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Wayne Ferguson
· November 13, 2017
I called the city of Bristol Tennessee public works over 3 months ago concerning the intersection of Acorn and Pennsylvania Avenue with severe humps and bumps in the road that might cause problems for... a motorcycle when the road is wet trying to go around the curve, they have yet to fix this problem and told me that they were working on this and here it is winter time you can't pave and Patch roads in the winter. Next phone call is going to the city manager this road has been like this for several years and need some attention now. See More
Ron A. Henard
· November 13, 2017
The city needs better lighting on the Volunteer Parkway and other roads leading into town...It looks dead and not very vibrant...I've seen them replacing bulbs but they are dim as well... just put a m...ore high resolution bulb in?Check out the newest lights in town at Wallace Subaru....Now that's some lighting...On the other hand it looks like the city has done a good job out at the Pinnicale with lighting....Put them in on the Volunteer Parkway so it doesn't look like a dark alleyway and make the intersections brighter too...Just a observant opionion.....that's all folks See More
Michael Scott Worley
· October 19, 2017
Do NOT use their online billing. If you do, make sure the money comes out of your account immediately. They cut my water off over a glitch with their website. When their website messes up, they refuse... to accept responsibility and double down on the reconnect fee. When you refuse to pay the reconnect but pay the water bill on time, they’ll still cut your water off over the reconnection fee and charge you another reconnection fee. I was about to buy a house in Bristol but after this experience, I’m seriously having second thoughts. Their finance department is as greedy as they come. See More
Dave Morrison
· December 19, 2017
I literally live halfway between Bristol and Kingsport. And after watching WJHL this evening and seeing Nate Morabito’s story on the tinted windows trap that the police department has decided to use o...n otherwise, law abiding citizens. I think I will choose to do my business within the city of Kingsport, and avoid the city of Bristol like the plague. Mind you, I have a sticker that exempts me from the tinting laws, I just refuse to be hassled or be used so an officer can go “wants and warrants” fishing with me, or whoever is an occupant within my car.
That’s some kind of way to treat visitors to your city, that could have chosen to go anywhere else, but they chose you. I think there’s a time where you should pick your battles. And I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person who feels that there’s far more crimes out there far worse than window tint violations.
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Chrissy Brewer McCallum
· November 15, 2017
Why hasn’t the city Bristol cleaned up the crime in the Fairmont Districk. We are having homeless people running the streets stealing out of cars and breaking into homes. We are overrun with drugs dealt from these homes that are apartment complexes. On my block alone there four drug houses. The city of Bristol and the police department have been contacted on several different occasions to try and clean these places up to make the area a lot safer for the homeowners in this district. They have yet to do this for us. I am not too sure if the people know how bad the crime is in the historic Fairmount Districk in Bristol Tennessee ! See More
James Daniel Bennett III
· August 31, 2017
People nag too much. I love the active downtown, events going on from spring to fall. 98% of the people I've been around since moving here have been super friendly and the area is just beautiful.
Rhonda Coffey
· August 29, 2017
Terrie Talbert and everyone else has gone above and beyond to help us with the First International Overdose Awareness Day event. We are forever grateful for the support. Our beautiful City... and the... beautiful souls who live here. There is "no place like home" ! See More
Katie Siksay Bentley
· January 19, 2018
They got me today. $200 worth of water bill! I got charged a $40 “minimum bill” (because they legit refuse to call it a fee) to cut off the water at my VACANT, foreclosed home. My husband died and I a...ccidentally grabbed a stack of HIS checks out of my safe thinking they were mine. So, my dumb ass has been writing checks to places with HIS checks to a closed account. I know, stupid and totally my fault. But do they have the slightest amount of compassion or understanding?? Especially when I’ve NEVER had payment issues or bounced a check IN MY LIFE??
The response I got was basically “pay it or we cut off your water”. So they slapped on another $40 in fees that they just absolutely can not remove from my account for the checks. Then they slapped on $12 more for late fees.
Now i see how easy it is for people to get pulled under and STAY under. It’s like it’s what they want! “Oh, they can’t pay their bill? Let’s slap on $100 worth of fees so they can NEVER catch up!”
They care about money. And they don’t care what we think because the reality of it is WE CANT GET WATER ANYWHERE ELSE!
Oh but wait, I can stop writing checks now because “We now have online billing”!!!
BUT... there’s a fee for that too! Hahahahaha lmfao WHAT. A. JOKE.
This city needs options for God’s sake. I’m so sick of this place.
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Charlsie Watson Shaffer
· September 22, 2017
I live on the VA side but work for the City of Bristol, TN! I love the new interaction with not only the community but the employees!
Frank Goodpasture III
· November 13, 2017
Does the #1 embedded in the "B" which mimics the shape of a guitar, giving a nod to the old Bristol 1st campaign? << BR1STOL >>
Gracie Mae Dotson
· July 21, 2016
I have been on vacaion for the last two week in Myrtle Beach. Like a lot of us, paying the water bill before I left, slipped my mnd. So as things go, I also received a cutoff notice, while gone. The l...ast day my family and I are at the beach, the water gets cut off. The only reason I know this, is because I have 5 dogs at home with a pet sitter watching them. She calls inform me the water is off, so therefore, I call the City of Bristol for assistance in cutting it back on long enough for me to get back home and pay the very next morning. Not only do my dogs not have water, but upon getting home later in the evening, will my child not have water either. I told that until I pay, I won't have any water. There's no way to pay online OR over the phone in these instances, AND the City of Bristol, IS NOT willing to work with or help anyone out, in such circumstances. I think it's disgusting and total shame. We have lived at our residence for 2 years and ALWAYS pay or bill. Regardless, I really believe that this entire situation is absolutely ridiculous. Is there no help whatsoever for people in emergency situations????? I am beyond belief of all this. See More
Gaven Hedderick
· June 20, 2017
We loved the city and it's people! We visited several businesses while we were in Bristol from Thursday thru Tuesday and really enjoyed our stay!
James Lawler
· December 23, 2017
Police Chief needs to grow a set of balls and a spine. Karma is a bitch, coward.
Susan Kegley
· January 4, 2016
I think a statue of a fellow riding a bicycle should be erected in Shamus name for all the wonderful deeds he does all over the city. He is so special and considerate of anyone he meets, and never for...gets you. He is certainly a "Hero " in my neighborhood...Holston Avenue. There is not a finer person, and we all love and respect Shamus. See More
Chad Henderson
· April 17, 2016
Had a great time with my son watching the race but now I know why it was only around 30% full. The city has blocked off all the lots close to the track where people payed $30+ to park in order to let... the people who parked farther away get to their cars first. BRILLIANT! I'm sure the city official who came up with this idea thought he or she was a genius. Next time I would suggest someone with business experience make this call. We won't be back. See More
Janet H. Carwell
· February 9, 2015
Shamas Doughtery as a great Bristolian and number 1 fan of Tennessee High School should Be honored and recognized by some means!!! Street named or rename the stadium Shamas Viking Stadium!!! Their 850 people on Facebook who would like to see him honored! Check it out ;)
Go to ....Your probably from Bristol If on Facebook !!!
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Anna Marie Witt
· July 8, 2017
I love my city :) no other place like it and will never leave
Charlie Hatfield
· November 15, 2017
Bristol ,VA,TN, Loved it .
Bristol,VA,TN , Best Town .
Linda Casey
· May 11, 2017
Excellent service & dedicated officers . City of Bristol , TN is a beautiful place to live ---Bristol ,Tn. Police have worked to make this a safe place to live.
Chance Thompson
· August 20, 2016
The police officers at the entrance/exit to Farmer Bob's were really working hard for the race tonight... Sitting under their tent in the median while we all played frogger to get across the four lane.... Thanks Bristol! See More
Doggie Swim at Haynesfield Pool!
The 2017 Christmas Parade sponsored by The Bristol Chamber of Commerce

