Not my favorite trick. I think she wants me to learn to play dead next...
Dear Poodle-that-I-love... I'm athletic, see?
Cashews do not stand a chance from Coopernator!

I got along so well with the first one, they brought me a second. Sigh. See if we give them a nice picture...

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When only the window seat will do...

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What's going on over there?

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Sunspots are best shared with friends.

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No rats in this hay pile!

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From a while ago. They say he is a cat but he doesn't look like the other cats I have met. #sphynx #bestbuds

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Lazy, lounging days of spring.

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7th birthday, but feeling 3 years young!

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This is how we roll, me and the hairless wonder.

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Posted by Cooper The Dog

Also known as Cooper Cryptonite. Laundry piled draw me in like magnets.

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Little brother is growing on me...

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They tell me this is my "brother". It's taking some getting used to but we're getting along better every day. I figured out he wasn't a funny looking rat, because I'm smart that way. I would like him better if he was a funny looking rat.

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Finally, the humans procured me a castle fit to call my own. You can usually find me in my sunspot.

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Not quite what I thought "new house" meant... Apparently this is the best place for me to supervise the unpacking activities.

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Big day! I'm getting a new house! Taking a break from supervising our hard working movers. I've already picked out my favorite spot at the new place - the mantle in front of the fireplace.

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That time I toyed with becoming a frisbee dog...

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