'Stain on America!' Trump denounces 'Fake News Media'

President Trump on Sunday slammed “the Fake News Media,” which he called “out of control,” after a string of major errors in reporting on his presidency emerged over the past week. “Very little discussion of all

Look what Ivanka Trump said about Malia Obama

Ivanka Trump condemned recent media coverage of Malia Obama's social life at Harvard University, where the former first daughter is a freshman. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton also called out the coverage as unethical
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A Huge victory for GOP as the House passes sweeping tax bill

The House on Thursday passed legislation to overhaul the tax code, moving Republicans one step closer to achieving the top item on their legislative agenda. The measure was approved by a vote of 227-205. No

FBI gave Clinton email investigation ‘special’ status, deputy director’s email shows

Shortly before last year’s election, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote an email on his official government account stating that the Hillary Clinton email probe had been given “special” status, according to documents released Wednesday. McCabe’s

GOP hopes Trump will save Alabama Senate seat

Republicans are looking for President Trump to get them out of a jam and convince Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race in Alabama. So far, their calls for Moore to step aside over

UCLA basketball players thank Trump, apologize for actions in China

UCLA basketball player thanks Pres. Trump following release from China on shoplifting charges: "Thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf."— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 15, 2017 The UCLA basketball

North Korea 'Sentences Trump to death' for Insulting Kim

Regime-run newspaper says US president is ‘hideous criminal’ after he said North was a ‘cruel dictatorship’ and Kim ‘short and fat’ North Korea’s state media has criticised Donald Trump for insulting leader Kim Jong-Un, saying the

Breaking: Six House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump

Six House Democrats on Wednesday launched the latest official effort to oust President Trump, introducing five new articles of impeachment revolving around the central theme that the president is a danger to the country. “Given the

Obama Should Be Getting Really Worried After This Former Colonel Statement!

A few months after liberal were laughing at Trump over the claim that Obama wiretapped him throughout the election, Trump finally obtained exoneration. And this is actually true. Obama did really wiretap Trump all through

BREAKING: Trump Unleashes $4 Million Surprise On 3 Sanctuary Cities – They Said He Couldn’t Do It

President Donald Tramp`s administration was accused of withholding 4 million dollars in local law enforcement funds that he had promised, after municipalities disagreed to cooperate. In the letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions they say

Can You See Why This Photo of Trump Overseas Just Ignited a Big Controversy?

Despite little to no evidence whatsoever regarding collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, the mainstream media and Congressional liberals (not to mention Hollywood celebrities and the uninformed) continue to beat a dead horse. Today, President

President Trump Scraps ‘Surprise’ Visit to North Korea Military Border ‘When Seconds Away’

Donald Trump payed a surprise visit to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) near the border with North Korea. The surprise visit however didn’t happen because of “poor weather.” However the visit could have been historic. Trump’s presence near the

Obama Just Did Unthinkable To All 26 Texas Victims Behind Trump’s Back While He’s Overseas - ThisIsSICK

Hours after the church shooting in Texas, where 26 people were killed by a gunman on a Sunday. Former president Barack Obama used this chance to take advantage of current President Donald Trump’s absence and did

Ted Cruz Says Legislation Could Have Prevented Texas Shooting – But Democrats Pulled the Plug

In an interview on Fox News about the awful Texas shooting that took 26 lives, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that he had introduced legislation with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Ia.) in 2013 that could have

NFL Player’s Wife Claims Raiders Linemen Let QB ‘Get Hurt’ After He Didn’t Support Anthem Protests

The Oakland Raiders have arguably become more known for their national anthem protests than their on-field performance so far this season. Running back Marshawn Lynch has led the charge by sitting during the anthem and

Top Democrat Party Policy Director Miley Cyrus Issues New Demand:

In the wake of the heinous Texas church attack, pop mega-star Miley Cyrus slammed President Trump’s stance against more gun control and demanded the passage of new gun laws. The Voice coach lamented in an Instagram