Here's your chance to win two tickets to Jim Brown Entertainment presents: Confederate Railroad on March 31st at The Paramount Center for the Arts Bristol, TN. Tag a friend below and comment your favorite Confederate Railroad song by 11:59 PM this Sunday to enter!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've been waiting for! Crews have begun the process of planting the new downtown trees! They will continue working, weather permitting, until all trees have been planted, with the goal of having planting complete prior to the spring race.

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Police Department to conduct security course for local churches

With the issue of safety in public places increasingly becoming a topic of concern in communities across the nation, local law enforcement officials want to provide the greatest number of tools possible to keep area residents safe. One such tool is in the form of an upcoming course offered by the Bristol Tennessee Police Department regarding security for local churches. The class will cover a number of topics des...igned to help churches better prepare for various types of emergency situations, including violent intruders.

This two-hour session will take place on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the Police Training Room on the ground floor of the Slater Center, located at 325 McDowell Street. It is free and open to members of all churches in the Bristol, TN area, and refreshments will be provided.

For further information, please contact Sergeant Brian Hess at (423)989-9382 or

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The two males in these photos were seen pushing an undetermined amount of merchandise in a shopping cart out of one of the fire doors at Walmart on Century Blvd. If you have any information regarding the identities of these individuals, please contact the Bristol TN Police Department at 423-989-5600 or 423-764-TIPS (8477).

