small or overcrowded for their inhabitants.
Overall the store looked disheveled and messy, not a good impression on customers regardless of how long they've been in business. They say they pass their store/professional inspections but they don't pass mine. If I had the money I'd buy their animals and re-home them to people who know how to take care of them properly. Not coming back.

Edit: Dropped this down to 1 star (from 2) because they appear to have a habit of talking down to those who leave bad reviews, becoming condescending, or allowing others to do so on their behalf. Not professional at all. You're a business, act like it. Not all customers are going to be satisfied with your services, and image is everything, especially with how quickly word of mouth and social media travel. Take the reviews, good AND bad, and learn from them. It's not personal until you make it personal.
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Britny And-Cory Chappell
· September 13, 2017
I have shopped here for every one of my pets. Great service, great animals, and an all around great environment!
Christina Young
· January 18, 2017
I have been a customer of Cathy's Critters for over 10 years and although I pride myself on minding my own business, had to post this comment in response to a recent review.
First of all, I have enco...untered many items in many, many chain stores without price tags. Most people simply ask a clerk of the price. Secondly, due to the vast array of animals I have personally kept over the years, I can definitely state that the owner of this shop has ALWAYS supplied the proper amount of light and heat to all of the animals in her care.
Lastly, I find it tasteless and petty to drag a review of a small business into a personal battle between Facebook members. The independent business owners in this country depend on reviews to usher in new customers. I am certainly in support of constructive criticism, although the recent reviews associated with this pet store are not in any way constructive, and the threat of reducing a rating due to the response of a real customer is childish and ignorant.
Grow up.
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Ashley Lynn Palmer
· February 2, 2017
I have shopped here my entire life! The products are priced so it's not hard to find things in your budget. Any time I have a question the owner is very helpful. And unlike chain pet stores, this stor...e actually handles their animals. See More
Abby Resavy
· April 23, 2015
Disappointed at how unkept her animal cages looked.. the bird cages looked like they haven't been cleaned in months, the guinea pigs food bowl was filled with their waste and not pelleted diets and ha...d no hay in their cages. I also saw a lot of consumables way past expiration dates. Feeder mice were kept in such poor condition; wouldn't buy from there. See More
Sonya Miller
· August 10, 2016
Cathy is very helpful with any questions you may have bout the critter you have or are considering to purchase!! I'd recommend her to anyone who needed help or questions answered!! Very personable n a... great help!! See More
Monika Lynn
· March 12, 2017
I love this place. The animals are always taken care of and Cathy is a true sweetheart. Thanks for making my step daughters birthday even better! Keep up the great work!
Halie Starr Cougle
· October 29, 2014
I love going to Cathy's critters to see the most amazing animals there, I love to see ferrets so most times I go to see them, thanx Cathy for having Buddy as ur ferret for my parents to get me for my ...bday, he's awesome and still alive, he's 4 years old and was born October 24th 2010 I love him!!:) See More
Kimberly Wertz
· March 10, 2017
Love this place Cathy is always so helpful when we go in.
Randall Eugene Love
· April 11, 2014
Cathy's Critters is the place to go. They know what they are talking about when it comes to animals. I would recommend this pet store to anyone that ask me.
Denise Glass
· July 4, 2013
Cathy's is a great little place! Owner is very friendly & knowledgeable of her pets and products. Animals are well cared for, clean and social! Love this place abs Cathy!
Jessica Goudy Goshorn
· December 30, 2014
Always a pleasure to go in to get my pet supplies! Especially to get my fish...I'd recommend Cathy's to anyone who asks where is good to go for pets and/or pet supplies.
Faith Anne
· September 4, 2014
Cathy is very knowledgeable about all animals. ..she's always helpful & honest. She wants what's best for your pets!
Tammy Zankiewicz
· March 29, 2014
Absolutely love this place and Kathy! She is awesome and will help you get what you need!!
Don Kahler
· March 13, 2017
Cathy is always knowledgeable when u have questions. She'll tell you what u need or don't need, her answers aren't based on sales.
Kristina Greenwood
· February 24, 2015
Love this place. Good prices, healthy pets, and education on any animal sold.
Dee N Aiden
· April 3, 2014
Definitely the best place to shop for your pets needs. Exceptional advice and expertise!

Poor Carmichael he's just a lost soul living in a fishbowl. I betta he doesn't know about the big sale on the Siamese fighting fish. Markdown is half price. Carmichael the elf not included.

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Whoa! Carmichael that's not crazy. It's Criminal. Now I have to go to the garage. Due to this unfortunate incident Cathy's Critters is closed we will reopen at 2:30 today.

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Woah! Carmichael that's not crazy, it's Criminal. Now I have to go to the garage. Due to this unfortunate incident Cathy's Critters is closed. We will reopen at 3 today.

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Image may contain: shoes, car and outdoor

Our crazy elf named Carmichael decided to play in the pine bedding last night. I have no clue which one he ripped into, so all pine bedding will be reduced $1 today

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That crazy elf on the shelf is at Cathy's Critters. I wonder what kind of mischief he will get into here. Find him in a new location everyday.

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The Woma Python is Exploring.It is a curious snake, Native to Australia presently on the endangered species list. Stop in and take a look. Serious inquiry only.

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Cathy Kline is in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.

Peace love and happiness. Animals can live together in harmony. A Chinese water dragon, an iguana, a skink, and an anole are at Cathy's critters sitting in a All are just a little different yet they live happily together. If you purchase one from November 1st through November 7th you will receive a 20% discount on a habitat setup

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Cathy's Critters updated their profile picture.
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Just when you think there are Guinea Pigs Galore.

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All colors of Glofish are available in store now. As always special orders are available.

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Tetra USA

A naturally derived gene gives GloFish® fluorescent fish their beautiful color! They inherit the gene from their parents, and re-emit color ...their whole life. #glofish #glofishfacts #tetra

GloFish® Danios and GloFish Tetras are community fish and will "play well" with other fish. GloFish® Barbs can also be kept in a community tank, although it is very important to remember that they can become aggressive if they are not kept in groups of five or more.

GloFish® is a Trademark of Yorktown Technologies, L.P., and is used under license. For more information, visit

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