Join Mayor Virg Bernero at the 20th Annual Mayor's Family Riverwalk on Saturday, June 11th at 9AM! The 3-mile walk on the Lansing River Trail will start at Potter Park Zoo and end at Maguire Park with fun stations along the way, certificates for each walker and free refreshments at the finish line. Plus, the first 1,000 walkers will take home a free t-shirt! #LoveLansing Details:
Winter is coming and we're making sure Lansing is ready! Stay tuned - City of Lansing Public Service Department is going to give you the inside scoop on our new plow trucks, snow removal from sidewalks and streets and answers to other seasonal FAQs. ❄️ #lovelansing #lansingalert #seasonalscoop
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Noah Blauwkamp
· February 11, 2018
When can Tenny street get plowed? I have used my personal truck to pull 3 cars all the way down the road and out onto jolly road just so they can keep going to their destination. It has been almost a ...week since we have had a plow down our road. YET you want me to keep the sidewalk clear every time it snows, how about when you plow the road I'll clean the sidewalk. Its ridiculous that you can not keep up with the snow. This is Michigan, we get snow. Plan a way to take care of it. See More
Brooke Wells
· January 12, 2018
I always appreciate the salt trucks, but one of the drivers just about killed me today. At 1:30pm I had to merge on a highway near DeWitt and following behind one and staying to the left of it. As soo...n as the road opened up, the truck cut all the way across to the left and started spraying loose snow in my path. Luckily no cars were around because I spun out. I understand they have a job to do, but I would appreciate not being killed in the process. See More
Chevy Jim
· February 11, 2018
My snow blower needs a break. 10 hrs in 3 days just keeping my road clean enough so ppl do not get stuck. We have seen plow and salt rucks turn around at the end of Washington ave N of jolly. How abou...t a pass down lowcroft to belair to Burchfield and back to Washington instead of leaving these corners a huge mess. See More
Keana Dickson
· March 11, 2018
I've been in better places, worse places. The event causing me to give a shobby review is the fact that I put in for service calls to fix the road... which has dozens of bucket sized holes. See the se...rvicemen came out and slapped asphalt in ONE HOLE... and called it good.

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Stephanie Cady
· February 11, 2018
Why did the snow plow only plow down the middle of my neighborhood hood street? I live on Crocus Ave and now you can only get one vehicle at a time down this street. Why didn’t they plow the WHOLE ROAD?
Craig Davis
· February 23, 2018
The potholes around this city are ridiculous. When are some of these major roadways like Cedar, Jolly, Pennsylvania and MLK going to get fixed? The city offices are going to start getting invoices for... vehicle repairs if something doesn't get done soon... See More
Nick Porter
· February 23, 2018
Being a taxpayer for this fine city, you'd think money would go to fixing potholes... The roads are the worst I've seen in the 27 years of living here.
Chris Kinne
· February 21, 2018
I think instead of posting on fb. We should be using our time and money properly to be fixing our roads. Like the million potholes across the Capitol of your beautiful state looks ridiculous.
La Verne Goodrich
· September 10, 2017
I have lived in some real dump cities like Ruskin Florida and places like that and I'm telling you those cities are beautiful compared to Lansing you have dumped s*** on this town and I'm going to tel...l you the truth the way it is the only nice place in Lansing is a block around the capitol the Restless city is going to pot thank you for your time and patience for not doing anything See More
Cheryl Belvin
· February 22, 2018
Hi, I live out side of lansing. I don't know the neighborhoods, so I wish this site would show a map with, the closed roads or area marked. I need to go to lansing for a apoitment, and trying to find ...out what roads are flooded.
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Taneshia Roshar
· February 11, 2018
When will Granger street get plowed? Seen a city plow truck plow Armstrong rd pushing all of the snow onto granger street but didn't come down Granger street. Now I'm stuck on the street smh
Felicia Sawyer
· February 11, 2018
I wish i could have my street plowed. I live on mark twain on the south side and haven't seen a plow all winter!
Dori Vogt-Durbin
· September 1, 2017
We will be leaving as soon as we can. The bullies at lpd made that for sure. If I had lived in Mason where I came from this wouldnt be an issue. Lazy bullies. Don't buy here you will be sorry. I am.
Ryan Moss
· December 21, 2016
Just so I'm clear. We are supposed to give you 48 hours + to clear our roads. But we are given 24 hours to clear our sidewalks? Even though it never stopped snowing?
I called and you said "well a l...ot of people walk and it can be dangerous". Very true. However, I am willing to bet more people drive my road than walk it. You can have 10 resident of a street call and complain about the road and you say sorry we will get to it eventually. But one person walking the sidewalk calls to complain and you go fine the homeowner as fast as possible. It's the holiday season, some may be out of town for the weekend.
It's you guys jumping on small stuff but letting the bigger issues go is why my family and so many others are moving out of this forsaken city.
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Shaun Jefferies
· April 27, 2016
I'm from Ohio and I've visited Lansing a couple of times recently to visit a friend and I really have grown to love the city. Having grown up in Ohio there's a ingrained distrust of all things Michiga...n but Lansing is a truly amazing city and has changed my perspective on the state as whole. There are lots of great things to see and do here, some of my favorites; visiting Old Town, driving along the Morris river, visiting your mall which closes surprisingly earlier than the ones in Ohio do which I found very strange the first time but has come to be something I enjoy. All in all a great place to visit and somewhere I'd love to live. See More
John Westra
· April 3, 2017
"Congratulations" Lansing has Officially joined the Ranks of those who believe it's 'ok' to Violate Federal Law and Endanger the Lives of the Citizens of Lansing, Michigan and the United States, by we...lcoming and offering Aid & Comfort to Felons, using Taxpayer Money and Violating their own Oath of Office!

