It's that time again where i reflect on the fact that I'm another year older and what better way to celebrate it then with karaoke and beer. If you get this invite then i felt you are one of my friends and would love for you too join me.

Fri 8:00 PM PDTBrittannia Arms in capitola
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Sorry everybody for the long wait , might be a while before there's any new music , just hard to make time when you and your partner live in different states , anyway thanks everyone who's still rocks the confused albums

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Been a long time since we posted a new song or anything at all so want to let everyone know we are working on new material and will be back on the scene soon . Much love to all the confusers!

There be a new member of the Confused Gang and he goes by Citrus Flavor, cat's been around for a minute and is known for his aggressive style and punctual vocab! Be it at a battle or poetry jam this guys got talent and will leave his mark on your mind!! Big up homie Citrus welcome to the Confused side of life!!

A Santa Cruz underground Hip-Hop group that drops fat meaty beats melded with dance grooves under fun and interesting lyrical content. The Confused...

Happy Hooooolidays from the Confused Citizens!! Much Love to ya'll!!!!

yeah its dr.m of the confusesd citizens i knowi've been mia for a while but not any more! working on a few new songs that should be out early next year baby!

We ain't Confused without the support and love from all of YOU!!! Thanks you all, we don't mean a thing if it weren't for all you fans!! Stay tuned for some New Music and a tasty pre-veiw of the album photo shoot!! One Love To One And All CC OUT!!!

Aint no drama up in this room, we too confused,high, drunk, and trippin on our tunes!!! Holla peeps!!!

I drink to forget but the hangover always reminds me lol

the fire in my soul, burns my better well being and thoughts of the past reignite the pain from which i once bottle away, but the glass has broken and the nightmare has just began

We be back in the lab!!!

New Beat posted up on Soundcloud!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Hello and welcome to my world! These are some songs that I've made. I cant really classify what genre I'd be in but I can try...Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, ...

Hitting up the studio around 8 tonight.....time to do work!!

We on the rise like momma's fresh baked bread!!

"I'll leave with 2 nickles if I can't find a Dime!!"-Corn Dawg

Stackin' away these beats, getting ready for part 2 of the process...