Tada is fast, but more furry than furious. It’s also quite apparent that Tada’s motor is way beyond street legal.
The Wizard of Dogz & Catz Bene-Pet Dinner & Auction
Bill got excited when he heard us talking about our Bene-Pet early bird discount, and you should get excited too because today and Saturday are the final days to get five bucks off the regular ticket price! Stop in, call or head to before your early bird gets away! Sorry, Bill.
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Jeremy Banks
· November 25, 2017
I just adopted Kobalt. Pit X. He is the most well mannered dog i have ever had. The volunteers and trainers are simply amazing. They do an incredible job and the adoption process is very fair. I would... highly recommended CDHS to anybody that is looking to give a dog or cat a loving home. See More
Shay Sherlock
· March 13, 2018
I can't thank these wonderful ladies at the shelter enough! They were so helpful and sweet during the adoption process! Bringing home our dog tonight has been the best night of my life!
Ryan Nicholas
· February 15, 2018
Adopted a hound X named Redd. He has been with me over a year now, and I can't say enough about what they are doing at CDHS. The compassion and love they have for every animal is just awesome.
Megan Stoltz
· September 23, 2017
I called about my dog and the lady I talked to over the phone said they were full due to hurricane puppies, but she gave me so many great references to call instead in order to find my puppy a loving ...home!

She also listened to me completely break down and cry over the phone and consoled me. She was so patient! I wish I had gotten her name because she is amazing!
Thanks to whoever you are ����
See More
Katie Chase
· September 24, 2017
We're in the process of adopting our newest family member, Dante. The staff at the CDHS have all been extremely pleasant to work with. They have answered all of our questions and even given us lots of... tips to make our shy little guy more comfortable in his transition home. They're all so amazing! � See More
Janelle Downs
· October 21, 2017
I adopted Sonora, a tortoiseshell 5 month old kitty on October 10, 2017.. She is the most precious sweet loving kitty.. She loves to cuddle.. Thank you for the addition to our family.. She is loved ve...ry much.. Thank you to the awesome staff.. See More
Brogan Lommen-Solig
· March 13, 2018
Our baby Elise is doing great! Her sniffles and sneezing stopped after we brought her home. She's a cute little Siamese tortie point and she gets along so well with our older blue tortie. She is being loved!
Alexis Whittey
· September 21, 2017
Holding grudges even after apologies and necessary payments were made is not professional. Unfortunately this is the only no-kill shelter in the area so I suppose monopoly even affects charities negat...ively. The staff are wonderful; this is purely a management complaint. Everyone else (and the cats of course) was lovely to me the entire time I volunteered there. See More
Terri Woo
· April 12, 2017
Not enough good things can be said about this place. When you first walk in or on the grounds it may look/seem chaotic and loud, but trust me, it's filled with so much love. All these animals who nee...d us as much as we need them- the staff who provide such good care and the volunteers who show up when needed most! Every visit was a pleasure and yes, it broke my heart to see all these "homeless babies" but I guarantee you they are all loved equally by the people of this Society. You would be blessed to be able to foster or home one of these animals... I highly suggest you expand your family, 1x maybe 2xs, maybe 3?!😘 Thank you staff and volunteers for helping us find our mister Pitney aka Chester. Keep up the amazing work! See More
Destiny Drew
· August 26, 2017
CDHS has a wonderful staff that takes such great care of the animals! We were so lucky to be chosen to take our big pup home! Roscoe is so loved!!
Jennie Waters
· October 20, 2016
Wow!!! The staff @ Central Dakota Humane Society are some of the heartless people I have ever had to deal with. My daughter has been going and following thier adoption policy. So she could adopt this named Atlas. They told her that her dad and mom had to come meet the dog and that because she lived with us she was not able to even start the adoption application because they wouldn't even look at it until her parents came in, so she told them when her dad and I could come in (which we both do work and can't just go in) they told her that was fine, endecating that she had time to get it all done so she could adopt Atlas. She has been there everyday they are open to see Atlas and only Atlas. Everyone there knew it and not a single person could or would even tell her that someone else was already adopting him. For 2 weeks she was faithful seeing him and of course feel in love with him!!!! Than today someone rudely tells her she can't see him because he is adopted!! Why in the hell wouldn't someone say anything to her about Atlas being adopted. See More
BillieJo M. Parisien-Fischer
· August 16, 2017
Just recently adopted an older male Siamese cat. He is doing great so far. Loves his new life. Must have been fed early in the morning at CDHS, because he always demands to eat at 6:30 every morning. ...He doesn't go by Evan, he loves his new name, Mr Wong. Our family is so glad he is with us. Thank you CDHS!!! :) See More
Becky Gear
· December 22, 2016
I couldn't believe that there was a no kill shelter in ND! I was thrilled. I was looking for an older cat. I saw a couple that I thought might be the one, but one of the staff talked me into the on...e I now have had for over a year. I love him to the moon and back!!! He is sweet, gentle, accepted a mother and son I rescued and played big daddy to the kitten. The 3 of them provide so much love, company and fun. I am so blessed!!! Thank you Central Dakota Humane Society!!!! See More
Katie Kram
· October 11, 2015
Great place to get kitties! They take such good care of the animals, and I'm very grateful this is a no-kill shelter. I wouldn't have been able to meet my wonderfully sweet kitty if they were. They go to great lengths to make sure their animals are going to safe, loving homes. It may be intrusive to some, but nothing more than I expect from somewhere that truly cares for their animals. The adoption process isn't perfect, but the staff were upfront and honest to me about what to expect. Also, just a little something extra to show you how much they care, one of the staff members was tearing up when I took him home :-) See More
Heather White
· August 30, 2017
Love everything you guys do for animals and thank you for letting me adopt Coconut and Kassidy all those years ago they have made my life so much better ♡
Kathleen Fettig
· November 25, 2015
I cannot say enough good things about this incredible organization. Employees and volunteers who are so dedicated to caring for and saving unwanted animals. They go the extra mile to provide TLC, heal...thcare, security and just plain old love to the lucky animals who find their way there and continue on to their forever homes. And yes, my husband and I have two of their former residents whom we love very much! See More
Sheri Miller
· July 26, 2017
Thank you for all you do with connecting lost pets with their owners! Plus the task of taking care of all the pets surrender or lost and never found by their owners!!!
David Stavig
· January 15, 2018
Love you guys! We've had a couple of wonderful pets from there over the past 12 years.
Adrienne MacDonald
· May 3, 2017
Thank you CDHS. We spent a few months looking for the perfect addition to our family and if it weren't for the patience and understanding and warmth of the staff, we would probably still be looking. A...dopting from CDHS has been an experience to cherish. Thank you, again. My pups and I appreciate all your hard work! See More
Alexandria Overman
· November 3, 2016
Super amazing. Such kind people and give what they can to help the animals.��� I adopted Todd a while back, at first it was a struggle, but now he is attached to me. He is so happy, and out going. Ver...y friendly thank you for giving me the best gift ever See More

