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Sundance Marie McClellan
· March 24, 2015
Even through all the hard times and late nights Charlie became my home away from home. I had friends that became battles and battles that became family, my brothers and sisters. I hate to leave this p...lace behind and all the wonderful memories but I can't wait to start my new adventure and truly become the best soldier I can be and that's all coming to true because of the support and discipline at Charlie! I wasn't the happiest coming to Charlie from fox but from being at both companies it definitely was beneficial. I hope that everyone can learn to embrace the suck because no matter where you are it will suck. Period. At least Charlie makes it a little better. See More
Patrick O'Connell
· April 3, 2015
I was class 69-70 in 2006. I really have nothing but good things to say. I was pushed when needed and the cadre were firm but fun. Plus I mad a drill Sgt laugh when I was dancing in front of people's ...bunks after lights out in only a jock strap... yeah it was good times though. TANGOS LEAD THE WAY! See More

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