Prepping for next week’s February Vacation ArtLab workshops, Feb. 19-22, from 2-4p! Drop-in for each and/or everyday🎨 #cmcanow

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Sunday Salon | Materiality IV, Feb. 4
WOW! We’re so excited to feature KJ Shows’ work and studio ephemera this spring!! #cmcanow
Thanks @pookadesignstudio for the update❤️ Stay safe everyone, and happy Winter Solstice! #cmcanow
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Dorothy Giarla
· July 7, 2017
Very exciting to discover Maine's newest hidden gem in this wonderful contemporary art museum. The John Walker was amazing, and the other exhibits were equally as captivating.
Isaac Watson Stephenson
· October 28, 2017
Clean space to view art. Staff was friendly. Exhibits were inspired.
Mark Quill
· April 6, 2015
Hi there, just looking for somewhere with someone that enjoys what I have developed over time with the end grain of all woods. Its all I want to do in life now! You can't imagine the energy I get doing these, and its always evolving. I currently have enough work for a couple venues, would like to know what you think and maybe point me in the right direction. To view current work FB endgrain art. Thank you for any assistance you may offer. Quillsey See More
Fred Sherman
· July 3, 2017
Amazing John Walker exhibit. A must see. Highlight of our trip to Maine.
Mary Joe Hughes
· August 6, 2016
It's an amazing building, totally welcoming, with world-class contemporary art. It cements Rockland's reputation as the arts center of Maine. Don't miss it!
Dudley Zopp
· November 11, 2016
I love CMCA! It's the best place in Maine to see the full range of contemporary art.
Karen Jelenfy
· May 28, 2014
The best art venue for serious art viewing and exhibiting in the midcoast.
James Chute
· November 11, 2016
An excellent new venue for contemporary art: Just go see for yourself!
Emily Brown
· August 15, 2016
Attended an engaging and informative talk last night by the very accessible Tucker Nichols at the CMCA. Thank you!
Robert A Kaplan
· July 24, 2016
Great new facility. Worth the drive from Round Pond!
Larry Guilmette
· April 5, 2017
Beautiful new set of galleries in a most accessible location
Rebecca Smith
· October 24, 2013
l do art at the art dept. lam rebecca smith. can we do workships with you guys.
Kevin Frederick Strong
December 13, 2011
One of a kind, set in a gorgeous building overlooking Rockport Harbor.
Nancy Glassman
May 3, 2013
CMCA helps set the bar for Maine Art.
Bob Laurence
· December 15, 2013
Great shows. Great energy
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