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Mark your calendars for this great FREE event! Registration for door prizes and pictures with the Easter Bunny start at 10 a.m. The Egg Hunt begins at 11 a.m. Dress for the weather! Children should bring a bag/basket to collect their eggs. See you at Shawnee Park on Saturday, March 31st for a hoppin' good time!

Sat 10:00 AM EDTShawnee ParkXenia, OH
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Are you looking for summer employment? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Are you dependable, responsible, and a hard worker? If you answered "YES" to those questions, then we have just the job for you! Click on the link provided to learn more about this Summer Streetscape and Park Maintenance employment opportunity!

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If you missed it, don't worry, we've got it for you! Some video of the Balloon Glow event last evening at the Xenia Community Festival! What a super time for the entire family. Check out the Community Festival tonight until 10 pm!!, and for more on the City of Xenia, check out
Join us next Friday, May 5th at 4:30 pm for the official ceremony to dedicate the New "Splash Pad" as it opens at the new Richard W. Bennett Play Depot at Xenia Station. It's all about kids and families this summer in Xenia as temperatures rise and kids from all over town enjoy the newest playground named after well-known Xenia educator and civic leader Richard Bennett! Hope to see you at Xenia Station next week right before the 2017 kickoff of First Fridays in Downtown Xenia. Log onto for more info and check out the story today with WHIO-TV 7's Gabrielle Enright between 5 and 6 pm.
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Bryan Arnett
· February 27, 2018
These roads are freaking horrible. There is zero excuses to let the streets decay to the point they have. Who is going to pay for the tie rods and alignments? I drive through several cities in ohio da...ily, and Xenias streets are worse by far. How are we so highly taxed yet nothing to show for it but a new city building? The cold pack is a waste of time and money. If everybody paid the taxes into an account that cant be touched by the city till the roads were better they would be fixed that month. See More
Sandra Barlow
· December 13, 2017
I can't remember the exit number but right off the interstate into Xenia, OH I visited a Shell fuel station and they refused to let me use the rest room. I am a black female so of course the first I thought of was they don't like blacks. They had table and chairs for eating because they serve food, but no restroom except for employees?? I wish I had asked before filling up the car with gas. So be careful blacks traveling through Ohio, avoid Xenia Shell Station off the interstate!! See More
Keran Hovind
· November 4, 2017
I don't know much about the government but every time I come "home" the place seems to have changed. Lots more houses and people. Still enjoy remembering the people and places it used to have. Reme...mbering is a good thing. See More
Thomas L. Scrivens
· December 6, 2017
Xenia is "Some Place Special"... after growing up in Xenia, attending and being graduated from Xenia Community Schools and matriculating to and being graduated from Central State University -- this a...rea is HOME and holds a unique position in my heart and memory. I have also lived and voted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington,D.C. and Texas and travelled from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast to the Pasific coast and every State is beautiful but the City of Xenia,Ohio is special. See More
Jacob Dill
· February 16, 2018
Won’t fix the potholes or just redo the roads, builds gas stations, pharmacy’s, and tons of fast food. Constantly waisting our citizens tax dollars.
Kevin McCoy
· January 11, 2014
Growing up in Xenia was pretty good, we had a bowling ally, a drive in theater, a movie theater, a skating rink, J.C Penny's department store, a Montgomery Wards department store, Rink's, Kings Putt ...Putt.a County Pool. A wooded area we rode our bikes in on a kids built bmx course. Now if you want to go bowling you have to go out of town or fire up your Wii. Same with swimming roller skating and just about everything mentioned above. Except drinking you can find a bar just about every corner or street in downtown Xenia. Says something about the town now dont it. See More
Kim Bundenthal Geis
· December 2, 2016
What is going on in Xenia? We have become a community without any entertainment at all. I heard they are building a hotel where K-mart was then today I saw a sign close to Walmart saying they are bui...lding a Hampton Suites Hotel. Why would anyone travel to Xenia and spend the night. There is anything here when they get here. All we have here is pharmacies and car part stores. And now hotels.
What about something like a Dave and Busters? That would give reason to travel to Xenia.
