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Michael Henderson
November 7, 2011
Great company represented by P-M & Associates for 25 years.
Baron Lee Waychoff Jr.
October 29, 2013
What a great place to work.
Fusing 72" HDPE PIPE
Pipe bursting ductile iron and pulling through HDPE
A great demo on pipe bursting. No trenching required. Great work Alliance!

"On Friday, Congress voted to extend a 30 percent federal tax credit for geothermal heat pump installations. With state incentives included—a $26,000 system in ...New York would qualify for a $6,000 state rebate—the federal tax credit would drop the cost enough to make it more competitive with traditional heating and cooling."
- Lyndsey Gilpin, InsideClimate News

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By cutting costs and laying pipes for entire communities, Dandelion is trying to make emissions-free heating and cooling from the earth more affordable.

Great news! Tax incentives restored for cost effective, sustainable geothermal hating and cooling systems!!

The bill changes an important consideration for commercial geothermal heat pump projects, making them eligible if commenced by Jan. 1, 2022, rather than using a placed-in-service deadline.
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Alliance for PE Pipe

Thanks to Andy Conger (HYMAX) for helping the Alliance tell the mechanical repair story. The industry supports permanent repair of HDPE pipe with HYMAX products as they are specifically designed for small diameter and spool piece repair of HDPE pipe. Kudos to Andy and HYMAX!

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Alliance for PE Pipe

Congratulations to Murphy Pipelines and ISCO Industries for their PE Alliance Leadership Award. One of many collaborative HDPE endeavors between ISCO and Murph...y Pipelines utilizing the unique Swagelining™ process. This project successfully rehabilitated 2300 LF of aging 24” ductile iron force main host pipe with 24” HDPE. Three sections HDPE pipe were fused in 750’ lengths. The first section of HDPE pipe was pulled through a reduction die temporarily reducing the size of the 24-in. DIPS HDPE pipe enabling it to enter the existing 24-in. ductile iron force main. During installation, two fusions occurred to connect the two remaining sections of HDPE pipe. After the HDPE pipe was pulled through the entire line and the towing load released, the unique flexibility of HDPE pipe allowed it to revert to form a compression fit within the host pipe. Performance Pipe and McElroy were also recognized in this award. Way to go Bryan Fletcher and Todd Grafenauer!

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Alliance for PE Pipe

When the US Corps of Engineers was looking to solve the metal pipe failures at Arlington National Cemetery they discovered HDPE pipe. Bell and spigot failures w...ere causing washouts and unnecessary problems. HDPE solved it through the pipe bursting installation method.

The host pipe was fractured and HDPE was pulled into the same space previously occupied by the metal, bell and spigot pipe. Using this genius method, little ground displacement occurs, caskets don't need to be moved and watermain breaks stop. More than 70,000,000 feet has been put in ground using this method. Oh and it is less expensive than traditional methods.

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PE PIPE ALLIANCE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE... a great event to learn about HDPE!

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Plastics Pipe Institute

Thanks, friends at BIC Magazine for spreading news about PPI! Read the article; pg. 51, November's BUSINESS & INDUSTRY CONNECTION; here's a link:…

On display at the Museum of American Finance, 48 Wall St., NYC...Awesome!!
Thanks J. Leary of Core and Main for the photo!

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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This is a going to be a great event for industry professionals at all levels.

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Alliance for PE Pipe

....Save the Date....Dec 5 and 6, 2017....Where the US and Canadian #HDPE Water market sales teams come together to share knowledge and learn. Join the Experts, Learn the Facts, Beat the Competition. Industry Showcase '18

Making the world a better place through better infrastructure

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This is awesome! Great work guys!

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Gajeske Inc

Last Thursday night, Gajeske’s Tech Coordinator, Cody Pattison, and technicians Logan Johnson and Jordan Cantu set out through dark, flooded streets to Beaumont... to help restore water to the city. They worked tirelessly through the night and the entire next day to get the fusions completed that would enable the first temporary pump to supply enough water to reach residents. By utilizing HDPE, they were able to finish the repairs quickly and create a durable, leak-free piping system that will ensure that the people of the city of Beaumont continue to receive water. There is still more work to do to get the system completely back up-and-running, however, so Jordan and Logan are still currently in Beaumont working to employ a larger diameter HDPE line that will allow for the higher volumes of water necessary to carry an entire city’s water supply. Keep up the good work, guys!

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The Charter pipe yard expansion is looking good!

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