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Stanley Popovich
September 15, 2012
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Lisa Troyer is at NewPointe Community Church (Dover Campus).

Always Open Women's Small Group resumes January 4th at NewPointe Dover 6:30-8pm.
Come as you are and find a place to belong - can't wait to meet you - for more information

Take a moment to pray for revival in this region #LakeErieCircleOfFriends

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'Thank you for visiting our page and supporting our radio ministry program on 95.9 FM in Canton, Ohio (and online at've found a place to belong in the Circle of Friends' - Lisa Troyer

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We all need a Circle of Friends

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My Father's Daughter


It was an unusual Facebook post that caught my attention, offered by a beautiful Daughter of the King who is preparing to soon meet with her... Abba, face to face. She implored those who said they loved her and had cared enough to follow her journey to replace their prayers for her with prayers for the beautiful family she will leave behind. She shared that at this point what they needed even more than prayer, were tangible acts of love that would help her family through the difficult season they were in and the one still to come. “Don’t JUST pray,” she said…HELP.

A precious young adult leader at our last ministry event tentatively knocked on the door at bedtime. Jammies on and ponytail up, her eyes welled over with tears. “I need prayer.” After a short conversation, I realized what she needed more than prayer was wise counsel followed by encouragement. She needed someone to help her quiet the lies the enemy was trying to feed her, embrace the truth and walk forward in it.

Our Heavenly Father spends a lot of time talking to us about the necessity and benefits of prayer in the Bible. He tells us to devote ourselves to prayer (Colossians 4:2), to be faithful in prayer (Romans 12:12) and to remember that when we pray according to His will, He hears us! (1 John 5:14). Prayer is both a privilege and a gift.

But prayer is not always all that is needed.

James 2:15-16 tells us 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

I’ve not been naked or hungry lately, but this is what I know:

When my teenage daughter was in the hospital getting Chemo for the 18th week in a row, I didn’t just need prayer.

When my mother died the Sunday before Mother’s Day, I didn’t just need prayer.

When I finally faced the trauma from the years of childhood abuse I endured, I didn’t just need prayer.

And as a counselor in my office, and a daughter of God in life, I walk beside others who don’t just need prayer.

They need an ear to listen.
Tears to cry with them.
A hand to hold.
A meal made.
A child watched.
A word of encouragement.
A card sent.
A long, quiet hug.

They need someone to sit beside them and love them right where they are at. Good, bad and ugly. They need to see the love of God poured through the people of God in a tangible way that they can experience.

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Lisa Troyer

Small Group Life - Declaring Your Territory in a Circle of Friends

This morning, in my back yard, the birds were 'power chirping'. I found it curious. What wa...s prompting such radical, loud 'screaming'?

I looked up and saw a hawk in the tree - very large..he was a 'giant'!
The little birds were 'declaring to the giant' this is our territory!!! - and soon thereafter, the hawk's huge wing span opened and he 'fled'!!!

At first, it appeared the 'giant' wasn't impacted by the flock of the 'small', but in unity, they became a LOUD VOICE OF TERRITORIAL AUTHORITY!!!

In a circle of friends, there is power and authority- Giants will flee when likeminded 'flocks' unite!! BUT the flock had to 'speak with authority'!
Sometimes, being quiet is simply not an option

God has given each believer a 'voice'. And when our voices unite, there is power, impact and the establishment of territorial authority

Remember, the 'watchman' bird saw the giant first, and the 'call' began - then the others joined in 😊 - and eventually the 'intruder' got the message- you have no place here, so beat it!!!

Small groups are an essential part of accountability, protection and impact. The Bible tells us 'two are better than one' - it's funny, but Christian and I were talking yesterday about how Jesus had His own 'circle of friends'. He knew he needed to set the example of 'being in a small group'

So, you think you don't have time for a small group? I'd say, think again!!
Those 'little' birds were glad they had each other when the 'giant' was invading their territory

Happy Monday!!!!

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Lisa Troyer is feeling loved in Berlin, Ohio.

My heart sang this song to Jesus this morning. 😊 - When we get to know Him intimately, and the purpose for which we were created, a Holy Spirit perspective pushes out confusion, fear and strife within our own soul. #RedeemedRetro
#John4 #ThankGod4CarlySimon 🎧

Official Website: To promote her 1995 album Letters Never Sent, Carly surprised travelers through Grand Central Station with this u...

Psalm 119:63

We were not meant to do life alone ladies! Your Circle of Friends is a gift. Be intentional today to reach out and let them know how thankful you are for them!

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Matthew 5:16 ~ Shine Bright Daughter of God!

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My Father's Daughter was live.

Matthew 5:16 ~ Shine Bright!

Zephaniah 3:17

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My Father's Daughter

Daughter of God~ Have you ever played that "getting to know you" game where someone asks you "If you had just one super power, what would it be?"

If I had one... super power, just one, this is what I would hope for- that I could open up the heart of each woman I encounter and pour into her the knowledge of God's unfathomable love for her. That I could open up her eyes and help her to see herself the way God sees her. That I could fully convince her that NO MATTER where she has come from, what she has done or who she has been that she has a heavenly Father who is madly and deeply in love with her and who longs to spend each moment of her life being the source of everything she needs.
There is no truth more vital.
This knowledge is the key to the FREEDOM, PEACE and JOY that every woman needs. He likes you AND He loves you. You are His Beloved.

~My Father's Daughter

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Today He is with you and for you and on your side no matter what battle you are facing! Isa. 41:10

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My Father's Daughter was live.

Isa. 41:10 ~ whatever battle you face today daughter of God, He is with you and for you and on your side!

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My Father's Daughter

She loves goats. Mama goats...bleating goats....fainting goats. Goats, for whatever reason, make her heart very happy!

This was one of many facts t...hat I learned about my daughter as we traveled the necessary miles several times a week back and forth to the Children's hospital for her Chemo treatments. For a season we traveled 5 times a week, an hour each way to spend all day at clinic. This battle became our entire life.

The innumerable hours we spent waiting for I.V.s, spinal taps and bone marrow biopsies turned into unexpected times of getting to know one another better. We cried, we laughed and we held each other close.

At a time when most adolescents are beginning to sprout their wings in preparation to fly, we found ourselves spending as much time together as we did in her toddler hood. The bond created during that time in our lives is undeniably stronger than it would have been otherwise.

Watching my baby girl battle pediatric cancer was THE hardest thing I have endured in my adult life. But even in the VERY MIDST of that difficult season there were gifts from the Father sprinkled throughout.

My heart is thankful.

Daughter of God~ whatever storm you happen to be in the midst of in this season I encourage you to look for gifts from your Father. Reminders both big and small that He is with you, for you and on your side.

~ My Father's Daughter

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