See More
Melissa Mckeever
· February 21, 2015
Very upset at the snowplowing. The neighborhoods have not been touched by a snow plow! Here on bingham drive is terrible 3 of my friends have had to be pushed! What do the people of xenia pay taxes fo...r?? I understand doing the main roads first but it is now almost 10pm and this neighborhood is still COVERED! See More
Leah Fairchild Hayes
· June 4, 2015
I'm tired of being harassed by the city. They like to drive around in their little truck and pick on my husband and I and any property we own. Anyone else have this issue?
Jonathan Pointer
March 26, 2013
Early Monday morning we had the misfortune of a city snowplow taking out our mail box. I was dreading contacting the city to see what could be done. Not knowing who to contact I got a hold of Louderback who said he would look into it. An hour later city employees came out and fixed it making it better than it was before. Thanks Mr. Louderback and all who helped resolve this situation! See More
Skip Davis
· July 29, 2014
When you work for the city of Xenia they try to drive you out when you get close to 30 years in. They don't want to have to pay retirement. They drove me out after 29.5 years of service.
Nancy Reynolds Sumner
· August 2, 2016
When are you ever going to repave the roads in Xenia? They're terrible! Most especially the side streets!
Alan King
· March 27, 2014
Great little town. Beautiful parks in and near the city, wonderful hiking and biking trails converge here from all directions, nice folks, lots of small locally owned businesses. We love our Hometown.
Annette Carl Fideler
March 26, 2013
Just want to say thanks for keeping the roads clear through the snow storms we've had. We lived in Fairborn where you rarely see a snow plow or a police officer for that matter. We've lived here sin...ce 2002 are very impressed with Xenia's care for the community. Thanks!! See More
Krista Owens-Rogers
August 14, 2012
We are ready for your registrations! Come and join us on October 14 at Greene Memorial Hospital to help us raise funds for cancer patients! Please click the link to the page and like us! Looking for ...a corporate sponsor opportunity? Let us know! We expect 250+ folks at our event! Message us for more information!
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Tina Rader
· October 31, 2013
We want everyone to know our daughter took her dog to the Animal Shelter in Xenia to get fixed, and someone there was CARELESS and let him out. Now he's only god knows where (we are praying not hit by... a car). And there VERY upset!!! The person on the phone there acted as if it was no big deal and was RUDE!! If you see him please let us know asap, he's friendly and goes by Ryder. Please See More
JackyNess Riley Riley
· December 12, 2014
Thank you for choosing my photo first place as the Fall foliage photography competition, I am a student now and will peruse my dreams as a Professional Photographer. Thank you for the opportunity.
Jessica Moore
October 29, 2012
A suggestion for trick or treat- a lot of little ones will still be anxious to dress up and go door to door no matter what the temperature is. If its not raining, anyone PASSING OUT treats sit at the ...END of your driveway and this will allow the children to go down the road much quicker. I've always thought this would be a great idea every year! Pass the word on and let's come together and make the best out of it!! :) See More
Kelly Hines
October 28, 2013
I agree with Bobbie. There's nothing fun about trick or treating in bad weather. But it would be nice to get an early heads up. Not last minute.
Robin Kirksey
December 26, 2011
RE: Man Murdered at Lexington Park, Xenia Ohio.
When I was a child coming up in Xenia we had a Drive-In, a Movie Theater right acrossed from the Court House and a Skating Rink on Lower Bellbrook. changed and anything of good 'clean fun' went away and became consolidated into the Burger King Parking Lot... I spent 33yrs of my 44yr old life (prior to moving to Las Vegas) Life flat-out depressed everytime I heard the Bells of the Xenia Court House chime because I watched as my generation of people of color became profiled and aimless. Even I, with barely enough income to care for my 3 children would end up at the court house EVERY SINGLE YEAR owing drummed up taxes or going through hell hell trying to afford a car that would pass the Emmitions Test, if not 'I too' would be profiled and eventually I WAS... frisk, taken downtown and all! The mentality of 'my home' truly saddens me not just because of the oppression that I see that is 'still' is very real, but because of the many Xenians that have bought into the 'oppression mind-set' and fell for the okey-doke by doing our OWNSELVES in... Building a new Dog Park ISN'T the answer. 'People of Xenia' must try to do better by one another. See More