We heard it’s the first day of Spring? Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Spring over here so we thought some colorful #tacticalfolders might cheer us up for #TacticalTuesday! Each are awesome for #EDC and super lightweight. The #coldsteelknives #TuffLite @steveaustinbsr #BrokenSkull and the #finnwolf. Stay #neverunarmed no matter the weather.

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Were the #coldsteelknives guardian lions guarding the showroom entrance not menacing enough? Well, we decided to dress them up with our Polish Mace. Because... Monday. #neverunarmed #mondaymotivation #PolishMace

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Stan Ross
· March 13, 2018
Put in a call because I have a damaged belt clip, the gentleman was helpful and courteous. However, he told me it would be put in the mail the day I called. A week later no clip, just called back and ...found out the info gets sent to another department and it would take two to three weeks. Because things get sent out in batches. Now, I'm not one for doing reviews of companies. If I would have been told when I called the first time it would take that long. I would have been okay with that. But expecting it because I was told it would be sent out that day and not receiving it that week, and having to call back a second time is where I have an issue. Just not very good communication. See More
Chathen Roth
· 12 hours ago
I got bastard practice poly sword at Christmas ordered it 6 days before and it got here before Christmas day was really happy shipping was a bit high but love my hand and a half practice sword
Ryan Kollenborn
· September 27, 2017
I so far own the Kobun, Voyager, TI-Lite 4", SRK, Urban Edge and just ordered the classic TI-Lite 6" and plan on getting more. I bought the Recon 1 for my cousin who is a firefighter and he loves it. ...These knives are all tough dependable knives and are leading the pack in the knife world. I hope to see more practical awesome knives at great prices in the future as well. See More
Jordan Welch
· January 10, 2018
Horrible customer service. I sent back a knife for warranty inspection was not ever contacted by them. They stopped returning my emails and every time I called they told me what I wanted to hear. I ne...eded to change shipping information and was assured they would contact me before sending it out. I call today and my package was delivered to a company I no longer work for. Absolutely unacceptable service for such a quality product. See More
Scott Kraut
· January 3, 2018
Always fun to play with the cold steel knife. Thanks guys for being on the ball.
Zeb Gipson
· March 18, 2018
Absolutely love my Cold Steel SRK in SK-5 steel. The thing took every bit of the beating I threw it during testing like it was nothing and still shaves hair!
Javier Restrepo Lago
· November 1, 2017
The right tool for the job whether that brings you out to nature or the parking lot blazing a trail or leaving it all behind,
Daniel Schlampfe Roberts
· January 5, 2018
Quick and easy resolution to a missing part to my sheath through this page, can't say thank you enough for the speedy reply!
Anthony Amezquita
· March 10, 2018
Customer Service staff is on point and very helpful thank you! You guys rock and provide the best knives.
Pat Biggin
· July 19, 2017
Got a recon 1 in the newer carpenter steel, very impressive blade and smooth opening. Very light and feels good to carry daily. Only thing negative I have to say is that in long use it's a bit hard on... the hand. Otherwise great performer. See More
Jeffrey T. Schwindt
· August 31, 2017
My latest addition is Frenzy, l love it. Doesn't print, even in khakis, sharp as a dragons tooth. Have been buying Cold Steel for the last 27 years. Will continue to do so. Keep up the good work, it m...atters more now than ever. Thx. See More
Jaysen Wolf
· September 5, 2017
Why do I have to give my email to order that is bullshit I just wanted to buy a nice knife for a wedding present but voldsteal sycks now never buying their stuff again�
Alex Peterson
· March 16, 2017
Whoa I haven't reviewed Cold Steel!? Where do I start!? I'm no engineer but Cold Steel is a company that has very obviously taken advantage of technological advancements in knife making.

Off the top... of my head I currently only own a two handed Katana machete, Double Agent II, Kobun (tanto knife), and Kukri machete... but I have handled many Cold Steel products. Cold Steel is a brand you can trust. If it's by them, it's a great tool that will excel at what it's designed to do.

Even though I have yet to break into owning their higher end stuff... their budget stuff is exceptionally well made for the cost. I do not think I can emphasize it enough. Kukri machete for example... absolute best bang for your buck for a machete on the market today.

I always have a long list of Cold Steel products on the "to buy" list whether it's something practical or just something awesome. You can't go wrong.
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Richard Henry Haven
· December 27, 2017
Hands down best knives for defensive purposes plus you can't beat the prices!
Robert Wayne Lynch
· February 23, 2017
I was given a Cold Steel Hold Out for Valentines day from my wife. It is my 4th Cold Steel knife. I have only ever had 1 problem with them. They are very hard to open until they break in. The Hold Out... is no different. I love everything else about Cold Steel. Because of your locking system the thumb stud needs to be a little higher for easier deployment. To me this a very small issue, hence the reason I own 4. The Hold Out was a lot thinner than I thought it was going to be, which was quite a disappointment to me at first. I have carried it for 1 week now and I must say that I absolutely love it. The thinner scales are a delight. I cannot even feel it in my pocket most of the time. In closing let me say Cold Steel is a wonderful product, and I hope to own many more.

