Why wouldn't you want to swim in this race?! Come join us for the northernmost open ocean race in the USA! Thank you Angela McGraw for photographing and sharing these great photos!
Still working on results page... here is a clip of the 5K start under a low cloud cover and fog. You couldn't ask for better water conditions! Mirror pod and hardly any jelly fish!
2014 Change Your Latitude Slideshow.... better late than never, right?! Thank you to Angela McGraw for the photos!

Registration for 2018 is OPEN!

2018 Change Your Latitude – 57° North Open Water Challenge will be held August 12th at the Sitka Sound Science Center beach in Sitka Alaska. Still the Northernmost open ocean race in the United States (and as far as we can tell planet Earth!)
Jacqui Hargrave to Winter Swimming

Spring Equinox has finally arrived after a long and cold winter. Happily though I managed to remain flu free, and I can't help but wonder if cold water swimming had something to do with it...

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