Bob Burbank, of Canastota, took these photos Wednesday of the massive ice piles near Lewis Point, at the eastern end of Oneida Lake. Winds gusting to 55 mph broke up the ice and pushed it onto shore.
When the forecast says another Nor'easter is coming
Sudden thaw causes raging water in Upstate NY

The forecast for key weekend events across Upstate NY. (Spoiler alert: It's going to start warming up!)

Finally, a weekend full of nice weather will set up across Upstate New York.|By Finger Lakes Weather

When change comes, it'll come fast.

The next three months could be rainier than usual, though.

Erie, Pa., needs just 1 inch of snow.

Erie could break the record this week.

Several inches could fall tonight east of lakes Erie and Ontario, while an inch or two could accumulate across most of Upstate New York.

Light snow could fall over the next three days.

Hang in there folks. We can make it.

Skies will be sunny and temperatures should reach the 50s for most areas by Sunday.|By Finger Lakes Weather
It's been the coldest spring in some areas since 1975.|By Glenn Coin

Forecast for the coming week across Upstate NY.

Don't look for any spring like weather this week in Upstate New York.|By Finger Lakes Weather
Wind gusts have already hit nearly 50 mph in some spots,|By Glenn Coin

Be careful.

A half-inch of ice could break tree limbs and knock out power.

The forecast for key events across Upstate NY this weekend.

The weather forecast may be active, but there will be plenty of time to get in some weekend fun between bouts of bad weather.|By Finger Lakes Weather

Good grief.

Snow and freezing rain is possible across the northern half of Upstate.|By Glenn Coin
A hazardous weather alert has been issued for most of Upstate New York.|By Glenn Coin

It'll be warm ... somewhere else.

70s will likely be confined to the lower Hudson Valley.|By Glenn Coin