Bob Lynch
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Arthur Sin
· September 10, 2017
I am from HK, but I want to say that I love Cold Steel knife! I have bought a ti-lite 4" .It's really tough, and very useful! I love this Knife!
Matt Clews
· August 26, 2017
Bring back the seax machete, the spear point machete, and the 12" barong machete, you need to come out with more machetes with the 12 and 13" blades.
Keziah Meg Cannon
· September 26, 2017
I've bought a few different blades from Cold Steel, and have been impressed with all of them. Despite buying wildly differing styles, the quality has been both consistent and excellent.
Augusto Flores Morales
· July 15, 2017
Cold Steel offers the best 2mm Machetes. I've been using their sticks to train every 2 days. Their Kitchen Line is perfect for prep work. I trust 4116 German Steel after hammering through a weathered ...log. My favorite aim of this company is offering training tools for multiple martial arts. Maybe they might release a 1055 Japanese Sickle. See More
Kyle Ierlan
· April 22, 2017
Great company I have had a few cold steel knives I loved my Spartan and ti-lite! I recently got the 1917 frontier Bowie it did not come as sharp as I would have liked but it makes sense for being such... a thick blade. I literally just got a kobun and a voyager xl tanto both came wicked sharp I did a little bit of honing and now they're both scary sharp I got to say coldsteel knives are the best I've ever owned and no doubt the sharpest I've ever received from the factory See More
It’s #coldsteelknives #finnwolf #friday! Here’s a teaser from the latest #ironproof #coldsteelproof video. Watch the video in full here & subscribe to see the latest videos as they’re released! #neverunarmed #puukko
#Coldsteelknives #IronProof! The latest in our #proofvideo series coming your way now! Check out the full length version of this highlight reel on our YouTube channel here: and be sure to subscribe to get the latest videos as we post them.
The #coldsteelknives #DropForgedSurvivalist in #IronProof! Check out the video in full on our YouTube channel at and subscribe to get the latest videos as we post them! Grab the Drop Forged Survivalist on sale through 1/31/18 on #neverunarmed #coldsteelproof

The winner has been chosen! Thanks to all who entered & our friends at Congrats Mark Keatley!

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Go big or go home this #stpatricksday with the #coldsteelknives #XLEspada in #ODGreen! Have fun & celebrate responsibly. Call Uber. Lyft. Taxi. Or a DD. #neverunarmed #stpattysday

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It’s #fixedbladefriday so we’re showing love to the #coldsteelknives #peacemakerII by sharing the latest #ironproof #coldsteelproof video. #fixedblade #neverunarmed

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Posted by Cold Steel

Happy Steve Austin day! Use your #coldsteelknives #brokenskull or #workingman and break open a cold one! #neverunarmed

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Posted by Cold Steel
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RIP Guro Victor Gendrano Jr. You will truly be missed in the #coldsteelfamily and at all our gatherings. Another good one gone too soon.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Diana Lee Inosanto added 2 new photos.

RIP to my dear friend Guro Victor Gendrano Jr. A brother in martial arts and a dear friend to our family. Victor was not only a talented martial artist but a... fantastic photographer who journeyed with me and my film crew through all its adventurous twist and turns of making a movie. He shall be missed by many around the world.

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It’s #warcraftwednesday! Check out these #warriorwednesday cuts from our team in the latest #ironproof #coldsteelknives #coldsteelproof video for our Warcraft Tanto series. Watch the video in full on YouTube: & don't forget to subscribe to get each video as it's posted!

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The aptly named #coldsteelknives #colossus. Arguably the widest four inch folding blade you’ll find! #neverunarmed #tacticalfolder

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It's #WarriorWednesday! If you like books about warriors and you enjoyed the Highlander tv series, then check out the latest book in the Highlander Imagine Series, "Highlander Imagine- Code Name: Immortal"- where you can see our Gladius Machete, Five Ball Spadroon, and others in literary action! Plus, our friend Anthony DeLongis contributed to this book- helping make the fights and weapon use realistic. You can read more about the series here: or buy on Barnes & Noble online at the link below.

'Code Name: Immortal' is the third story in the Highlander Imagine series. It continues the adventure only a short time after 'Beyond Infinity' ends. Duncan has...

It’s #tomahawktuesday! The #coldsteelknives #warhawk is the latest #ironproof video release. Watch the video in full on YouTube: #DYK you can use handles for the War Hawk and Trench Hawk interchangeably allowing you to have a colored handle? It’s fun! #neverunarmed #coldsteelproof

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It’s #coldsteelknives #finnwolf #friday! Here’s a teaser from the latest #ironproof #coldsteelproof video. Watch the video in full here & subscribe to see the latest videos as they’re released! #neverunarmed #puukko

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Canada recently passed a law making it very hard to obtain pocket knives. We don't think that's fair, and neither do our friends at KnifeNews who are working with a powerful Canadian defense attorney to fight this. We do know this- if this legislation is not overturned, it will have a negative impact on the lives of many law-abiding Canadians.We are happy to support this quest for justice and ask all our customers, especially Canadians, to strongly consider contributing to the GoFundMe campaign! More info at the KnifeNews story here:…/

A November 2017 decision by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) in favour of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is resulting in the seizure of most pocket knives being imported into Canada. This ruling by CITT is inconsistent with section 84(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, whi...