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Eight years ago, Sainsbury’s announced plans to stock only higher welfare fresh chicken. They even took out newspaper adverts to shout about their animal welfare credentials. But now they’ve decided to go back on their word.

Sainsbury’s have broken their promise to customers. And they have let down millions of chickens, who will continue to live in overcrowded sheds, growing so big, so fast that they can struggle to walk, may develop serious heart conditions, and are unable to behave like chickens should.

Please, sign the open letter to Sainsbury’s today. Show them what you think of their broken promise.

Sainsbury’s have broken their promise to stock only higher welfare fresh chicken. They’ve let down the animals and their customers. So much for wanting to be the UK’s ‘most trusted retailer’! Join me and sign the letter to Sainsbury’s today.

All rabbits should be free to hop skip and jump, but 99% of farmed rabbits in Europe are STILL suffering in cages.

Last year you convinced the European Parliament to oppose caged rabbit farming, but now we need the Agriculture Ministers to act. Call on them to put rabbits on the agenda and deliver a ban cages:

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Rena Dale
· April 8, 2018
Re animal transport to mid. East & others. Truth is, these muslim countries just can't abandon the thought of procedure, yelling Allah at point of slaughter. They assert, Live Hallal on destination, ...their right, when EU countries, or Commission should simply say, No, in interest of animals suffering transport, Hallaal slaughter can be performed in EU countries & you'll have to start accepting refrigerated. Muslim countries are acting like spoilt children. Should be the only thing mooted, constantly until it happens. See More
Hollie Merry
· April 6, 2018
Really disappointed to see an animal rights group telling people to buy “better welfare chicken” people who really care about animals advocate to not eat them.
It doesn’t matter if an animal is free r...ange, they are all killed the same.

