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Some time ago, I received an email from an agnostic friend who asked for my help in dealing with an irritating Christian. I told him what I could. Dear Allen (the name has been changed), Sorry it h…
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Maeve Magdalen
· February 17, 2018
Thank you very much for your piece on Vietnam. It is a great testimony, and a help to this female in understanding some things about life. God made me endure some things - and people - which ought n...ot to be, and the journey has been harrowing. However, given me and given how this fallen world is, I have mostly peace about it and try to do the work given me. God bless. See More
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February 4

Stained glass window in the church in the first town liberated by paratroopers in Normandy during the invasion. Created to commemorate their bravery and God's protection.

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February 4
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As a piece of writing, what you are about to read is disjointed. Maybe a better word is ragged. This is because the memories are ragged. They refuse to be condensed and organized into neat…

A small gift. From today, the 15th through the 19th, I am giving away my Christmas novel, The Singing Place, for free.…/…/ref=tmm_kin_title_0…

It is almost Christmas and two brokenhearted men are about to meet. For years, Jorge Mendoza has been working hard at Children’s Hospital, cleaning restrooms, making beds, doing the things that others do not want to do…and all to bring his wife and little daughter to America. Throug...

Dagon's Illusion with Coleman Luck : Dagon's Illusion - Episode 24 - Wheelchair Boy

With a blood-red tie on the floor, Robert Dagon goes back to his childhood. And straight into a dark night of vengeance.  Once more, he remembers the ghost that he called the Wheelchair Boy.

Our latest episode. We think you will find it both disturbing and thought-provoking.…

Why is the human race totally prone to becoming enslaved to trance and delusion?  And it is clear from history that we are.  In this controversial episode, the hosts of The Burning Zone give you a disturbing explanation that points to the future.

Dagon's Illusion with Coleman Luck : Dagon's Illusion - Episode 3 - Dagon's Illusion

As the hurricane draws near, Robert Dagon prepares to face the supernatural darkness alone.

Dagon's Illusion with Coleman Luck : Dagon's Illusion - Episode 23 - Pierced

A strange door that Dagon has never seen before, leads to an empty casket.

Dagon's Illusion with Coleman Luck : Dagon's Illusion - Episode 22 - Letter from the Dark Past

A letter to Corneal Moon about the three Stones of Power.

Meet the Mistress of Spirit Healing. Jack Carsons comes under her knife.

Jack Carsons comes under the knife.
In the City of the Magi, Ellison Carter has the most terrifying experience of her life.
Letter about an odd, little boy named Eustace.

For my new friends, I invite you to join the strange journey entitled Dagon's Illusion. It is a serial story podcast. But I have to warn you that it isn't a "safe" story. Originally (back in 2009), it was contracted to be a series of novels by the large "Christian" publisher (owned by Rupert Murdoch), Zondervan. When they saw what I had written, they were utterly shocked, appalled and chagrined. There was no way that they would publish a story like this. And their very first ...reason? It had playing cards in it. They were clear, their readers do not like playing cards.

Well, this elicited giant guffaws from me. I'm a Hollywood writer for pity's sake. If playing cards are a problem, wait until you see what's in the rest of the novel. So if you want to hear a story that was so horrifying that it was BANNED BY ZONDERVAN, take a listen to the first episode.

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He was a master mentalist, a warrior of the spirit, an adept in strange arts. And the last battle was about to begin....
Stuck in the mansion attic with the young woman who had arrived in a coffin, Robert Dagon and Joshua Staples are not doing well.