Keekee recalls that one time, back in the old country, when she felled that giraffe with a single swat without even breaking a sweat.

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The Bene-Pet Dinner & Auction — our biggest event of the year — is only a week away and you do not want to miss it! Get your tickets now at or by calling or stopping in during regular shelter hours.

Spread the word! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell the person in front of you in the checkout line! Tell your neighbor who sometimes awkwardly waves while you're getting your mail! Tell the world — Bene-Pet is almost here!

Tada is fast, but more furry than furious. It’s also quite apparent that Tada’s motor is way beyond street legal.

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Unneutered Male
Short Hair Siamese Mix (Seal Point)


Approximate date of birth: March 2016
Origin: Stray

"I am extremely good looking and my timid ways are slowly disappearing as I learn to trust more people. I love cozy corners and warm blankets and of course, lots of treats. Perhaps you could find a comfortable spot for me in your home."

Skippy Jon has been tested and is negative for the FIV/FeLV virus.

Spay/Neuter charges are the adopter's responsibility and are to be completed at the Bismarck-Mandan area vet of their choice.

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Please call the shelter if you are interested Kennebec or any of our dogs. The dog building will be closed through Thursday March 15th.

Mandy Schaaf with Central Dakota Humane Society stops by with our NDT Pet of the Week Kennebec.

Our improvements to the dog building aren’t quite rover yet, which means it will be closed again today.

We thank you for your patience and our pooches look forward to seeing you!

Lemonade has had a rather lofty attitude ever since he heard Beyoncé wrote an entire album about him.

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Recent Stray at CDHS
Found near Woodhouse Restaurant in Bismarck

Image may contain: cat

Recent Stray at CDHS
Found near Townsquare on Memorial Highway

Image may contain: cat

A big thanks to Midco for producing our commercial for Bene-Pet (Saturday, March 24). Our cats and dogs give it two paws up!

Find out more about Bene-Pet, our biggest society event of the year, at — And if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, now’s a great opportunity. See you there!

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Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to the Bavendick family. Frank was always a wonderful supporter and friend to CDHS. He definitely made a difference in the lives of many people and pets.

Frank J. Bavendick, 87, Bismarck, died March 8, 2018, at Sanford Health, Bismarck.

We just told Miso that he’s named after fermented soybean paste.

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Want a great reason to get new sheets and pillowcases for Spring? It’s puppy time at the shelter and we’re in dire need of sheets and pillowcases for very important puppy-based reasons.

Donate your clean, used sheets and pillowcases and treat yourself to new ones — everybody wins! (New ones are spiffy to donate too, but please, nothing fancy and/or spendy.)

No longer do you have to be embarrassed by that unfortunate pattern that seemed like a good idea at the time, because ...our doggos don’t judge.

Thank you! We’re open on Tuesday from 1-6pm.

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