Visibly Shaken Productions' short film, "Smoke Signal," is almost complete. In the mean time, check out our trailer, like, share, and subscribe. We can't wait to share the final product with you.

First look trailer for Smoke Signal, a short film by Visibly Shaken Productions and the Yellow Sign Theatre. The War of the Worlds broadcast made the nation ...

Our production company, Visibly Shaken Productions, and The Yellow Sign Theatre, have officially registered for the 29 Days Later Film Project!

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We at Visibly Shaken Productions are pleased share with you all the pilot episode to The Shades!

The Shades is a new, satirical, web series that looks at religious extremes in a new light. We hope you enjoy this first episode on this lovely easter morning!

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The pilot episode for the new web series, "The Shades." "The Shades" is a new, satirical comedy web series that following a young couple as they move into a ...

The newest project from Visibly Shaken Productions. Get ready!

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Our friends at 3CE want to throw some mind bending parties for you guys, but they need just a little bit of help. Even a dollar will do!

Looking for an male actor of taller and broader stature for a comedy web series proof-of-concept being shot in CT either on 3/9 or 3/23. Travel and expenses will be taken care of. Message me for details ASAP

Fri 9:00 PM ESTThe Yellow Sign TheatreBaltimore, MD
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Our very own @Kevin Davis is directing 9 of these plays and our very own Ty Agatstein is acting in this. Therefore, you all should go to this. It will be a lot of fun!

Feb 8, 2014 - Feb 9, 2014EMP CollectiveBaltimore, MD
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Check out this teaser for a new Visibly Shaken Productions project, People Watching!

A teaser for "People Watching," coming 2014. For more information on "People Watching" and Visibly Shaken Productions, follow and like the link below: https:...

If anyone needs graphic design work done, our talented designer (The guy who designed all the Charm City art, including the fantastic flasher) can handle it. Private message for details.

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Two Balitmore shot shows are nominated for Emmys. Just goes to show that things done in Baltimore are bound for success. Again people, if we get to 300 likes for this page there is a great surpise for all of you, but it won't happen unless we get to 300!