I had a few shirts made for Coma Cinema, these are very limited and will be the last merch for this project as far as I can tell. thank you for the years of support and for the outpouring of kindness shown to my final album as coma cinema "loss memory".

also thanks for Erik Phillips for help with the design, their music is amazing and you should hire them for art!

love you, see you around.

Coma Cinema Memorial T Shirt from Coma Cinema

Hello everyone. Today is the official release day of my final album as Coma Cinema. You can check it out on bandcamp below, pre order the very limited vinyl release at or check it out on any streaming service you like.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who listened to this project's albums over the years. I have so many memories, and friends that I never would of made otherwise.

When I was 15 years old I started making songs and throwing th...em in a folder called "Coma Cinema". The name came from nowhere, and the music was untamed, untrained, and mostly unlistenable, but years went by and I learned to write what my spirit wanted to say, and for nearly 15 years I kept learning.

I feel that this album is the culmination of what my spirit wants to say, sitting here, talking to you at 29.

I love you all so much, thank you for loving me too.


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Dec. 8th.

I've got a bad idea;
Let's lose our minds in love
With bad ideas


So long sad world, goodbye.

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new (final) album soon. here's a taste via the Cuttlefish Collective

Cuttlefish Collective is Dylan and Nora and maybe Julia Coma Cinema: Bandcamp:

In case you missed it. I released an album on friday entitled "judas hung himself in america". the first run of cassette tapes (on black cassettes) are going very quickly. You can order one via the link below. The album is also pay what you want at

thank you so much for your ears and all the love and time you've given me over the years. I am so appreciative and grateful for it. To me this is my best work yet, and I hope that it finds you w...ell. xoxoxoxo


(yes there will be one more coma cinema album...eventually).

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Mathew Lee Cothran is the songwriter and producer formerly credited as Coma Cinema, and currently works with his current band Elvis Depressedly along with Delaney Mills. Mathew was born in Spartanburg, SC but has in the past few years settled in Asheville, NC. Recorded during a period of sobering gr...

New music..thank you for your ears.

Like listless of days lost to weather and circumstance, where the world seems to shrink to only things you can touch and feel,

stream a new single here. album details forthcoming. thanks for sticking with me i know it's not always easy.

Not Mend / America Forever, an album by Mathew Lee Cothran on Spotify

the entire coma cinema discography is now available at the heavily discounted rate of $10. I'm tinkering with my 5th album right now. i've recorded, discarded, replaced, and wracked my mind over it for a long time now but it will happen. i thank all of you deeply for supporting me and staying tuned in to my music. I love you!

11 track album

happy holidaze

my mother and i did a version of this song together many years ago. it later ended up on my record “stoned alone” made under my coma cinema project. when it came time to do the album version i was in...

playing the great scott in boston tonight at 9pm. hope to see you there

This is my album of the year. I am so glad it's finally out. Please give it a listen. xoxoxoxo.

12 track album
Coma Cinema "Let’s Rid the World of Music" 05/22/2015 Living Dangerously Angel Cum Clean Fuck With Me And Die Pt. II Cop Poet Death Penalty Insects Fill the Void Job 7:16 Abandoned Lands (Judge...

demo from my upcoming album "let's rid the world of music".
i am working still. everyday. until i can't. x o x o x o x o

living dangerously (demo) "hold me down/ to kiss the earth/ the moon is full/ of blood and birth dullness sings my soul you are living/ thru my pain/ feel my womb/ it’s rupturing dullness sings my...

a lot of really great songs on this compilation. all proceeds go to my friend Aaron Graves of Fork and Spoon Records (who put out all the coma cinema LPs) as he fights brain cancer. love and light.

17 track album


Last week I met up with my friends in Julia Brown, accompanied by Jeff Sheasley. The 8908 band covered Coma Cinema's "Her Sinking Sun" in their very own back...