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Stephan Moll, MD writes… Can the person with a newly diagnosed DVT or PE safely fly, or should he/she wait for a few weeks before flying? It appears o.k. to fly early. There is no evidence that f…
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July 1, 2017
Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an acquired clotting disorder.  Patients with APS may have DVT or PE and require treatment with blood thinners. Warfarin (Coumadin®, Jantoven®), and sometimes the injectable heparin drugs (enoxaparin = Lovenox®; dalteparin = Fragmin®; tinzaparin = Innohep®; etc.),…
new oral blood thinner for clinical use, Bevyxxa® (= Betrixaban), taken once daily. It is FDA approved to prevent blood clots (DVT and PE) for patients who are significantly immobile and, therefore, at increased risk for blood clots during and after hospitalization for an acute medical illness. Full...

For your Spanish speaking patients, friends, acquaintances - good YouTube video explaining DVT/PE in Spanish:

El tromboembolismo venoso o TEV, es un término que incluye la trombosis venosa profunda y embolia pulmonar. TEV es común, y la mitad de todos los casos ocurr...

Cómo Vivir con el Tromboembolismo Venoso y Prevenir Coágulos Sanguíneos Mortales:

El tromboembolismo venoso o TEV, es un término que incluye la trombosis venosa profunda y embolia pulmonar. TEV es común, y la mitad de todos los casos ocurr...

Scuba Diving: Can I Dive While Being on a Blood Thinner? In a word...Yes!…/scuba-diving-can-i-di…/

Scuba Diving: Can I Dive While Being on a Blood Thinner? Stephan Moll, MD writes… In general: “Yes”. Many people who take blood thinners are able to safely dive. However, there are a few things to consider for the individual on blood thinners who wants to go scuba diving: “The most important quest…
Fascinating New Drug that Prevents Blood Clots Without Increasing Bleeding Risk Stephan Moll, MD writes (on Dec 8th, 2014)… A publication this week in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on a drug in development that protects patients from blood clots (DVT), without increasing the risk of bl…

A recording of the patient education webinar held on October 13 as part of World Thrombosis Day is now online at

The Anticoagulation Forum is a multidisciplinary nonprofit organization of health care professionals that will improve the quality of care for patients taking antithrombotic medications. The Anticoagulation Forum will minimize the risk and maximize the benefit of strategies used for the prevention a…

Traveling this week? Here's what you need to know about preventing blood clots.

I'm traveling. What do I need to know about blood clots? The risk for developing venous thromboembolism, VTE--blood clots known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)--increase with any form of lengthy immobility, including when seated for a prolonged period of time when traveling…

If you are an athlete who has experienced DVT/PE, please consider participating in this short (10 question) completely anonymous survey by Dr. Claire Hull, a researcher with interest in the experience of athletes and blood clots.

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UPCOMING: On November 6, the CDC will host a webinar for health professionals on "Venous thromboembolism (VTE): Recent Advances in Reducing the Disease Burden" Information and registration:…/documents/vte_save_the_date_nov2014.pdf

If you missed the patient webinar, a recording will be available in the coming days. We'll post a link here. Many thanks to the Anticoagulation Forum and the National Blood Clot Alliance for partnering on this wonderful education opportunity. Happy World Thrombosis Day everyone!

Today is the first ever World Thrombosis Day! Together we can stop deadly blood clots. Learn more about this movement at Most importantly, make sure you, your family and friends know about blood clots--risk factors, prevention and the symptoms of DVT/PE and what to do if they arise.

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World Thrombosis Day

Today is #WorldThrombosisDay! Know the Facts! Please take a minute to share important awareness information with your colleagues, friends and family. Together, ...we can #stopdeadlyclots and make a real difference in the lives of thousands around the world. Awareness is key!

As a reminder, please use the following resources!

- Change your profile picture!…/social-media-graphics/
- Share the #WTDay14 videos!
- Provide information to everyone you know! Download, email or print these awareness materials!

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Don't forget: Webinar is TODAY at 1PM ET for patients with DVT/PE.…

Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2014, Time: 01:00 PM EDT, Host(s): Jacki Fallman. This webinar is a joint project of the Anticoagulation Forum, Clot Connect, and the National Blood Clot Alliance and will be held on World Thrombosis Day on October 13, 2014. It is a webinar for patients diagnosed with DVT or PE. W…

World Thrombosis Day is TOMORROW. There will be a webinar at 1PM ET Monday, October 13 for DVT/PE patients & families. Learn more & register at

The program will be presented by Dr. Stephan Moll, Professor in the UNC Department of Medicine and Division of Hematology-Oncology and Medical Director of Clot Connect.

Blood clots happen in children too. If you are in the Schaumburg, IL area, the Asher James Congenital Heart Disease & Thrombosis Foundation has a walk on Sunday to raise awareness and funds for pediatric thrombosis.

Upcoming event: Walk to increase awareness of thrombosis in infants and children Posted September 17, 2014 | We're pleased to be able to share this upcoming educational event in the Schaumburg, IL supporting awareness of thrombosis in infants and children. For more information, visit http://www.ash