Killing is killing no matter how the victim lived.
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Fiona Hodge
· February 16, 2018
Compassion in World Farming is working really hard to stop the cruel practice of live transport of animals who suffer dreadfully on these long journeys, only to meet a dreadful fate at the end.
Jane Langley
· October 10, 2017
I'm speaking up for the animals that are being treated with cruety. No farms should be allowed to treat animals this way. Free to roam policys should be law. I don't want to eat meat from an unhealt...hy farm where animals don't live freely. I choose my eggs and meat carefully and will research where I can get meat, from places that care about their welfare. A healthy animal is clean a caged animal is dieased. See More
Susan Chaple
· January 24, 2018
Human health must be affected by choosing to eat intensively reared chickens ����
Humans are eating these sick weak animals. No other predatory animal would choose to eat sick over healthy. It is so ...gross !
I have been working on an idea to really highlight this Susan Chaple
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Judith Trunks
· November 22, 2017
Imagine what agony these mother pigs are going through every day of their lives, confined in a metal cage facing a wall unabke to touch your babies and being beaten with nowhere to escape to, thats is happening to pigs in Poland and its heart breaking, we must try to help them. See More
Sarah Johnson
· September 8, 2017
Over the next few days I am writing to all the MPs I know personally and a few I don't to raise their awareness of the animal sentience issue. I am very grateful to CIWF for focussing on this issue.
...Humans don't really need to eat meat but it's realistic to expect them to continue to do so. Thank you, CIWF, for campaigning to improve the lives of the animals being farmed for food right now. See More
Rogan Penny Tweeddale
· June 20, 2017
We are part of the Animal Kingdom and like most animals, the majority of humans eat meat. Is it not possible to respect animals who do not have a choice about being eaten? Is it not possible for u...s to show compassion and make sure that whether they are eaten or not, we treat them with the respect they all deserve. Surely we can show compassion for what they have to suffer and endure for us. It needs to stop right now - the way animals on the whole, are treated, is inhumane. They need to live in conditions which allows them to have lives which are as free as possible. The desire for money has made so many people loose sight of the fact that we should treat all animals and our world with great respect ... it is, after all, our only world and we all need each other to survive. See More
Angela Cross
· March 25, 2018
As a member of this wonderful charity I cannot praise the work they do highly enough. I have contacted all my MPs and MSPs regarding the transport of live animals, which is unnecessarily cruel and ba...rbaric at times. See More
Cas Woodward
· August 19, 2017
Whether you are vegan or a meat eater. All animals should be respected and if killed as a food animal this should be done in the most painless and stress less way possible. Food animals should live th...eir lives however short in good and healthy and natural conditions. They should not be transported other than very short distances whilst alive.. We need much stronger enforcement laws to protect food animals including a ban on factory farming. See More
Diane Neale
· May 24, 2017
Factory farming is now shown to have wide-ranging and devastating effects on wildlife. It really does need to be stopped: it's cruel to the factory farmed animals, the chemicals and antibiotics pumpe...d into them to keep them health has a detrimental affect on our health, and now we see it is damaging to wild animal habitats. Enough is enough. It must be stopped. See More
Maureen Richards Mbe
· September 30, 2017
We must change factory farming it is responsible for an astonishing 70% of the meat we produce in this country this must be stopped we cannot expect cheap meat at the cost of the ill treatment of our... farm animals.We must also ensure we only import and export free range farm meat. This is for the future of not just ourselves but more importantly for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and not leave them with a dreadful legacy of mad cow and many worse deceases in the future. The cost is not about money but their future health. See More
Liz Price
· February 21, 2017
We should all have a responsibility about animals and their welfare. Most people don't give a thought to where the meat they consume comes from. I try to eat free-range meat wherever possible and I always bought free-range eggs even when I was on a tight budget. It is awful to think of any animal kept in a cage, children today should be educated on it. Keep up the good work and I am proud to support what you do. See More
BJ Holden
· June 12, 2017
Thanks for letting people know how factory farming is hurting animals and hurting people. Most people are so ignorant of what is happening, or just don't want to know. It's unconscionable that the f...ood industry (same in the U.S.) would rather make money if it means the misery and suffering of animals and subsequent risks to human health, rather than seek ways for compassionate and humane farming. See More
Lucy Franklin
· August 25, 2017
I support CIWF and all they do, especially as the original charity was started by a farmer. I donate each month and really hope that my little bit helps. I was recently talking to a farmer and was h...orrified to learn that there is a Halal meat abattoir in Suffolk! I couldn't believe it! Surely this should be banned. It is THE most cruel form of slaughter and doesn't belong in this country.... or any other country! See More
Marty Bostic
· November 5, 2017
Anyone who promotes compassion towards all beings has my support fully. I am totally against factory farms and live export which is beyond cruel and causes immeasurable suffering to animals. Anything ...I can do to help stop these cruelties, I will do. See More
Jorji Kolev Jorjev
· April 27, 2017
Dear Georgi,
There are now only 6 days left to tell the European Commission how we want farming to be shaped in the future. The EU invests 50 billion Euros of taxpayers' money in farming every year. T...hey need to make the right choice, to use these cash incentives to steer away from factory farming and towards a policy that protects farm animals, wildlife and all of our futures.
The heartless and faceless factory farming machine consumes more calories than it produces. It’s so powerful, the animals don’t stand a chance. Will you help? A reformed Common Agricultural Policy could end cruel factory farming, and save wildlife at home and abroad from extinction.
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Philip Jones
· December 10, 2016
Compassion...evolving as human beings . Moving away from savagery in all we do. Loving each other no matter where in the world we come from. Taking in to consideration the feelings of Animals who live... along side us. Considering their feelings ,there pains and being compassionate towards every living creature. Managing the planet for the future.Becoming Educated into the finer details of life and what matters the most. Take away the suffering brought on by shear ignorence. See More
Joan E Oswald
· August 14, 2017
We all know that Animals are abused in slaughter houses and also by the transports !!! but who will go without a oiece of dead tortured animal on their plate! The only way to defy the meat industry is... NOT TO EAT MEAT! I voted BREXIT for the one reason STOP THE ANIMAL TRANSPORTS! Which I have witnessed on the European roads we are the cruelest creatures on this planet and it is time to prove our empathy! See More
Jackson Bröwn
· July 5, 2017
How exactly did you decide to give a waitrose an award after what happened to those pigs on the motorway when the lorry overturned!?!?! - Even when sanctuaries offered to take the injured animals, it ...was decided that the pigs (who survived the crash) would be slaughtered anyway, their bodies thrown in the trash afterwards as they were not fit for human consumption.

Waitrose paid that supplier.
Waitrose have not answered one question about the incident, I email regularly and never receive anything in response, its as if it never happened.

And you give them an animal welfare award?
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