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Olwamba Charles Owuor
· August 22, 2014
the the tendency to take the path of least resistance is inherently human, that's why the rule of law must be upheld so as to level the playground and protect the weak.
Idi Ahmed
· October 5, 2015
Why are you affiliating with a group and person that caused harm to Minnesota community?

Google this PETITION for details -Community Concerns about Summit Charter School and MAS-MN Exploiting Somali... Youth

On September 19, Asad Zaman of MAS-MN was the keynote speaker at an event on empowering Muslim women organized by Gems of Light.

The event was described as “an evening of enlightenment and empowerment as we discuss issues facing the Muslim women of our community and ways to uplift and empower them, insha'Allah.”


There is no lack of empowered Muslim women in the Minnesota community. There are scholars, doctors, lawyers, engineers, authors, businesswomen, civic leaders- women who are leading in every way imaginable. Women are already rejected from the standard male dominated forum, and now we are giving the platform to talk about empowering Muslim women to a man? That’s disempowering.

You cannot uplift and empower women by ignoring the abuse they are subjected to. The keynote speaker, “Imam” Asad Zaman is one of the most controversial Minnesota Muslims. With his history of disturbing and abusive behavior, threats, mistreatment and intimidation tactics, he does not deserve a platform to speak on empowering women.

• “A Somali mother went to TIZA after her child was held back a grade level. She said Asad Zaman would not meet with her and refused to answer her pleas, ignoring her as she cried and said: ‘Please Asad, no, my son!’ Another Somali mother reported that her child was placed in special education without her knowledge or permission.”
• “I fear this treatment because TIZA officials resorted to intimidation and threats against my coworkers and me for nearly the entire time I worked at the school. For six years, I watched Asad Zaman…lash out in order to control those around them, and to retaliate against anyone who spoke poorly of the school, or otherwise challenged their authority….”
• “Another parent testified before a Senate committee hearing that after he criticized TIZA, Zaman made a statement about him that appeared to be ‘an attempt to incite violence against me and my family.’”
• “When I volunteered for the MAS convention few years ago, I had no idea who Asad Zaman was but I have seen firsthand how arrogant he is. First, I was volunteer. Then they offered me to run the child care for the event and hire people. After getting the job done with no resources for the children, I posted on my Facebook account that I will never volunteer or work for MAS ever again. Asad Zaman then reported that to my boss at the time and she confronted me saying that he was her friend. I explain to her that I never knew the guy but from the way they treated the staff that I hired to run the child care event and the lack of snack for the children and lack of communication that I would never work or volunteer for them again. I told her my opinion of him have nothing to do with my job at the time. It was really low of Asad to talk to my boss at the time he could of talked to me directly but then he is so arrogant that he wouldn't but instead sent some sisters to apologize and my boss to my home and I did tell them he need to apologize not them he was the head of MAS. Since then I never attend that convention nor deal with MAS.”
• “Anything Asad Zaman touches turns to poison. Asad is the most arrogant, self-centered human being I have ever met….Asad behaved like a military coup that overtook a government. My other experience is through volunteering at a MAS MN convention and Asad and his group treated us like 2nd class citizens. No wonder at their conference, the turnout is poor.”
• “I have witnessed Asad yell at a sister in his office…and took advantage of the parent whose English was the second language.”
• “The first time I heard of Asad Zaman, he was upset over a press release I had sent. It seemed like a trivial issue and one that I was open to addressing. But instead of talking like a normal person and explaining his objections, this was his message: ‘Take the press release down tonight or I will come to your house and force you to do it.’ I had never been threatened before, especially by an imam. I let it go. Now I wish I would have said something because it wasn't an isolated incident. I've learned that he uses threats and intimidation tactics against many people on a regular basis, especially against those he perceives to be weak (ie women, new immigrants, non-English speakers, young people, etc).”
• “I wanted to do some babysitting work for TiZA, and we agreed they would pay me $1,000 for my 1 month tenure. Asad... requested thousands of dollars of government grants [for the babysitting]. After they got the money, they refused to give me any, and told me ‘they did not have much money to give.’”
• “Asad Zaman very angrily came into the masjid and yelled that if the sister did not stop her public posts, he would not hold back young men from forcing her to stop.”
• “I have had a taste of his dubious character, which played a big role in turning me away from a previously avid supporter and donor of MAS. [W]hen I approached him requesting space to conduct our classes…Asad Zaman, somehow took it as a direct attempt to invade his tafsir halaqa that he conducts for school parents. (His already thin attendance was thinning even further as more people were getting fed up with his "more political" and "less religious" sermons). I remember how he grilled me with questions like the names of each person planning to attend [our] class, even asking me the names of their husbands!”
• “Zaman was extremely upset that I was challenging his authority, told me I should have made the man ‘feel like a king while they massacred his family,’ and suggested that ‘we could just kill you, yeah tell your husband we’ll do his job for him’…..That kind of extreme reaction, along with the generally aggressive behavior I witnessed during my tenure with the school, makes me fear….”

Is this how a keynote speaker on EMPOWERING MUSLIM WOMEN treats women?
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