Olympic gold medalist John Shuster on his experience at the 2016 Ryder Cup ... “Honestly, I don’t know how you got so many people onto those grounds so quickly.” ... We’re looking forward to welcoming back those crowds in 10 years! #rydercup #teamshuster
It was fitting that Team Shuster delivered the Ryder Cup to the official announcement of Minnesota’s second Ryder Cup! #rydercup2028 #chaska
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Christmas in May is fast approaching. This year's event will take place on Saturday, May 5. While it looks like we won't have Christmas-like weather (thankfully 😃), we still need volunteers. To find out more about Christmas in May & how to volunteer, go to

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Even though #MotherNature canceled the #snowstorm today, ChaskaMSB was still dealing with the #blizzard2018 leftovers!

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If you heard a few footsteps on the roof of the #chaskalibrary today, it was just our Public Works crew making sure we don't get rain falling inside our buildings when the snow finally melts. We tried to keep the noise to a whisper, Carver County Library🔉🤫

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Becky Walters Anderson
· February 4, 2016
I live in Jonathan. When a path I use all year long wasn't being plowed I called the Jonathan Association, to inquire the reason. To which they said that particular path is a City of Chaska path. I ca...lled Public Works, to which I was told the city is just too busy and too big to plow that path. Are you kidding me? The ONLY path by our house, and a path I use twice a day to walk the dog (and many others use and children use to walk to the bus stop) and you won't plow it? What ARE my taxes paying for? I think this is ridiculous and want to know what we as Chaska residents can do to get this path plowed. Does children's safety not matter? Please advise. Thank you. See More
Anna Ranieri
· January 17, 2017
Last night I could not get up the hill in my highland neighborhood ! Roads are never salted or cleaned like they should be! Explain to me how you expect a school bus to come in and out of our hood pic...king up kids ! Ridiculous and very unsafe ! See More
Carol Gohman Giffin
· June 18, 2017
Thanks for the quick response from the city on the power outage. Thank you
Marc Anderson
· January 8, 2017
Worst case of police cowardice I've ever seen. If the police are that fearful, as they themselves say, they have no business being police. That they were not fired makes all of you disgusting, repul...sive, weak people. I hate Chaska. See More
Denny Anthony Baker
· August 16, 2015
A great city to raise a family. Wonderful and kind community of caring people.
Julie Heupel Halloff
· September 11, 2014
Who do I talk to about construction happening the next block over on Cedar St and my water being affected? Sometimes no water, sometimes dirty water, sometimes spitting water.
Aaron Meyer
· October 27, 2013
Since "Contact Parks & Rec" page on your city website doesn't work I'd like to file a request of your Public Works and have them clean up the garbage that's over flowing in Shallow Park. They need to... empty that garbage more than once per month. See More
Mary Fuentes
· September 28, 2015
I living in Chaska and I love my city
This site bring information important for the residents and visitors
James Pizzano Jr
June 11, 2013
stay out of N.H. Politics
Amy Lamb
May 17, 2012
Do you have a city wide garage sale?