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UPDATE 2/21/2018: The remaining two juvenile suspects have been identified and charged with Burglary and Vandalism. The charges against all three suspects have been filed in the Bristol Tennessee Juvenile Court.

UPDATE 2/19/2018: As a result of the investigation, one suspect, who is a juvenile, is in custody at this time and has been charged with burglary and vandalism. With regard to the other two suspects, who are also juveniles, the investigation is still ongoing and additional charges are pending.

Individuals entered Vance Middle School Tuesday night and sprayed fire extinguishers in the hallways. If these individuals look familiar please contact Bristol TN Police Department at 423-989-5600 or 423-764-8477 (tips).

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City of Bristol TN added 2 new photos to the album: Animal Control — in Bristol, Tennessee.

Bristol Tennessee Animal Control has picked up the following animals! The animals will be held at the City Shelter for a limited time before being transported to the Sullivan County Animal Shelter in Blountville. The animals ARE NOT for adoption at this time! Please call 989-5600 to claim your furfriends!

Congratulations to the winners of our 12th and final Paper Windows session of the year, "Something New".
1st place - "Tiny Fingers" by Donna Tallman
2nd place - "A New Beginning" by Wendy Johnson
3rd place - "Exploring This New World" by Laurie Yates


Stay tuned for the special announcement of our overall winner for this year's competition.

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Interested in becoming a lifeguard? This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified lifeguard.

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On February 2, 2018, the Bristol Tennessee Police Department responded to the Bristol, TN Wal-Mart in reference to theft. Three unknown males left the store without paying for numerous items. The three males left in a silver Nissan Altima with front end damage. Police need help identifying the three suspects. If you have any information about the identity of one, or all of the males, please contact the Bristol Tennessee Police Department Tips line at 423-764-8477.

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Ever wondered how one of Bristol's oldest neighborhoods got its unusual name? Take an in-depth look at its fascinating story on this episode of Forged In History.

A fascinating in-depth look at the history behind the unusual name of one of Bristol's oldest neighborhoods.

Equipment for the eyes donated to Steele Creek Nature Center

The Blue Stocking Club of Bristol recently donated two new microscopes to the Nature Center at Steele Creek Park. The microscopes, one a compound light microscope and one a dissecting light microscope, will greatly expand research capabilities for the center’s staff and volunteers. “This new -equipment for the eyes- will be especially helpful during educational programs and activities hosted at the Nature Center, gi...ving students an additional way to look at their world,” said Jeremy Stout, Nature Center Manager. Both of the microscopes have digital viewing capability, which means a magnification of up to 2500x may be achieved and the images can be projected onto a computer screen, flat panel monitor, or some other type of screen device.

The latest episode of the City’s BTN-TV “Steele Creek Explorer” program features the new scopes prominently. The program may be seen on cable provider BTES Channel 16 or Charter Channel 192.

The Blue Stocking Club also donated an additional $25,000 to the Nature Center to fund the lake and geology exhibit located in the expansion area.

For more information on the microscopes or Nature Center programming please contact Mr. Stout at 423-989-5616 or email

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The CareHere Employee Health and Wellness Clinic, which opened in January last year, is run by Nashville, Tennessee-based CareHere, which manages more than 300 care clinics and wellness centers in 24 states. It provides primary care, disease management, sports physicals, lab work and generic non-narcotic medication at no cost to employees who are on the city’s health care plan.

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BRISTOL, Tenn. — In the year that Bristol, Tennessee’s health clinic has been in operation, it has filled almost 22,000 appointments, lowered the copay of the employees who use the

"Feel free to dance along the town's main street, known as State Street, which straddles the two states. Or if you're looking to get moving another way, Bristol Motor Speedway has great seats for everyone in the family and hosts two NASCAR events each year. Experience a drive-in movie at the Twin City Drive-In Theatre."

Thanks to U.S. News and World Report Travel for the love and for letting everyone know what a great place Bristol is to visit!

Escape the city grind and enjoy small-town charm, stellar scenery and storied streets.

Attention photographers! Last call for entries! The deadline to submit your photos is Wednesday, January 31st. The theme for this year's final session of Paper Windows is "Something New". Send us a photo that represents something new in your life, or the overall sense of renewal that comes with the fresh start of a new year. For full contest rules and to submit your entry, visit

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On 1/18/2018 two unidentified subjects entered the Marathon gas station on Volunteer Parkway. The men were reported to have been speaking in Arabic and were driving a white or silver sedan. One of the males used the ATM with a duplicate card and made a withdraw of all the money in the account. He attempted a second card but was denied access. If these males look familiar please contact Bristol TN Police Department at 423-989-5600 or 423-764-8477 (tips).

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