More beautiful birthday gifts I got this year, such gorgeous covers aren't they?😍

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This rattan shelf houses all those fancy first edition books, some of them had even been signed by the author, some have elaborate ex libris stamps in them📚🤓

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Good morning Birmingham!👋🏻 I'm so excited to be surrounded by history & all the Gothic architecture in Prague but I'll miss the canals & all your fancy AF buildings😘🏙
Today I ran my first 15k ever!🏃🏻‍♀️💨 It was the best thing ever & I wasn't even tired!🙈 Still can't believe I've actually RUN because when I was a kid I'd only hate two things in the world - spinach & running😜
Here's a video of Pippin being Pippin to celebrate that she let me sleep in until 5am today!😽😽😽

Got this little baby camera from @jakub_frydrych_photography for my birthday & it's the cutest thing I've ever owned🙈
It literally fits in the palm of my hand, it's so tiny❤️

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The fanciest cat toilet in the world is almost done🤓
All there's left to do is to make a whole in the side of the cabinet. The tools I have for this are a fairly large saw and a drill. Any tips on how not to die whilst drilling this shit out of a cat toilet and get a decent cat flap hole made in the cabinet?🤔

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Hi, I'm Cookie & kicked Pippin out of her fancy new bed and now I'm gonna sleep in it until the weekend at least🦁💤

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I've finally found the perfect little table for this corner of the living room!🙏🏻 Going to pick it up today wheeeeee!😊

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A few weeks ago we went to the Museum of Karel Zeman in Prague🙊
He's the author of a bunch of old Czech films for kids that are still super popular because he was using some incredible effects for his time
If you've ever seen any of his films (they'd been translated in English too - you might know the Fabulous life of Jules Verne🤓) then you'll love this little place full of magic❤️ @ Prague, Czech Republic

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This isn't the best photo (the bedroom is so awkward to take pictures of🙈) but here's a little shelf I added to the bedroom🌿
Isn't it just so cute?😍
I want a huge peacock chair instead of the night stand on the other side now😅🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hello, how's your week going so far?👋🏻
It's bloomin' snowing here again, can you believe it? When's this mayhem gonna stop?! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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When you realise you don't own cats but actual cat models😽😽😂
PS- Yeah, that's the new peacock chair, it's in a horrid shape though & I'll be trying to fix it with a hot glue gun today. Pray for Tereza. And the chair. Mainly the chair🙏🏻

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You can't ever have enough peacock chairs in your home😅

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It's snowing here in Prague!❄️
You know, those really big fluffy flakes that are made out of millions of tiny tiny flakes😍
What are your plans for the weekend?🌿

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I brought this typewriter all the way from the UK😳
It weighs an actual ton & took me half a day to carry it up to the 5th floor but it was totally worth it😅 Now it sits proudly on the top of the cats' toilet😬👌🏻

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Last week I got this gorgeous rattan shelf for £20 off a flea market website and I cannot wait to fill it with even more old crap than what's already on it😎👌🏻

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One of my favourite antique shops in Prague😍
And I don't half mind that the guy that owns it is so rude it scares me😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #BloodyCzechs

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