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While they aren't playgrounds, archaeological sites can be great places for families to enjoy together, learning about our past and gaining inspiration for the future.

Check our our latest #VisitWithRespect video with tips for teaching kids respect for cultural sites.

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Archaeological sites are not playgrounds. Please teach children respect. Keep a close eye so kids don’t get hurt or accidentally damage the site.

Historic and prehistoric structures can be easily damaged. Please refrain from touching, leaning, standing or climbing on any structures, no matter how solid they look. #visitwithrespect

Props to Friends of Cedar Mesa for taking the lead on producing these videos!

Historic and prehistoric structures can be easily damaged. Please refrain from touching, leaning, standing or climbing on any structures, no matter how solid they look.
Exploring a new trail or unique wilderness destination in Southern Utah

Lot's of "fancy" science goes into archaeology these days. Our friends at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center give a great little overview of the techniques available to modern archaeologists.

Though the cliché of the swashbuckling archaeologist is indelibly imprinted in the public imagination, the reality is considerably less romantic—and far more interesting. In the twenty-first century, archaeologist as rogue adventurer has been replaced by archaeologist as research scientist.

CPC member Friends of Cedar Mesa gains more support from the archaeology community for a permanent protective designation.

Today, 120 archaeologists joined the Friends of Cedar Mesa in sending a letter �(download by� clicking link ) to Utah?s congressional delegation urging the protection of the cultural resources of greater Cedar Mesa by creating a National Conservation Area (NCA).

Many a false step was made by standing still. Let's not stand still!

President Obama took action today to protect the Organ Mountains in New Mexico. Great to see he rose beyond politics to preserve a great landscape for future generations. Maybe protection for Cedar Mesa will be in the near future!

Washington • President Barack Obama wielded his unilateral power Wednesday to set aside nearly 500,000 acres in New Mexico along the Mexican border as a national monument and he promised more action to save other treasured landscapes. “I’ve preserved more than three million acres of public lands for…

One of our coalition members, Friends of Cedar Mesa, has had its hands full with the ATV protest ride this weekend. Clearly, there's plenty of room in the vast public lands in the west for motorized recreation. But the process for determining where it happens should be a deliberate, legal discussion with all stakeholders.

Blanding • Fed up with federal control over lands their families have used for generations, about 30 people on ATVs on Saturday drove into Recapture Canyon, a nearby trove of prehistoric sites the Bureau of Land Management closed to motorized use seven years ago. San Juan County Commissioner Phil Ly…

If you've followed at all the tense and frustrating situation with Clive Bundy and his illegal cattle in the Gold Butte area, you'll probably realize how important it is for reasonable people to support the Friends of Gold Butte. If you can, like them here on FB and even send them a donation!

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