Governor Rick Snyder, Attorney General Bill Schuette, Members of the Michigan State Legislature and Fellow Citizens, I call on you to Honor Your Oath of Office and Civic Duty and Immediately:

> De-fund the City of Lansing of all State Aid
> Prosecute and Remove from Office all those of the who have Willfully Violated their Oath of Office
> Sue the City of Lansing & Obtain an Injunction, prohibiting the implementation of this this Reckless Legislation

'All Enemies, Foreign AND Domestic!'
May God Preserve the Constitutional Republic of the United States!
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Trent Steel
· April 5, 2017
Congrats on being a Sanctuary City. As if all the auto jobs leaving wasn't enough to kill your city economy I am sure this will bring in tourist money. I mean everyone wants to visit a city that does...n't believe in the laws right? Let's see how long this lasts when the feds cut off your $$. See More
Merry Stanford
· May 31, 2017
Lansing COULD be a great city! We have lovely green spaces, vibrant neighborhoods, committed citizens. Unfortunately the current Mayor and his administration thinks the citizens who elected him are o...pposed to change because we don't want our parks destroyed, because we want to save them for our future generations. Virg Benero says he is just the "implementer" of a road through Ormond Park. If so, Mr. Mayor, then who is driving this massacre of parks? See More
Matt Martyn
· July 18, 2017
Love it! A great place to call home. Downtown, Old Town, REO Town, and Michigan Avenue Corridor highlight this cool up-and-coming city. #LansingLove
Albert Macias
· April 12, 2017
Idiot mayor. As a cop who worked in a crime ridden city in South Cal. Every Dui crash that occurred with an illegal alien resulted in that illegal alien fleeing the scene. Illegals committed more than American citizens. Illegal stole, robbed, sold drugs in plain sight and formed gangs.
This udiot mayor is a complete imbecile!
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Lansing SAVE

It’s #SpringintoSavings week! The 1:1 Fund will double your donation so you can maximize your investments in Lansing’s future! Donate now.…/Lansing-SAVE-Spring-i…/c172883

This week only, 1:1 Fund will match your donation to Lansing SAVE, up to $500! Please help Lansing SAVE reach their $2,500 fundraising goal that will help empower Lansing School District kindergarteners to pursue higher education in the future. #LoveLansing

Lansing SAVE was established by the City of Lansing in partnership with the Lansing School District and Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) and was launched in January 2015. After a four-year rollout, Lansing SAVE is now in every kindergarten classroom in the district.

The Summer 2018 issue of #LansingLiving is here! Check out and register for Lansing Parks and Recreation activities, learn about Capital Area Recycling and Trash and plenty of other important citywide information.

Metro Lansing Living is a City of Lansing publication combining the Lansing Parks and Recreation Activities Guide, the Capital Area Recycling and Trash (CART) Greensheet, as well as other important information and event details.

Tonight's the first Road Map Neighborhood Tour at Letts Community Center at 6PM! Mayor Andy Schor and City of Lansing Public Service Department Director Andy Kilpatrick will provide information about our roads including how they're funded, upcoming projects and more.

Mar 19 - Jun 7City of Lansing, Michigan - GovernmentLansing, MI
99 people interested

Don't forget, CATA - Capital Area Transportation Authority is offering FREE Entertainment Express trolley rides on St. Patrick's Day from 4PM - 3AM. Please celebrate safely.

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Downtown Lansing

CATA - Capital Area Transportation Authority is offering FREE Entertainment Express trolley rides on St. Patrick's Day! The trolley will be running between downtown Lansing and Downtown East Lansing from 4 pm until 3 am on St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate safely!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in downtown Lansing this Saturday! On-street parking is free on the weekends downtown.

Celebrate in Downtown! If you're looking for fun this St. Patrick's Day, downtown Lansing has it all! With more than 45 dining locations, bars, and pubs, you're sure to find what you're looking for in an Irish celebration. Every year the excitement begins early with breakfast specials, green beer, ....

Mayor Andy Schor has issued his second Executive Order to establish and create the Mayor's Diversity Advisory Council that will provide expertise, resources and support in citywide diversity acceptance, respect and celebration. To apply to be appointed to the board, visit

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Are you ready for Lansing Parks and Recreation Concerts in the Park 2018? #PlayLansing #CIP2018

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Lansing Parks and Recreation

If we reach 35 likes on this post, we will announce the next three concert of the #CIP2018 series! We look forward to seeing you this summer at all of our concerts! #PlayLansing

#LansingAlert: We are currently salting major streets, trunk lines, bridges and overpasses.

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City of Lansing Public Service Department

Reminder: Daylight Savings is tomorrow, March 11! Clocks will be turned forward 1 hour at 2AM.

Don't forget to stop by the Green Dot Stables Pop-Up! at Allen Neighborhood Center tonight and #WetAsFunk tomorrow at The Green Door Bar & Grill to help support your neighbors impacted by the recent flooding emergency. #LoveLansing #ServeLansing

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Support your neighbors who were impacted by the recent flooding emergency while enjoying great food, live music and even better company! #ServeLansing

This Saturday, Allen Neighborhood Center is hosting Green Dot Stables Pop-Up! to benefit staff wages of the new restaurant that is currently closed due to damages.

Sunday, The Green Door Bar & Grill is hosting #WetAsFunk to raise money to donate to the American Red Cross to support those impacted.

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Mayor Andy Schor announced that efforts conducted by the City of Lansing for hazard mitigation during the recent flooding emergency saved Lansing residents over $2 million dollars. Details: