Check out these millipedes!
Call a pest professional.
Here's a short video showing the installation of a French drain to pull moisture away from the foundation of a house.

Want to find a 4-leafed clover? Learn about the Clover Mites!

Clover mites can spell disaster for a lawn! Read this blog to learn more!

Did you see the photo we posted yesterday of bed bugs on a mattress?!
Meet Smoke and Rambo, our bed bug detection dogs! These two have been trained to detect bed bugs by their scent - a smell that the human nose can't discern.
Check out our website for more information about bed bugs!

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Amanda Cave
· February 23, 2018
First off, when I received the first phone call after submitting a contact request on their website and an appointment was set, no one showed. After me calling back and getting a new appointment set f...or the next day, the inspector gentleman came out, said he didn’t see any signs of an active pest. I showed him a video of the sounds and area where it’s coming from for the last 4 days and he agreed something was in there and said he would talk to his boss about what to do because he had no clue where to even start. That was on Tuesday. Today is Friday. I have not received any communication from the Fayetteville office about this. Is this how you treat your customers? We used you before for an ant issue in the yard and liked your service but after the “miscommunication” between your offices when booking the original appointment, your companies head office not communicating the appointment with the Fayetteville office, and now radio silence while this pest chews through my wall keeping me up at all hours of the night, we will take our business elsewhere and stop referring people to your company.

Very dissatisfied customer. I recommend people don’t waste their time or money on this company.
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Alicia Martinez
· January 17, 2018
Life as a new homeowner is overwhelming enough without having to worry about uninvited guests. My dad sprayed the nooks and crannies when I moved in and then again after I kept encountering roaches. R...oaches are my kryptonite. I have a phobia, so whenever I found a roach, I would trap it and wait for my roommate to come home and dispose of the nasty thing!

To be honest, I did everything in my power to treat my house on my own, from roach houses, to sprays, to poisonous tablets. I cleaned my house continuously and kept my drains closed when not in use. Unfortunately, the buggers kept finding a way in to torment me!

I have never used a pest control service before, but my first experience far surpassed my expectations. My serviceman was not only prompt but early! In my experience in home services, a prompt and/or early arrival is rare.

During my home inspection, the serviceman checked every nook and cranny including the crawl space, under the sinks, and the attic. Not only was he thorough, he took the time to explain where to look for roaches, how they find a way into the house, and prevention techniques. This knowledge and passion for my home protection meant the world. Taking the time to explain roach habits, however disgusting in my eyes, made me feel so much more secure.

My house was sprayed with a solution that is non-toxic for my dog. Since the treatment, I have not encountered another roach. This is a major relief since I had gotten used to finding roaches at least a few times a week.

I highly recommend Clegg's for your pest control needs. Not only do they know what they're doing, they cared about protecting me and my home. Two thumbs way up!
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Tiffany Nicole Buck
· February 1, 2018
I am new to Cleggs. I called to set up quarterly service and the people came right on out to my house to look around, have me sign the contract, & collect their money. We set up a time for the first s...ervice. That day came and no one showed up. I called and they rescheduled . This time I waited again and once again a no show. I called and they rescheduled again. I guess 3rd times a charm. They showed up. This week I called to schedule my next service which they scheduled for today between 2-4. It is now after 6 and no one has shown up. With this type of service I believe Cleggs does not respect its customers time. Wonder how many times they will stand me up before they show up this time. See More
Rebecca Antonelli
· January 17, 2018
AAAAAAA++++++ I put off dealing with a mice issue in my home way too long.

Because I only caught a few, I felt I could handle it myself. ...

However, the last one I caught was still alive.... ARGH!!!! Dry heaving + nearly sobbing, I called Clegg's Pest Control and they advised me on how to humanely take care of the injured mouse.

Then the cold weather set in. A very large contingency of mice became frequent unwanted houseguests and I decided my DIY pest control days were over.

Because they were so helpful, I called Clegg's again. Kevin came in no time and did a whole house inspection (even telling me I had a leak in my garbage disposal ;) ). He found more issues than mice and was able to treat my home the same day (without charging more for the extra critters).

No pressure selling. Great whole house advice. He even offered to come back in a few weeks to check the traps for me!

I'll never go anywhere else and I highly recommend calling Clegg's. (They serve all of NC).

Thanks and job well done!
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Kathryn Cook
· April 9, 2014
I wish I could give negative stars! I hired Clegg's after purchasing my first home. They were supposed to be taking care of quarterly service as well as evidence of termites when I had the home inspe...cted. 4 years later I was doing some remodeling and found out the the termites they had supposedly been treating have destroyed the back wall of my garage. When I called to complain the woman said they didn't cover damage done by termites. Needless to say I have switched service to Brunswick Pest Control and they are now working to correct the very expensive damage that has been done due to lack of service that I had been paying for. See More
Joe Eastmann
· July 1, 2017
Reasonable prices. Great service. Problem solved.
John Clegg
· June 27, 2017
Excellent service by excellent people!!! .......

Know what those little guys are?! Here's a hint: they're on an air mattress.

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Steps to Take When You Notice a Tick on Your Pet

Examining your pet frequently for ticks is important. Here's what to do when you notice a tick and the steps to take next.

Some of our residents are already seeing snakes! If you are too, give us a call, we can help.

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We are proud to support the UNC TV Spring Fundraiser! Read more about it on our blog.

We are proud to support UNC-TV and their 2018 Spring Fundraiser

Spiders? Man, Not All of Them Are Super Heroes! How to Get Rid of Them

Spiders do a great service toward humans by preying on other pests, but they do not belong in your home. Learn how to get rid of spiders!

We are proud to support UNC TV! The Spring Fundraiser is underway and you can call in your support through March 18th. On March 15th our crew will be at UNC TV taking your phone calls! We look forward to chatting with you!

UNC-TV brings you exclusive performances, and special live guests, during our Spring Fundraiser starting March 3.

Our guys had a great time meeting people at the Greenville Home Show this past weekend!
Did you stop by our booth? What did you learn?

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Just out for a stroll...
When you work outdoors, you come in contact with many different types of animals! Our field agents sent in this picture during one of their jobs.

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Have you ever seen a Red Velvet Ant?
Also known as a Cow Killer, this little gal is actually a wasp. The females are wingless, males have wings. Folklore states their sting is so powerful it can kill a cow.
Have you seen these in your yard or field?

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Feeling lucky this month?!
We strive to always provide excellent customer service. Please click on the link below and select your Clegg's location to leave us a review! We will choose one lucky person to win our prize pack (including a gift card!) on March 31st!

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You see these as pipes with some space...rodents see these as an open invitation to your home or business!
Keep pests out by insulating well and patching these open spaces so that rodents don't have a way in. Visit our website for more information on preventing rodents and other pests!

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Welcome March! It's time to schedule termite inspections and treatment. Termites cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. Prevention is the best option to keep your home safe from termites. Clegg’s offers both liquid and bait termite solutions to prevent and treat termites. Give us a call today to schedule your home's inspection.

North Carolina Food Service professionals depend on Clegg's for effective pest control!

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